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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Naruto Continuations, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, in alphabetical order, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.

About a Daddy and a Nanny by syaoran no hime

  • Recommended by: Dellanotte
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Neji/Tenten, Naruto/Hinata
  • Synopsis: "Due to a deathbed promise, inexperienced Neji ends up with an instant son. Enter Tenten, the longlost teammate who poses as a birdbrain nanny for her jounin mission, beginning a tale of love, betrayal, and stinky diapers."
  • Comments: How this thing manages to not be a total Crack Fic is beyond me, and yet... Okay, the notion of the ninja knowing of Spongebob is patently absurd, but oh well. There actually is a serious plot, too, but it's sometimes easy to forget when in close proximity to Tenten's cover story. Poor Neji...

Beautiful Day by Narf-for-the-Garthoc

  • Recommended by Kurtulmak
  • Synopsis: Naruto is Hokage, as he has been for the past decade, and enjoys the beautiful day as he checks in with all his old age mates. After all, he knows it's his last day.
  • Comments: This oneshot presents an epilogue that's almost too happy and perfect... which only makes Naruto's never ending happy facade all the more heartbreaking. You will cry.

The Butterfly Effect by The Scarlett Ribbon

  • Recommended by Alleyway Kat
  • Synopsis: There had been something like an understanding between them once, he thinks; the potential for something more. But with the memory of her shaking kunai and his maniacal laughter between them, neither can help but wonder if it is too late to go back.
  • Comments: This is what happens after the War with Madara. Sasuke is back with the village, sorta, and Sakura is his attourny. It mainly focuses on Team 7's relationship after the war, the problems from the begining of their sorta friendship and the after effects of Sakura getting mindraped by Madara. It's little bit slow paced but it's very well written and definitely worth a read.

In The Blood by justplainrii

  • Recommended by indigohalf, ShirouHokuto User:Electroninja, User:valbinooo, Kesali
  • Synopsis: 27 years after the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sasuke has gotten married, started a family, and is about as good at it as you'd expect, when he meets a young boy who strikingly resembles a long-dead Itachi. Later, a red-haired kid appears at the gates of the village, demanding to be taught ninjutsu. Naruto hits it off with the kid alarmingly quickly when it turns out they're related - suggesting that the Itachi look-alike may not be a coincidence, either. The fic is a slowly unfurling mystery firmly grounded in the setting of Konoha and full of familiar faces-- canon characters and their children who all have problems of their own.
  • Comments: This fic has Loads and Loads of Characters and all of them are believable. The dynamics within Sasuke's family are shockingly realistic, and the OCs are all unique and written with loving care. Sasuke's youngest son, Inou, has stolen my heart already and I'm pretty sure he's not even particularly relevant to the plot. The fic is mystery with lots of seemingly unrelated pieces, and it's not done being written yet, but there's definitely something going on with people who look like people who are supposed to be dead.
    • The mystery is absolutely fascinating, and only made the more intriguing by the beautiful characterization of everyone dealing with it. A supremely addicting fic!
    • Agreed. The mystery is fascinating, with twists and turns that will make your jaw drop.
    • This story is consistently updated once a week, which is great because it is so gripping. The dialogue in particular feels real.
  • Now has its own tropes page!!

In the Breaking by eminyet

  • Recommended by Sebazu, Frodo Lives
  • Synopsis: Akatsuki lies broken and Naruto hates the world. Where does he go from here?
  • Comments: Just the way it portrays naruto's gradually recovering sanity makes it worth.
    • Frodo Lives: Amazing, simply amazing - a tale of a broken Naruto healing himself by helping the unwanted.

Medicinal Lullaby by Shivakashi

  • Recommended by Kurtulmak, User:Arcane Azmadi
  • Now has its own tropes page.
  • Pairings: Naruto x Sakura.
  • Synopsis: Upon returning home from his failed mission to retrieve Sasuke and finding about Jiraiya's death, Naruto gains new responsibilities and a new set of priorities when a girl shows up on his doorstep pregnant.
  • Comments: This fic covers Naruto's struggle to raise his daughter and to keep her and Konoha safe from Akatsuki over 8+ years. Naruto matures and grows into his power as a father, as a jinchuriki, as a teacher, and as Konoha's greatest defender. The fic has an appropriately epic feel as it covers more of Naruto's life than the original manga, and the author tells the story of its characters' growth well.
    • I'll admit, the synopsis doesn't do this fic justice. It is very well written and as in character as possible for one with this premise, with a minimum of OCs and the ones that are there are very believably written. Naruto's daughter's mother is killed off early on, so you don't have to read through much OC romance, and the scenes of Naruto and his daughter are absolutely heartwarming and believable. Also manages to include some cool and well-written fight scenes.
    • User:Arcane Azmadi: You see this fic? This is what friggin' epic looks like. So I gave it its own page.

Naruto: Hitoshirezu Years by Peace Writer v.2.5

  • Recommended by Dorian
  • Synopsis: Set during the timeskip, Hanabi Hyuga starts her journey on her path to becoming a ninja. With her teammates Kaji and Wasumaru, and Shintaro, her jonin teacher, they strive to become the best, navigating the twists and turns along the way.
  • Comments: Starts from the academy, and then quickly picks up after that. The fic has been praised for its fight scenes and for the original characters.

New Blood by JFalcon

  • Recommended by User:Rogue 7, Crazywannabee, User:Hush
  • Pairings: Shikamaru/Temari
  • Synopsis: A Naruto futurefic that is best summed up with the word "epic". It's got Loads and Loads of Characters -- many of the main characters of the current Naruto continuity now all have three-man genin teams of their own, and there are characters from the other hidden villages.
  • Comments: What's striking about it is both the quality of the characters -- all of them are believable and deep -- and the sheer length of the thing -- it's over 300,000 words. The action is quality, and the characterization of non-OCs is spot-on. Highly Recommended.
    • Later: An addendum- though I still heartily recommend this one, it's difficult to follow the sporadic updates, as it's next to impossible to actually keep track of all the various plotlines. Best in large doses.
    • It's plot is genius in my opinion, all the OC's are awesome. Some are annoying like Shiroi after she joins Sound, and especially Kasumi and Akuma. I also found the interaction between Hitomi and Naomasa a little annoying, but besides that I absolutely love it. Also I found the inclusion of Suigetsu as Mizukage awesome as hell.

Nothing But Trouble by Mister Cynical

  • Recommended by Kagescorpionakki, Frodo Lives
  • Pairings: Minor Naruto x Sakura, mostly Naruto x Anko
  • Synopsis: Decades after the end of the series, Naruto is now the leader of the Village Hidden in the Spring, - a place full of alcoholics and missing ninja - illegally, of course. Sakura comes to tell him that Tsunade is recalling him for the Chunin Exams. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Comments: A comedic story, with darker undertones. It has quite a few OCs, namely Sakura's genin team and everybody in the Spring village except Naruto and Koyuki Kazahana. Naruto is also something of a sadistic Jerkass Stu, but it's usually played for laughs.
    • Frodo Lives: It is Naruto as a weird alcoholic version of the Hulk - "Don't make me sober. You won't like me when I am sober.". Initial impressions of Naruto is that is he is an alcohol man-slut, but as the story goes along, the camo wears away and the Complete Monster underneath starts to come into view ie Mr Fox.

Of Broken Hallelujahs and Healing Hearts by Paige O.o

  • Recommended by Kurtulmak
  • Pairings: Sasuke x Sakura (minor Naruto x Hinata as well)
  • Synopsis: Sasuke, now leader of Sound four years after killing Orochimaru and Itachi, comes to Konoha to settle peace. His one ironclad demand for the treaty? Haruno Sakura. A fic about Sakura's year in Sound.
  • Comments: A well-written romance fic for a relationship that gets off to a very rocky start for the two. The story takes place almost entirely from Sakura's point of view for the first half and very well portrays how frustrating it is to try to read past Sasuke's stoic facade of apathy. Completed, with epilogue.

Piece of the Puzzle by Blue Baby Blanket

  • Recommended by Killing Curse Eyes
  • Pairings: Sasuke/Sakura, Naruto/Momo(oc)
  • Synopsis: Sakura married Sasuke. After their wedding Naruto gets word of Akatsuki preparing for war and leaves to take them on all by himself. He wins, but ends up in a coma for years. Upon awakening, he meets Sakura and Sasuke's eldest daughter, Uchiha Momo, who decides that Naruto, the man her parents respect most, is the man for her. WIP
  • Comments: The story starts with Naruto telling his children about how him and their mother got together. At first Momo is only 12, but it's mostly one-sided romance until she gets older. Has some fan art.

Salutary Neglect by Thundereaper

  • Recommended by User:Red Viking
  • Pairings: Naruto/Tayuya
  • Synopsis: Determined not to have anyone sacrifice themselves for his sake ever again, Naruto leaves Konoha after the incident with Hidan and Kakuzu, and makes a living off collecting the bounties of other missing-nins. Along the way, he just might discover a new nindo to follow along with new precious people to protect, and that this new purpose was his true calling all along.
  • Comments: An absolutely amazing fic that really sucks you in and is back from the dead. The author does a good job with Naruto and Tayuya's relationship and you can see that the two care deeply for each other, even though they haven't made anything official and Naruto's somewhat of a ladies' man. I really like the way Tayuya's portrayed since one gets the sense that this is what her canon self could have been like had she found people important to her. The story also contains lots of swearing (not all of it from Tayuya).

Training for the Job by Desaix

  • Recommended by User:Much Good Little Time
  • Pairings: Naruto/Sakura
  • Synopsis: Naruto's quest to become Hokage.
  • Comments: 400k words, irregularly updated; don't try to Dead Fic it.
    • Edit April 2011: The story is not dead, merely on extended hiatus. Desaix isn't answering any P Ms or reviews from but does answer queries over in a thread dedicated to this fanfic.
      • Edit May 2011: The fic hasn't been updated in 4 years - it's dead. I quote from the Dead Fic trope page: "The death knell comes when, rather than simply coming out with a new chapter, the author just assures the audience they haven't given up."

Trial by Leaves by Arc The Jedi

  • Recommended by User:Shay Caron
  • Pairings:
  • Synopsis: Begins several years after the series. Naruto's comrades aren't sure he's ready to become the next Hokage yet, so each one arranges a test concerning one quality they feel is important for him to have.
  • Comments: Excellent fights and heartwarming moments.

White Rain by Zapenstap

  • Recommended by User:Nitramy
  • Pairings: Sasuke / Sakura
  • Synopsis: A mysterious woman arrives in Konoha seeking asylum for herself...and Itachi's children. As Hokage, Naruto wants to trust her. Sasuke struggles with suspicion. Sakura struggles with Sasuke. Desperate to protect his family, Itachi's son becomes a Leaf-Nin.
  • Comments: A very well-done Naruto story written with a more Seinen slant - and dealing with a usual scenario that ends up uncovering a bigger can of worms than anyone ever expected. Very highly recommended.
    • YMMV. Athough the OCs are cool, the writer spends a huge amount of time delving into certain OCs personal struggles, including a 5000-word therapy session one character has with Ibiki. The fic is short on action, short on canon characters, and long on painfully deep character exploration. That said, the fic is one of the best written fics this troper has seen in quite a while, and probably engulf you against your will.
  • Now has a tropes page!
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