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The following is a fan-based parody of a fan-based parody...
—The first line of the disclaimer, explaining that this is Naruto the Abridged Series The Abridged Series.

Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show is an Abridged Series of Naruto made by Little Kuriboh of Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series, originally as an April Fools' Day joke, as well as a Take That to Naruto the Abridged Series, which has struck out on its own.

As of now, it has seven episodes and a two-part movie which can be watched on Little Kuriboh's account for it, called Ninjabridge. The movie can be found in one part here. Despite the Ninjabridge channel being flagged and deleted by an ad-bot, it has returned as of 15 June 2011. The episodes (but not the extra clips) can also be found in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged website.

Tropes no jutsu!:

  "It's hero time."

  Naruto: Okay, it's cool everybody! I speak weeaboo!

  • Big Eater: That one guy that likes to eat food. "My eating disorder is hilarious!"
    • "I mean look at him! Eating that food. It's hilarious! Food! Eating! HA!"
  • Bile Fascination: In-Universe - "Check it out. Those guys are kissing. It's so wrong, and yet I can't take my eyes away."
  • Bilingual Bonus: Haku: Martin-san no chinpo wa hontōni ōkiidesu.
  • Big No: Episode 5's "Noooooooooo *smokes a cigarette* -ooooooooooooo!"
    • Episode 6: Sasuke's monotone "Nooooooooooooo."
    • Episode 7: "He was like the Sasuke's father I never had because Sasuke's brother killed him, nooooooooooo!"
  • Black Comedy Rape: Fanservice No Jutsu. Though Sasuke does say it's not hurting him. He just doesn't like it.
  • Bob From Accounting: "Hmmm, what would Bill from Accounting do?" [cut to man jumping out of a skyscraper window] "Hmm, I could do that, but there's no windows around."
  • Brick Joke: Mermaid Melody fandubs being used to torture prisoners in The Movie.
    • "Monkey D. Luffy eventually found One Piece. His breakfast still eludes him."
  • Call Back: Naruto crying "Shaun" during the Heavy Rain joke is a reference to Little Kurioboh's other Heavy Rain joke of Minority Report.
  • Captain Obvious: "This is a show about ninjas... apparently."
    • That's less a Captain Obvious and more Sarcasm Mode; he's mocking plot and the extremely trivial social antics of the protagonists in a show that is supposedly an action series about ninjas. On the same level:

  Naruto: This expired milk is an important plot point!

 Naruto: "We must fight now because you are a pirate and I am a ninja!

Luffy: "Aww, yeah! Let's do this thing!

 Hokage: *watching porn* Shhh... I'm trying to hear the nudity.

 Tazuna: This is my Grandson. We call him Gilligan.


  "Nobody will ever understand the torment I feel. The torment of an extremely attractive ninja who is lusted after by pretty much every girl he's ever met."

    • According to Naruto, emo is the only emotion Sasuke is capable of feeling.
    • At times Sasuke is actually proud of his emoness:

  "I challenge you to an emo off."

    • Sasuke can be emo about anything:

  "Nobody will ever understand the food I eat."

  Hokage: You killed my nephew's pet kitten. Her name was Mittens. I mean, it's like... Why. How. What.

 Iruka: Aw, did you have to wake me up for this? I was having that awesome ninja dream where I'm a ninja.

Mizuki: Dude, you are a ninja.

Iruka: I am?! Holy shit, that's awesome!!

  • Interactive Narrator: Naruto hates narrators with such a passion that he throws a kunai at them whenever he hears them.
  • Japanese Honorifics: Naruto goes way too overboard when referring to David Bowie-sama-sensei-senpai-san-sama...-kun.
    • And M. Night Shyamamalama-sama-kun.
    • "Are you all right, David Bowie-kun-kittyface?"
  • Jerkass: David Bowie seems to be turning into this starting with episode 6.
    • The titular character is quite an asshole himself.
  • Larynx Dissonance: Sakura. In fact, Little Kuriboh uses the exact same voice for Sakura as he does for Téa.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Naruto sings to one of the BGMs of the series.

  "Do-do-dododo-dooo! I'm gonna fuck you in the ass!"

    • Also Joekage's rant.

 Joekage: "Personally I don't see what's so important about a bridge. I mean, come on. First one guy makes a bridge. And everybody uses it, they're like, "Ooh, look, a bridge. That's new." So, like, these other two guys make another bridge. And it's kinda like the first one, but people use it anyway because the first guy is like "Oh, their bridge is pretty cool too, check it out." And then these three other guys are like, "Oh, we're going to make the best bridge ever, we're going to combine our talents and be like, 'Oh, look at our bridge, it's totally amazing, ooh.'" and it's like, it turns out really good, and it's the best out of all the other bridges. Everybody subscribes to it."

Naruto: "Subscribes to it?!"

Joekage: "I mean er... Everybody crosses it. Because it's a bridge. Yeah. And before you know it everybody and their mother is making a bridge! So there's a bridge. Everywhere... Nobody even knows why they're making a bridge anymore. They just want people to cross it. They don't care where they're going. The first guy is like, "I'm going to go to conventions to promote my bridge!" It's like, it's just a bridge. It's not a big deal. Get over it."

Naruto: "What's he talking about?"

David Bowie: "Apparently, bridges."

    • The opening of episode 7, which came out shortly after Masako announced that he was leaving Naruto the Abridged Series. Part of Kakashi/Bowie's dialogue was copied directly from Masako's YouTube announcement.

 Bowie: Well, students, it's been a good ride, but I'm afraid I have to leave. There's just too much going on in my personal life. I wanted to say this to your faces, because you're awesome like that. So, farewell.

Naruto: Bowie-sensei! You can't leave! We need you! Who else is going to provide all the voices... of reason?

    • And, come to think of it, a lot of the other dialogue from episode 7 also counts, with all the discussion of building "a bridge" and one guy bringing his girlfriend to help with the bridge and so on.
  • Leitmotif: Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata plays whenever Sasuke is being emo. Which is always.
  • Literal Music Video: There's a segment in episode 7 based on the idea (Little Kuriboh has also done full literal music videos elsewhere).
  • Mad Libs Catchphrase: Sasuke's "X will never understand the Y I feel" (and similar).
  • Martial Arts and Crafts: All things are described as ninja things.
  • Memetic Badass: "Nothing can kill David Bowie!"

 David Bowie: I am David Bowie. I can do anything!

  • The Movie: Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show Motion Picture Movie Film, which spoofs the first film, Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow.
  • Musical Episode: "Bowie no Jutsu". Admittedly, there's only one major musical number, but it takes up the majority of the episode, and there are a couple of short ones at the beginning and end.
  • My Friends and Zoidberg: Iruka announces the graduates in the style of the One Piece theme song.

 Iruka: Dreamin'! Don't give it up, Sasuke! Dreamin'! Don't give it up, Naruto! Dreamin'! Don't give it up, Sakura! Dreamin'! Don't give it up, that guy!

  • Ninja: Apparently this show is about them. In fact, everyone in the show is one! Sometimes "ninja" gets appended to other words.

 Naruto: "The prostitutes in ninja village are also ninjas! That's why we call them ninja prostitutes!"

    • There are people who aren't ninjas, which is viewed by Naruto as being impossible.

  Naruto: What is he, like, a wizard or something? Because he's clearly not a ninja!

 Naruto: I couldn't have done it without the Rower!

Rower: Yes you could.

  • Shout-Out: More than a few lines are lifted from other media.

 Mizuki: The ninjas never told you what happened to your father!

Naruto: They told me enough! They told me -- wait, actually, they didn't tell me jack (bleep). What the hell happened to my father?!

 Mizuki: Wait a minute, did you just summon a bunch of ninjas in one turn?

Naruto: Yeah. So?

Mizuki: That's against the ninja rules, isn't it?

Naruto: Screw the ninja rules! I have lung cancer!

 Gato: I'm not happy, Zabuza. Not happy.

  • Small Role, Big Impact: Naruto is a big fan of the rower and admires everything he does, even though Naruto just met the rower and he just... rows.
  • Smoking Is Cool: Naruto seems to think so, and doesn't mind pushing it on the impressionable youth.

 Hokage's Grandson: It tastes like burning!

Naruto: That means it's working!

 Hokage: So this guys's like, "I'm going to go to conventions to promote my bridge." I mean, like, it's just a bridge. It's not a big deal. Get over it.

  Naruto: "This is for all the fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender, you white washing son of a bitch!"

 Kakashi: It's okay everyone. I sent Naruto to go find her. I'm sure they'll be just fine...

cut to Naruto running from a giant train


Kakashi: Unless of course they were attacked by some sort of magical ninja train, but that would just be the most retarded plot twist of all oh my God, it is M. Night Shamamalama.

  • Throw It In: Naruto's flubbed lines in episodes 3 and 5. Not known if Little Kuriboh did them on purpose, or just left in his own mistakes. Either way, sure to become a Running Gag.

 Naruto: Oh my God, Sasuke is so pucking--pah pah... Oh my God, Sasuke is so fucking pretty!

Naruto: He must be a apbleblahblah. *beat* He must be some kind of optical illusion!

    • He mentions in the commentary for the movie that accidentally mispronounced "nuclear" as "nucular" while recording and, instead of rerecording, just decided to put a quick subtitle that says "Ninjas can't pronounce nuclear".
    • Also, in the crossover Pirates and/or Ninjas

 Naruto Your constant disassembly of dialogue is interfering with yourrashemblehblehpahpah.

Luffy *blink blink*

Naruto Your constant disassembly of dialogue is interfering with any rational plot development!

  • Unnamed Sibling: Sasuke refers to his brother as "Sasuke's Brother".
    • Even Sasuke's Brother calls himself that.
    • Unnamed Parent: In episode 7, Sasuke refers to his father as "Sasuke's father."
  • Utility Magic: Eating food is apparently a jutsu, then again Naruto is a moron so maybe not.
  • Vocal Evolution: The Naruto voice changes distinctly between the first episode and the second. It can probably be chalked up to his cigarettes.
    • Sasuke's accent has changed from an American one to a British one. And it sounds almost exactly like Little Kuriboh's speaking tone. Only...emo.
    • Iruka (the "annoying sensei guy") has become more high-pitched, to the point of sounding like Meowth. This has been lampshaded at least once
      • David Bowie gradually stops "singing" his dialogue.
      • Well, not all his dialogue. "Now I'm going to teach you all how to CLIMB A TREEEEE~!"
  • Waxing Lyrical: Naruto in The Movie; makes his own lyric to boot.

  *slams table* "Row! Row! Fight the Power!" *slam* "Row! Row! Fire flower!" *slam* "Row! Row! Eisenhower!" *slam* "Row! Row! I like Jack Bauer!"

 Ino: Hey, Sakura, Christina Ricci called. She wants her giant forehead back, and her movie career.

Sakura: Well, Renee Zellweger called. She wants her UGLY BLONDE BITCH FACE back! ...And her movie career.

    • And from the movie:

 Cliche Henchman 1: Hey, David Bowie, the seventies called, and they want their timely references back!

Kakashi: Oh yeah? Well, Advent Children called and they want their crappy villains back!


  1. one of the Naruto Abridged creators; the episode was made after his partner MasakoX quit the show and he himself quit Team FourStar
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