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Now that the age of internet is upon us, and cable and satellite have made TV a 24 hour active paradigm, viewers, readers and surfers don't necessarily sit around stuck to one location once they've finished consuming their medium of choice.

Television shows have a finite number of episodes, and when they're out, many channels either fill up the slot with new content, filler, or just play the same episodes over and over again until the new season is ready. When a book is done, there's usually a year or more until the next installment. Web content updates depending on the style of the page.

To drum up excitement and anticipation for the release of new material, popular media will have a New Content Countdown Clock which sits (not at all unobtrusively) in the corner of the screen counting down the hours and minutes until the most anticipated new material.

Particularly Egregious cases (at least in the case of TV) will have the clock fixed in place so that it's even present in the corner of the screen during the commercial breaks.

May often appear -- on TV at least -- at the end of a Theme Week or Marathon.

Sister Trope to the blurb in the corner that proclaims "new episode!"



  • Mugglenet has done one for each of the Harry Potter books after the fourth, and all of the movies.
  • Bulbapedia has had one of these for the Japanese and English-language releases of every major Pokémon game.
  • has done this for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon.
  • ZeldaWiki did this for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, with separate countdowns for Europe, America, and Australia.

Live Action TV

Western Animation


  • Homestuck had a quasi-example with its End of Act 5 Animation Bump - Andrew Hussie added a progress bar measured in percentage which he continually updated over the months spent working on it, and partway through issued a target release date of October 25 2011. Plenty of countdown clocks ensued on fansites.

Web Original

Real Life

  • Shops will often do this for when a big product is coming out, such as a video game - often they'll keep a constant clock in the window and just change the images whenever it needs to.
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