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An extraordinary scent and the fragrance of destiny. Najica Hiiragi, special agent for a secret organization, receives her mission assignments along with a single rose. Glorious missions more lovely than a bullet and more dangerous than love itself; these are what make up Najica Blitz Tactics.
—The show's Opening Narration
The Panties Persuade You!
—Tagline from the (defunct) official site

If that sounds to you like one seriously two-faced show, you're right. The 2001 series Najica Blitz Tactics is a Panty Shot parade, in which no opportunity is spared to show women's (usually white) undergarments--which also means that no woman wears any pants ever and miniskirts are considered appropriate mission attire.

Najica Hiiragi works as a perfume creator by day and as an undercover agent by night. Her ability to solve any case, how hard it may be, has garnered her a lot of respect within the underground agency she works for. The fact that she has a very distinguishing sense of smell also is of great help.

Najica's latest assignment is to rescue a kidnapped girl, Lila, who turns out to be a Humaritt ZZZ (a highly advanced android). After the mission, Najica is assigned to be Lila's master and to bring her along on future missions, a task which she grudgingly accepts. Lila not only turns out to be a very formidable partner during her missions, but Najica gradually warms up to her personally as well.

Najica is directed by Katsuhiko Nishijima and produced by Studio Fantasia, who were also responsible for Agent Aika.

A three-volume manga cuts the Panty Shot amount by about 90%, as it's quite more action-oriented, ignoring Najica's Character Development in the process.


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