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  • Why were none of the following characters made part of Ronan's harem?

Keep in mind that their personalities could have been modified as necessary, considering what was done to Sakura (and add more if you think of any).

    • Hinata. Making her completely docile and obedient to Ronan wouldn't

involve derailing her character as much as Sakura, and she has a fairly impressive bust pre- and post- timeskip.

can be seen from the inclusion of "da cooger," and her breasts are canonically the largest in the series. For that matter, Ronan could also have a threesome with...

      • According to Benji's twitter, Jake had plans to actually make a

character sheet for the various characters in NVR, and among them was a sheet for da cooger, who was apparently going to be [[Retcon retconned]] into being Tsunade.

    • Shizune.

author was trying to give hints that his fanfic isn't what it looked like. Why else would he pick Sakura, the flatty in the canon series, out of all the females stated above to be his main girlfriend? Either that or he could have also been a wannabe fanboy who never knew they even existed.

  • In Chapter 21 there was a Crystal Ball with a woman's voice who first

told the prophecy of Ronan destroying the world. She also said he would destroy something else before she was cut off. On Chapter 29 she was brought up to tell him another prophecy, but she mentions that he hasn't met her yet and was about to reveal her identity before she was cut off again. Afterwards she was completely forgotten. What was that all about and who could she have possibly been?

    • If not for the part in which she says he's never met her before, I'd

say she's da cooger, who's the main one in charge of the prophecies. It could be that the author unwittingly fused the characters.

  • In Benji's twitter, he mentioned Jake or Tina's Deviant ART account.

Anyone got a link?

    • The way he worded it, it seemed like he was saying that there was

going to be a DA account, but Jake quit the internet before he could make it. I also looked up words like "Ekaj", "Atni", "Ronan", and "Da cooger" on DA to see if I could find anything that would obviously be either of them, but came up with nothing.

      • I did a similar search. "Ronan" came up with a lot of stuff, but

most of it was just fan-created Bishonen characters that had nothing to do with NVR.

    • When you look up, "Ronan," there is a blue haired guy from an MMORPG

called Grand Chase and the fanfic's main character has the same name and hair color (but styled differently). Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

    • Original poster here. I also did an internet search for the fic's

name and most of the characters. Nothing of interest, except for the fact that "da cooger" came up with a [[ semi-auto pistol]] and that "atni" came up with a hell of a lot of porn... and a website [[ promoting eco-friendly telecommunications]].

      • "Atni" is presumably an anagram of "Tina".
  • Why exactly is Taliana so inconsistently portrayed until Chapter 30,

alternating between trying to kill Ronan and having sex with him? It's easy to understand why the author would work his girlfriend into his story as a sex partner for his character, and kill her off after she dumped him, but it's not clear why her attitude toward him would switch so often.

    • Well, Jake and Katie did seem to have a troubled relationship

(according to old author's notes and Benji), so maybe Jake simply mirrored it in Taliana's relationship with Ronan?

  • Ronan's 13 at the beginning of the story. He meets Taliana soon after,

who's described as being significantly younger than him... so how old is she? 10? 11? 12? I think not. Despite all of Jake's sexual perversions, he has (fortunately) never appeared to be attracted to prepubescent girls. Which leaves us the blinding question of why Taliana was described as younger than Ronan in the first place...

    • Actually, Ronan has been shown to be a lolicon as well. Especially

when he describes Atni as a, "sexy loli bitch," and with the lolis that appeared randomly in some chapters. As for Taliana's age, she probably was suppose to be younger at first, but then the author suddenly dropped that in order for one of his, "epik twizts," to happen.

    • I'm not sure about the lolicon thing. For the author, "loli" just

appears to be another term for sexy, seeing as he never really emphasizes the "loli-ness" of any of the characters who he calls a "random sexy loli bitch".

    • In chapter 30, the "LOLICON CURLS" came to him and said they were

schoolgirls as well. Still, you might be right about him using loli and even lolicon as terms for sexy according to him.

    • Wait, where was Taliana mentioned to be younger than Ronan? I don't

think I remember that.

      • She isn't, but it's said that she's Ronan's mother, but is also a

clone of Sakura, so Sakura should be older than Taliana, who is in turn older than Ronan, but Ronan and Sakura's ages at the start are the same. It's possible that Taliana and/or Ronan rapidly aged like Mandy and Ekaj did.

  • A lot of the verbs Ronan uses are kind of illogical, and bizarrely

misapplied. For example, he says he "punches" Taliana with his penis, when it would have made more sense just to say "hit" or something. This also shows up with [[Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami another fic]] (e.g., "she pulled the gun and a bullet went out").. Given that, and the many other similarities between the two, is it possible that they're troll fics written by the same author?

    • That's going into almost WMG territory, but it's certainly possible.

However, the same idea could be applied to other bad fics; of course, it's entirely possible that a lot of the infamous badfics are by the same person; like a Hitchock or Kubrick of trolling. Now THAT'd be something (though it's probably not reality).

  • Continuing from my addition under Fridge Logic: the fic spends so much

time focusing on the female around Ronan, it never bothers to explain just who Ronan's dad is. Does anybody have any idea who it could be? (Knowing Jake, I'm guessing Ronan or Ekaj are Ronan's dad)

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