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  • And the Fandom Rejoiced: NSMBW marks the return of the Koopalings to official 2-D Mario platformers (in between this game and Super Mario World, they were in Hotel Mario and Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga and were going to be in Super Princess Peach). Also, this marks the first time they appeared alongside their younger brother Bowser Jr., and many people were happy for that, too.
    • Not to mention, Yoshi, Kamek, the difficulty... hell, there was practically a new one every time a new preview went up.
  • Best Level Ever: The Bonecoaster level (8-7) has become the favorite level of many fans. 9-8, the "cloudpoline", is also a lot of fun without being too easy and contains a nice holy crap moment near the end.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: 5-5. You're standing in the middle of a swamp world, and then you climb one hill and you're in the sky surrounded by green, flying manta rays wearing scuba glasses and clouds.
  • Breather Boss: Bowser Jr. in World 4, which comes after an Underwater Boss Battle with Wendy.
  • Breather Level: A few, including 7-5, 8-2, and arguably 9-6.
  • Contested Sequel: Only natural, given that this is the first 2D Mario platformer on a console in nineteen years. It has been accused of being less creative than previous games.
  • Continuity Porn: See the main page for examples of the many callbacks to earlier Mario games.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: The final boss battle.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Bowser Jr. getting left behind in Worlds 4 and 6 and discovering his father's Koopa Clown Car and subsequently kicking away his own, still battle-damaged from previous bouts with Mario. Also, the castle falling on Bowser at the very end.
    • Also from the ending, Luigi falling down when attempting to lean on the gondola of a balloon that had already taken off.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: People generally seem to agree that the Castle music is awesome, as is the Volcano music and the World 9 map theme.
  • Ear Worm: The Athletic BGM, a.k.a. the music from the first level of the game (not the overworld).
  • Fan Dumb/Internet Backdraft: You do not talk about the lack of online play unless you want to see yourself and a bunch of idiots on both sides tear each other to burning shreds.
  • Fan Nickname: Yvan and Wolley for the Blue and Yellow Toads, respectively.
    • As an alternative, Jon and Josh for blue and yellow, respectively.
  • Fan Sequel: Another Super Mario Bros. Wii.
  • Freud Was Right: Just try playing 6-Tower (or indeed, any of the levels with the huge black spiked dildos pistons) without making a joke or two.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The comedic collapse of Bowser's castle during the ending sequence. Becoming fifty feet tall and going on a rampage turns out to be a bad idea when you're storming through the foundations of your own castle.
  • Game Breaker: There are certain places in the game where it's possible to farm an infinite amount of 1-U Ps. The game even kindly shows you how to get them.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Continuing Is Painful, for you and everyone around you, if you play as a Toad.
    • Bowser Jr.'s taunting every time he jumps on the airship definitely counts after you've heard it once already.
    • When Super Guide gets activated, until the box leaves the screen, you hear repeated doorbell noises. "Hello! Hello! You suck, y'know! Anyone home?"
    • Dying as Mario. He says "Oh-hoh, no!" in a voice that sounds like he's smugly giggling at you for failing.
    • Toad's voice, seriously, this is the most annoying voice I've ever heard.
    • The noise the Item Houses and the Extra Life Houses make if "You didn't even get ONE." It sounds like it's mocking you.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: As usual, the chime you get for getting a powerup. Also, the screeches from the Bonecoasters make the level even more awesome.
    • The clapping from the unseen audience.
  • Rescued From the Scrappy Heap: The fans are warming up to Bowser Jr. now that the Koopalings have appeared alongside him.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: One of the most common criticisms of the game was having to shake the Wii Remote to spin jump, get off Yoshi, and pick up objects, despite them leaving out the B button on the Wii remote. This could cause lags in actions that lead to untimely deaths.
  • That One Boss: Morton Koopa Jr. The first time, you have a small amount of space to avoid his shell. It's big (so you have to jump high) and fast (so you have to jump often). This is made worse by the constantly dropping spike pillars on the edges of the arena, more or less forcing you onto the small arena for the most part. Then there's the second battle with him where he can do a One-Hit Kill based on where you're standing in relation to him. If you're on a section of the floor adjacent to one he's on, get away.
    • Wendy's second battle can be quite frustrating. Not only is she fought in a room that periodically fills with water (making her unable to be Goomba Stomped), she fires these hard to avoid rings that bounce around the room and don't dissipate for a long time.
  • That One Level: Have fun at 8-4. Yep, it's underwater. In the dark.
    • There's also 9-7, which will leave you very, very, very pissed off if you [try to] perfect clear it.
    • 8-1, which can only be described as dodging an Advancing Wall of Doom while avoiding meteors, and in the latter half, jumping between lava plumes, sinking platforms, and one-block platforms. And this is why people stopped complaining about the Super Guide.
    • 7-6. A scrolling level that involves you jumping from beetle to beetle to make it to the end. Depending on who you are, this might not be too difficult. But if you're also trying to get the coins, it can be somewhat torturous and having Yoshi doesn't always help. Also the fact that jumping from beetle to beetle yields extra lives and if you keep dying and running out of items, it will drive you crazy.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Kamek, bizarrely. His disguising himself as Peach at the end could not have helped.
  • What Do You Mean It's Not Awesome?: Playing as Hatless Mario.
  • What Do You Mean It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: Level 5-5. Not only an obnoxious auto-scroller, but it had flying manta rays. Green flying manta rays. In scuba masks. [1] were a callback to Super Mario World.
    • You forgot the fact that every other level in World 5 is jungle-themed. And that the manta rays tweet like birds when you land on them.


  1. Although, the scuba masks
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