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"Nature is fucking hardcore".

You've found yourself alone in the woods. No big deal, nature is a perfectly fine place to spend some time, wandering around. But now you can't see the edge of the forest anymore. And you realize that you can't see the sun, either, so you can't tell which direction to go in to get out. Let's add some scary strange noises. Watch yourself randomly running in some direction, looking for a way out, screaming for help, as the sun goes down and afternoon turns into dusk, which turns into a moonless night. You are so screwed.

The truth is, nature isn't cruel; it just doesn't care about you. The forest is a big scary place in which you can get lost, or killed by wild and ferocious animals. The desert has only about a hundred ways for you to be injured or die. The jungle is even worse. Even a lake or a river is a dangerous place for a person who isn't prepared. This trope comes into play when a work's creator chooses to use that fact, rather than romanticizing it or portraying nature as harmonious or maternal. The focus is on the horror, danger, and ruthlessness of untamed nature.

Contrast Ghibli Hills; inversely related to All-Natural Snake Oil.

Examples of Nature Is Not Nice include:
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