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Movie stars like to have their importance recognized with top billing. This means they want their name to come first in the list of stars and their face in the most prominent position on the movie posters and DVD covers.

With one or two characters on a poster, this isn't a problem. Once you have a Power Trio of main characters however, then the standard design is to have the main character and biggest star in the center with the two supporting characters set back slightly on each side. But the main character still has to have top billing, and that means his name comes first... over the secondary characters head while the next big name appears over the main characters head. In fact it's common in these cases that none of the stars appear against the right name.

Examples of Name Face Mismatch Poster include:


Video Games

  • In Left 4 Dead 2, sometimes the player names for their according characters can be out of place in Custom Campaigns if the author failed to avert this oversight.
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