This organization is a federal public agency of the Canadian government dedicated to producing and distributing films, TV, and digital content to educate and promote Canada while providing resources for such projects to deserving applicants. The Board began in 1939 to give Canada some presence in the film world considering how American films dominated Canadian culture.

While the board is well known for its Documentary films and some dramatic features, the Board is most famous internationally for its animation, which has garnered several awards, including Oscars. Its documentaries have received a bit of a boost in recognition after being cited as a key influence on Scottish electronic band Boards of Canada, who even named themselves after the Board.

For a sampling of the Film Board's animation genius, see Animation Favorites from the National Film Board of Canada, hosted by Leonard Maltin, and The National Film Board of Canada's Animation Festival.

Notable Films


  • Deranged Animation: The Board is famous for the experimental work of Norman McLaren and other animators who tried out various techniques like Drawn On Film, Pinscreen Animation and Stop Motion.
  • Streisand Effect: In 1982, the US Department of Justice suppressed the NFB anti-nuclear film, If You Love This Planet, as "foreign political propaganda." The move backfired, causing a storm of protest that helped the film win the Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject.
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