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A common Advertising Trope (and Stock Phrase) used when the packaging for something is redesigned. To reassure the consumer that, although the wrapper has changed, the underlying product is the same and there is no reason to be alarmed, the new version will proudly proclaim, "New Look, Same Great Taste!" or a close variant thereof, thus signaling to existing fans of the product that they have nothing to fear from the strictly-cosmetic changes.

Compare and contrast New and Improved.

Examples of New Look, Same Great Taste include:


  • Used in this Pepsi commercial.
  • Pastaroni employed it after a packaging change in 2010.
  • Used by Dole in juice advertisements: [1]
  • This Daawat basmati rice ad boasts, "Fresh new look, same great taste."
  • Used by Gustafson Farm milk here.
  • Eight O'Clock Coffee provides the page image.
  • Used by Minute Maid.

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