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"There are major characters, and there are minor ones. If you're waiting for me to fire up NEPETAQUEST 2011, don't hold your breath."

You are Nepeta Leijon.

It is twilight on your fifth wriggling day, a time trolls are intended to set aside to reflect on their FAILURES. You were NEVER GOOD at reflecting, or thinking in general, but you imagine your life could be a LOT MORE EXCITING! You live in a yawnring--you mean LAWNRING--precariously perched over the ocean. Your seaside community is close knit, and all of your friends live nearby. The sound of the ocean coming in against the cliffs is so soothing your recuperacoon seems redundant!

Occasionally from your window you see a group of FLARPers sailing for adventure on the HIGH SEAS. Someday you plan to join them! For now you continue to feel an unnerving sense of restlessness.

What will you do?

The Violetescence to Cordless's Red Dead Virgo, Nepetaquest 2011 is a Homestuck fanfic by username aceofspudz that manages to be a decent tale in its own right. Abounding with OCs and characters from canon, it expands upon the Trolls' already complex society and also devotes attention to a much-loved but oft-ignored green-blooded player. The story is considered by a significant portion of the fandom to be the basis of the (theoretical) Homestuck expanded universe; it is well-written and well illustrated, and pays very close attention to what goes on in the source material. Truly worth checking out, whether you're a Homestuck fan or not.

Much like its sister fic, Cordless, it has become a Dead Fic, with the author revealing how the future would have panned out at the end of the last forum thread.

Not to be confused with an ongoing fangame project of the same name, riffing on the same Hussie quote and also starring Nepeta.

Nepeta Quest 2011 has the following tropes:

  • Absurdly High Stakes Game: Nezumi managed to rig Colony Raiders so that if you die, you die for real. Literally the only reason Zander and Scoria are still alive is the fan outrage over this revelation.
    • Let's not forget the the fandom's outrage alone was not enough to keep them alive: It also took a great deal of ingenuity on their part to make the best of an Unwinnable Training Simulation.
  • Advanced Ancient Acropolis: Aradia imagines she'll find one. Someday.
  • Bio Augmentation: Nezumi's white blood is due to this.
  • Body Sushi: Zander says it's in his job description (the eating part, not the lying down part).
  • Bold Inflation: Nezumi's typing quirk.
  • Bunny Ears Lawyer: Aradia. Excellent at archeology, both in the discovery process and the more scientific aspects of constructing hypotheses, but she plays out imaginary debates against a Straw Critic with sock puppets. And then they devolve into romantic fantasies where she has the puppets make out.

 You have to face that you might be going a little crazy.

 Scoria: This is the greatest day of my life. Look at my ridiculous getup! And my very own my own[1] bridge bunnies.

  • Casanova: Zander.
  • Censor Box: Vriska's vision eightfold allows her to see through things. The subsequent appearance of censor boxes when she uses it on Scoria is justified.
  • Child Soldiers: Omega Cell has official military duties on Alternia besides harassing the protagonists.
  • Cleavage Window: The Alternian female Captain uniform has this, although neither character shown wearing it is well endowed enough to take advantage.
  • A Day in the Limelight: For Nepeta.
  • Deal with the Devil: The author gave the readers the choice of turning to Vriska or Scoria for help in a dangerous situation; Vriska's ability to help was clearly much greater but she is, well, evil. Vriska got the call.
  • Dramatic Irony: See Foregone Conclusion. One quote in particular sticks out:

  UU: We--you and I, everyone--don't have forever, Scoria. We barely have tomorrow.

  • Doesn't Like Guns: Nepeta doesn't have a high opinion of the guns in the armory.
  • Evil Laugh: Lampshaded by Nezumi
  • Expanded Universe
  • Exposition Diagram: After a cutesy Art Shift Scoria attempts to explain the Trollian conflict to a bewildered Nepeta.
  • Failed a Spot Check: Invoked by name.
  • Falling Into the Cockpit: Zander, once the ALF goes into manual control. Somewhat justified as he receives a lot of support to do something very simple.
  • Fan Disillusionment: The author has clearly become disillusioned with Homestuck due to the direction it has taken, and this may have contributed to the cancellation.
  • Fantastic Caste System: Naturally, and given a twist with two elements we never saw in canon: the presence of an openly mutant character who was made that way and a supposedly controversial and revolutionary new process to swap blood colours.
  • Fetish Fuel Station Attendant: Nezumi's many anime-inspired personality profiles.
  • Field Promotion: Decima receives one from Tyrell immediately before he and everyone else on the ship dies.
  • Fix Fic: The author isn't real pleased with the direction Homestuck has been taking.
  • Forced Perspective: What appears to be an enormous building in the background is revealed to be a small model sitting in front of the character.
  • Foregone Conclusion: All of the Original Character cast will be killed by Sgrub. Maybe.
    • It is very hard not to view every single event in the story through this lens. There are apparently a lot of differences between the world one sweep ago and the present day.
    • Nepeta will be murdered by Gamzee. He hasn't shown up in the story yet, but we at least know that she won't be murdered by Nezumi.
    • Actually, see Wham! Episode for why this may not be the case.
  • For Science!: Scoria's rationale for the development of the Trollian timeline feature.
  • For the Evulz: Pretty much the only reason Nezumi is antagonizing Nepeta and tried to force Zander to kill either Scoria or himself is because she's just that much of a bitch.
    • Well, it seems she also sees Scoria as her kismesis. When Vokken orders her to stop obsessing over her, she answers that she simply can't.
    • Plus Nepeta was on the hitlist her handlers supplied her with, which is supposed to be a list of potentially dangerous people. Why she was on there, we just don't know yet.
  • "Friend or Idol?" Decision: A variation. Using a CULLSAT, Nezumi forces Zander to choose between saving Scoria or himself.
  • Ghibli Hills: The Bright Coast, where Nepeta starts.
  • The Ghost: Eridan, Karkat, Equius, and Doc Scratch have all been either just barely off screen or only seen talking on chat clients. (Well, and in Karkat's case, as an internet personality, a symbol, and a sock puppet.) Decima, too, until The Reveal that she wasn't a troll.
  • Goggles Do Something Unusual: Nepeta's contacts.
  • Half The Woman She Used To Be: Tezumi cuts off Decima's legs.
  • Hand Puppet: Aradiasock and Wrongkat, who Slap Slap Kiss.
  • Heroic BSOD: Nepeta in the flashforward to LOLCAT.

  Later, much later, you realized you should have started with hearts.

 AF: Hypothetical me is even more pathetic. Hy'pathetic'al, get it?

AA: 0h put a s0ck in it

 The rest of us scrabble and bite and fight to stay alive. All you had to do was make a simple decision.

  • Viewers Are Geniuses: Scoria makes a pun involving the unit of viscosity, the poise.
  • Wham! Episode: Vriska broke her horn off. Not so much the act itself, but the fact that it means the adventure is taking place in an alternate universe. Worse, it could indicate it's a doomed timeline.
    • Ironically, though, this is also the last page before the story was abandoned.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human??: Vokken clearly believes Nezumi II is not a real person.
  • Word of Dante: Several aspects of troll society detailed in the adventure, such as trolls opening shops in "waystations" or the use of caegars as currency [3] have been adopted by other fanfiction set on Alternia.
  • You're Insane!: Scoria's response to Nezumi's fanfic.


  1. sic (her typing quirk is repeating herself)
  2. Trollian is still in its development stages, so the trolls use Alternian IM. Colony Raiders is all the rage on Alternia and doing excellently in that game decreases the chances of getting culled. Terezi is still able to see, Sollux hasn't gotten the glasses we'd know him by (Scoria probably helped), Aradia is still alive, and Nepeta hasn't moved into her cave hive or gotten her cat cap yet, nor is she involved in a moirallegiance with Equius. Overall, things were different one solar sweep ago.
  3. Caegars do appear in Homestuck, but since they're based on ancient Roman coins, they may well be inteded to be obsolete
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