Found a Trope whose page is pitiful, but don't want to champion a redux on YKTTW? Feel like editing something and don't know what? Look no further! Here's a list of pages you should visit when having a moment and urging to edit: a list of pages that need some Wiki Magic love. Some need one thing, maybe just a little re-touch, maybe an image, example or a wick. Some need much, much more work to look good.

Please italicize the names of works in order to separate them from the trope names.

A page with only one problem goes on one of these lists:

If a trope Needs a Better Title, however, you must first take it to the Trope Repair Shop.

Pages needing much, much more Wiki Magic:

Work on them to keep 'em healthy and add those who are sick to the list.


  1. actual channel has plenty of tropable original shorts and series besides just sponsoring popular YouTube channels
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