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While the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has grown up, it doesn't always show when it comes to the writing.

See also the page for moments that are truly and intentionally funny.

 "Oh, no! Our weapons are useless! Retreat! All personnel, fall back!"

    • What really pushes this into Narm territory is the fact that, upon receiving this order, the kneeling police officers calmly get to their feet and proceed to moonwalk away from Chaos.
    • "Our hearts combined form awesome power!". Sure they do, Tails.
    • "Watch out, you're gonna crash! AAH!" Made more ridiculous by the way his tongue sticks out at the end of that line.
      • Doubly so since he does that expression a few times. Stick out spines and poke tongue out. Its almost adorable.
      • While we're at it, almost every single facial expression in the game.
    • There's also Knuckles' absolutely apathetic cry of "Oh no." whenever he is hit in the boss battle against him.
      • Same goes for Sonic whenever you fight against him.
    • Sonic half-yelling "Eeeeeeeeeggggggmaaaaaaan" with all the passion and rage of a waitress reciting the beer menu.
      • Well, he was about to fall unconscious... Still Narm, though.
      • Tails' version of it is arguably even funnier. He sounds like a zombie.
    • Once Chaos gets the first Emerald, Sonic tells Tails "We can't let that monster get any bigger. It could get ugly!" It sounds more like he's worried about how hideous Chaos will look, rather than the danger he poses.
      • This arguably becomes an unintentional Brick Joke once you see Perfect Chaos's in-game model, which resembles Godzilla's retarded ameboid cousin.
    • "All's well that ends well, right?" Made even funnier if you've seen the Hellfire Comms play-through of it:


    • Let's not forget the infamous Tails line, "That's Eggman! I wonder what happened to Sonic?"
    • What about the classic Egg Viper line during his lazer spam phase? "GETALOADAGETALOADAGETALOADA THIS!!!"
      • Not to mention the "Hoooh ha ha, see if you can make it through here, Sonic!" line whenever he reveals his weakpoint for all to see...
    • Some of the lyrics to Knuckles's theme, especially this line: "You can call me Knuckles/Unlike Sonic, I don't chuckle/I'd rather flex my muscles"
  • A fair amount of Shadow the Hedgehog, but mainly:

 "Where's that... DAMN 4th Chaos Emerald?!"

    • This is made especially comical because the captions put the emphasis on the word "fourth" instead, even though there is absolutely no such emphasis in the dialogue.
      • They seem to put a huge emphasis on the word DAMN every time Shadow spouts it off, almost as if flaunting that it's supposed to be Darker and Edgier than the mainstream series.
    • I submit that in another reality, the expression on the GUN Commander's face when as a child he saw Shadow's creation would be the page picture.
      • You got your wish.
    • Black Doom has a Narm scene in the Last Story, when he sics his Black Leeches on the paralyzed heroes: "Ah, my dear offspring... eat and devour these savory dishes!!!" Cue the Black Leeches just squelching about in front of Sonic and friends while the furries (and Eggman) completely overreact. Seriously, the Special Effects Failure just totally wrecked that scene.
      • The way Shadow speaks, clutching his chest like he's suffering heart failure, or putting in dramatic pauses every few seconds, is pretty narmy.
    • Shadow's ridiculous barrage of expletives whenever he gets attacked.
      • After Shadow falls...

 Shadow: Damn! Not here!

    • "Shadow.... ANDROID?! Am I... an... android TOO?!"
    • During the Glyphic Canyon level, when you've got Knuckles with you, has a segment where you have to walk into this tornado to progress. What does Knuckles have to say while you're doing this? "HELP!!! WE'RE BEING SUCKED IN!!!" This is made much more hilarious for two reasons: the first is that Knuckles is voiced by the glorious Dan Green, and the second is that, if you wait around on the bridge for a bit, Knuckles will tell you to walk into the tornado.
    • The GUN Commander's exposition rant to Shadow just before the Cosmic Fall level. Quite profound and dramatic and would be very much so in a more serious game...if not for the fact that, gun aside, the scene looks quite comical when he's ranting about this to a nearly adorable cartoon hedgehog.
  • A fair amount -- no, all of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. This is especially due to the contrast of the kind of realistic humans and the furries during the drama scenes, the 4Kids voice acting, the nonsensical plot, the bad dialogue, and moments of pure silliness like Eggman pressing buttons like he was a blind man playing a piano.
    • At least Eggman's Narm moments are awesome. The scenes with him in are pretty much the only bearable bits of the game's plot.
    • DON'T TOUCH IT!eleven!111!1!1 And the remix.
    • Don't forget Mephiles' "resurrection", where he introduces himself then starts zombie walking while looking straight down. This, combined with his black and white color scheme, will make you apologize for all the times you called Shadow "Emo the Hedgehog".
    • And speaking of Mephiles, didn't Dan Green sound like a Crispin Freeman wannabe while voicing him?
    • And then there's the glorious Narm that is Sonic's death scene. This troper can't decide which part is the funniest: the overdramatic slow-mo fall, Princess Elise's Big No, the total randomness of the murder ("Yep, just minding my own busness, enjoying the si- *BLAM*"), or the fact that being impaled by a laser lance of death apparently doesn't leave a single mark on him.
      • Final nail in the coffin? The fact that Sonic is apparently lanced in the ass through to his crotch. You may now laugh.
      • I see you all these things and raise you Mephiles's hamtastic laugh.
    • "I can't deflect lasers with my telekinesis!". Well darn, Silver, there goes my plan.
    • Sonic's wonderfully underwhelming response to Elise's death. Here he's been head-over-heels trying to save this woman for the entire game, and all we get is "ELIIIIiiiise..."
    • Some people find the lake and meadow scene hilarious if they examine this more closely. The stark contrast between mascot-looking hedgehog and a realistic princess suddenly becomes really funny when putting these two in a romantic situation. It's almost like a Crack Pairing.
    • Sonic's "Test of Love". If an oracle using "Dramatic" lines to tell you to choose between two girls in a mission that's so random it's basically a Big Lipped Alligator Moment isn't enough for you, keep in mind that this supposedly dramatic choice used the same upbeat little tune all the other missions use.
    • During the final boss of Sonic's story, Eggman will occasionally yell "Fall!", sounding less like an evil genius trying to kill you and more like a little kid who was one pin away from getting a strike in bowling.
    • Rouge in Sonic 2006. She's flying away with the Scepter of Darkness, and Eggman's robot punches her with a fist double the size of her body. And yet, all she says is "Ah." Seriously, I won't even put a link to the video because it's so embarrassing. Add that to the fact that Rouge is supposed to be 18 but sounds like she's 30-40. But that's the 4Kids voice actor's fault.
      • Sometimes she sounds like a 30-40 MAN...
    • Also for Sonic '06, many of Silver's lines. Especially what he says when you're fighting him.
    • Shadow using Chaos Control to round house kick Silver in the back of the head. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Even though Sonic Adventure 2 was made in America, the script apparently got translated to Japanese and then back into English, rendering lines that were only sometimes comprehensible, rarely synced to the mouth movements, and even overlapped each other. "He must be using the Chaos Emerald to wa...[rp]" "[My] is Shadow."
    • Let's not forget how some of the lines were left completely untranslated.
    • This Troper always thought it was intentional. Would you honestly expect Sonic and Shadow, who during this game hate each other, to politely let the other finish?
    • Me and my bro noticed that a lot. It ruined a lot of otherwise cool cutscenes.

 Shadow: Faker? I think YOU'RE the fake hedgehog around here! You're comparing yourself to me?! HA! You're not even good enough to be [my fake]!

Sonic: [I'll make] you eat those words!

      • Conclusion: Sonic is psychic.
    • Worse, sometimes the overlapping was between lines spoken by the same character. "Hey. It's not his spee[d]. [H]e must be using the Chaos Emerald to war[p]."
    • I still say the lip synching itself was worse in Adventure DX, though. At least they gave everyone enough (read: too much) time to finish speaking.
    • Then there's an instance where Eggman is supposed to cut off another character, but because of Japanese and English's different sentence structures, he reacts about a second too early.

 Reporter: Mysteriously, the only thing that was stolen was th--

Eggman: The Chaos Emerald?!

Reporter: --aos Emerald.

      • He was watching it on the screen; if he had to wait for the reporter to say that sparkling gem was a Chaos Emerald, his IQ of 300 would be dubious.
    • Speaking of that scene, the news report could have been dramatic if the reporter wasn't speaking with some kind of mix-and-match accent made from bits of Australian, cod-Canadian, and rugby-ball-up-the-arse English. The strange part is that this seems to be intentional.
    • How has Sonic's finishing blow to the Egg Golem in the Dark story not been mentioned yet?

  Sonic: TERIYAH!

      • Add to the fact that this is one of the more serious Sonic installments, and the subtitles are in Comic Sans MS.
    • Tails' reaction to Sonic's (apparent) death was something of a Dull Surprise.

  Tails: What have you done, to Sonic. [1] I'll never forgive you for this!

      • If anyone can recall in the X version, Tails actually started crying when Sonic got trapped in the capsule.
      • That was Amy's reaction in the game. But in the show, most of Amy's script was done by Chris instead.
    • Before the scene above, there's the scene where Sonic tries to give the fake Chaos Emerald to Eggman. When Eggman traps him, Sonic gives out a "Whoa.", while his mouth is stretched out to comically large proportions. Even worse, the "Whoa" is the same thing he says during playtime when the player has him an inch away from falling off a cliff.
    • During both Sonic and Shadow Duel Boss fights, if you're using Sonic and hit Shadow enough times, Shadow will drop these gems:

 Shadow (First Duel Boss): I'm the coolest!

Shadow (Second Duel Boss): Ow. That hurt.

    • To add another Adventure 2 Battle line to the mix, during the final fight of Dark (Shadow vs. Sonic), whenever Sonic falls off the edge (which will happen a lot): "I'll use your technique! CHAOS... CONTROOOooOOL!" Every. Single. Time.
      • He stops himself midsentence most of the time. "I'll use your -- CHAOS CONTROL!"
      • For this troper, he would stop himself earlier: "I'll use you -- CHAOS CONTROL!" But, to me, it sounded like he was saying, "I choose you! CHAOS CONTROL!"
        • Sounds like Sonic is throwing a Pokeball containing Chaos Control...
      • In the Dreamcast version, Sonic just says "I'll use... CHAOS CONTROL!".
      • "I'm not done with yo -- SONIC WIND!
    • The final fight with the Final Hazard. The Biolizard's merged with the Space Colony ARK to expidite its descent onto earth so Super Sonic and Super Shadow head out to stop it. The battle itself is epic complete with Crush 40's Live and Learn blaring out but the final boss itself becomes a lot more silly since it looks more like the Biolizard has the ARK's Eclipse Cannon shoved up its arse.
    • The President's in-limo conversation with Robotnik. "Just what is it that you want...Doctor Eggman?!" and that isn't a typo, he does indeed put in a small pause before "Doctor Eggman?!". The way he says Egg-botnik's name there is badly timed looking as if something happened to the doctor or he put on a rather silly hat.
  • Rouge the Bat in every appearance, especially for her... bouncing... In her first appearance, half of us were busy laughing at how unrealistically she moved; the other half found it... interesting.
  • Let's show that creep THE REAL SUPER POWER OF TEAMWORK! Yeah, because WE'RE SONIC HEROES! Actually, the entirety of Sonic Heroes was pretty Narmy.
    • Let's blast through with SONIC SPEED!
    • SHAA!
    • Rouge's "I'm getting dizzy" vocal sounds suspiciously like Howard Dean's YAAAGH scream.
      • It's even worse in that her VA says it sounding very much like Tails. I couldn't figure out who was saying it for the longest time.
    • This cutscene leading up to Team Sonic vs. Robot Storm.
    • And that's not getting into the music... although it comes off as Narm Charm to a point.
    • Upon defeating Metal Sonic:

 Metal Sonic: I am the ultimate overlord, Metal Sonic! I am the real Sonic!

    • Take thi- Take thi- Take thi- Take this!
      • I always thought it was "Bet-ty! Bet-ty! Bet-ty!" With a southern accent.
    • Hey! There's a FROG over there!
    • Shi! Urah! Yeeeeeaaaaah!
    • "I'll punch this thing WITH MY FISTS!"
      • I think we all can agree that the above quote can also go with THANK YOU Captain Obvious. What else are you gonna F****** punch with?
    • Play as Team Chaotix, get a bad reel on one of the Casino level slots with Espio as the lead. Listen to his needlessly overdramatic guttural growl of:

 Espio: NOOOOOO! I have failed!!

      • He really elongates the "NO" there and can't decide between screaming it and growling it. It sounds very much silly especially when Espio's now portrayed as a ninja, if not then a parody of anime ninja. Its surprising that Sega haven't had him recite the Kuji-In yet.
  • Ah, the final boss of Sonic Unleashed. It could've been so epic, had it not suffered from two narms of its own:
  1. The Unexpected Gameplay Change of fighting its first form with a Humongous Mecha formed from all of the Gaia shrines, Rock'em Sock'em Robots style.
  2. The orchestrated music during Dark Gaia's final form sounding like he and Super Sonic should be breaking out in vaudeville-like show tunes at any second instead of fighting.
    • If there was ever a reason for the concept of fan-art to exist, this would be it.
    • To be fair, it's a remix of "Endless Possibility," so depending on how much you like that theme, this feels closer to a case of Your Mileage May Vary.
    • Seriously, that whole scene was Narm, but the music was actually what saved the final battle. Listen to it and tell me it's not epic. Just because a song lacks electric guitar doesn't mean it's vaudeville music.
    • You didn't expect the final battle to play the all-happy Endless Possibility from the opening sequence, did you?
  • Going back to something done over 10 years ago (that isn't even a game!), we have the Sonic OVA. The voice acting alone (for Tails in particular) would be enough.
    • It had its crowning moment with Junpei Takiguchi voicing Dr. Eggman.
  • This gem from Sonic Shuffle (Here at 8:20-ish).


  • The 3DS version of Sonic Generations attempts to convey the plot of the console versions to the best of its ability. Emphasis on "attempts". There had to be a better way to convey destroying Eggman's robots or making a Heroic Sacrifice than having 3D models slide past what appear to be trading cards.


  1. [Not the actual punctuation; this is just how it came across to this troper.]
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