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"[My Way] is primarily founded by the crew leader, Xavier Nazario, while growing up in his High School years. Yet little did he and his friends know they would be remembered for the infamous internet meme and Youtube celeb status years to come."
—Who We Are

[My Way] Entertainment says it best. Four rowdy-ass friends from Chicago were just parodying their favorite cartoons and anime and became the fathers of the funniest X-Men meme ever. Just dare to ask who's the guy in the helmet.

"I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!"

After that, it was a blur of Youtube subscriptions, Internet fame and even a Shout-Out in X-Men: The Last Stand.

Catch their website here. Sadly dead, but if you do a bit of poking, you'll find they're still active, with a Youtube Channel here. They mostly do original skits and Q&A with fans now, though there's been hints at some returns to Gag Dub.

Do be warned that 90% of any given video will be cursing, racial humor, and Black Comedy.



  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Everyone. Just...everyone. For example: Juggernaut is now a raping, loud-mouthed, boastful thug with a knack for custom-making everything and is randomly helped out by everyone.
  • Anything That Moves: 90% of the characters voiced by Randy Hayes, and about 70% of the characters voiced by Xavier Nazario.
  • Attack Hello: Inverted in the Bleached parody; Ichigo is saying hello, but he gets kicked in the face by his father.

 The Juggernaut, bitch: I'm bad. I'm the baddest motherfucker on the world. Have you ever seen a costume like mine?!

 Randy's Voice Over: "It's me! It's Son of Prince! I'm not gonna fuck up my hair--NO! I got the same suit my Dad always wears so bitch, GIMME SOME PUSSY!"

    • The arrival of Ketchup in The Juggernaut Bitch!! It's lampshaded in the usual style: "What the fuck?"
  • Black Comedy Rape:
    • Juggernaut will kill you and rape you and eat your fucking costume.
    • Juggernaut, Pimp Cane Padrino, and Ketchup take turns fighting over who gets to rape Xavier's bitch.
  • Breathless Non-Sequitur: Just try to keep up.
    • All of the following from "Juggment Day" is said in one breath:

 Juggernaut: Charles, you know damn well the last time I went to Jugg-rassic Park to get the haircut by a velociraptor I left with a tattoo on my nuts, a Prince Albert, and I had a graphic on my ass hairs and I got a new tattoo on my chest that say 'Long Dick Willie' PONCHO VILLAAAA!

    • Not bad, but can it compare to yet another Randy-Rant from "V for Vocabulary."

 Randy!V: Yeah, cause you know in Amsterdam you gotta keep yo pimp hand strong cuz niggas out here actin' like Godzilla when they really lookin' like GO-rillas, you feel what I'm saying bitch? That was some of the realest game my nigga Don "The Dragon" Wilson gave to me, but that was after he just round-housed the shit out of me for just jumping through his motherfuckin' window while he was watching Shaq in Kazaam; but that was before I watched the documentary of Malcolm X and I got enlightened on the ways of the Quran and I stopped fucking that pork and them white bitches, although I loved to; but I had to get hip to that black power, you know what the fuck I'm saying bitch? Now I'm hidin' behind this motherfuckin' mask, you know I don't give a fuck; I got these gloves from OJ at an auction, bitch don't be gettin' scared now, you know what time it is bitch, you know OJ killed motherfuckers, I got a Bronco made out of- it's a real Bronco it ain't no motherfuckin' car. That's where I got this hair from, this ain't real bitch, this horse's ass! V for motherfuckin' Vitiligo bitch! Which is the disease I got by, you know, playin' patty-cakes with Michael Jackson, they said that shit wasn't infectious or contagious, but you know, he got my dumb ass, but luckily it straightened out my hair so I don't get no problems when I go by the East Side by them mothrfuckin' hookers in the Red Light District, you know what the fuck I'm talkin' about? Gee hee hee, so botch go on ahead and BUY my motherfuckin' album: Strength through Unity, Unity through Faith; you know what the fuck I'm talkin' about?! Yeah!

Evey (This is an unedited clip from the movie): Are you like a crazy person?

  • Black Best Friend: Randy Hayes. Everyone wishes they had a black best friend as cool as Randy.
    • As it turns out, the Juggernaut custom-makes everything for everyone. Just don't get on his bad side...
  • By the Power of Greyskull:

Black Power, motherfucker!

Deep penetration!

King Chili, motherfucker! Yeah~!

Fried rice!

Jose Canseco!
Dragon shit!

 Black Ranger: (fighting a duplicate) It's time for some black on black crime!

Black Ranger duplicate: (posing) OH YEAH! CHICKEN AND WATERMELON!

    • Or that magical moment from the very end of Ghostbusters My Way:

 Randy (as Winston): WHITE, MOTHAFUCKAHS!

Eddie (as Ray): Better take that back before I take you back as my slave, like yo' momma!

All: Damn! JAM!

 Isshin: Welcome to the world of mothafuckin' midgets and...(gibberish)!

Subtitles: ???

  • Frickin' Laser Beams: Juggernaut's bitch has a laser gun which she uses on him, but in his own words...

 Juggernaut: Silly bitch, yo' weapons cannot harm me, don't you know who the fuck I am!? I'm the Juggernaut!

    • Keetchup's bitches later try this (must shoot nigga), and get the same result.
  • Gag Dub
  • Groin Attack: During the TMNT parody.

 Splinter: Don't make me have to pull out the Italian sausage on yo' ass!

(Splinter counterattacks Shredder with a kick)

The Shredder: AUGH MY NUTS!

Raphael: Damn, somebody's nuts just got fucked up!

  • Grievous Harm with a Body: "Don't you know I will beat the SHIT out your ass, Charles? As a matter of fact, I'ma beat the shit out you WITH Charles, as a matter of fact!"
    • "I'm gonna hit you wit' you own pimp!"
  • Hilarious Outtakes: Both the Bleach parody and one of [MWE's] live-action parodies have some of the best outtakes you will ever see or hear. The outtakes are usually a result of one of the guys saying something so off the wall that they all dissolve into laughter.

 LP: *holds Xavier up at knife point* See now all I want you to do is tape my dick to your stomach and do a backflip!

    • The most famous example of this is from the Bleach parody in Viral/Disease, which is arguably even funnier than the skit they went with in the parody:

 Isshin: (kicks Ichigo in the head) I FOUND THE HENTAI! Aw yeah, what the fuck you doin' with this anime porn? I oughta just slap the motherfucking shit out your ass!

Ichigo: What the hell do you think? I'm fifteen! I have the sexual desires, y'know, shit, I don't wanna watch you jerkin' off all fuckin' day!

Isshin: Well what the fuck you take my penis pump for?! And you filled it full of fuckin' apricot jelly! I oughta slap the shit out your goddamn ass--

(Randy and Xavier break down into laughter)

 Xavier!V: (slashing the propaganda poster) V for "Vagina," baby! (as V sheaths his dagger) HURK! (to himself) Awww, fuck...I think I stabbed my thigh. Shit, I gotta stop doing that...

  • Kill'Em All: Isshin after the outtakes of the Bleach parody: "If anybody says anything to anybody I will kill every motherfucker in here, ya hear me, bitch?!"
  • Kneel Before Zod: Ketchup after zapping Pimp Cane Padrino's dumb ass (type 3, as he is soon ambushed by Juggernaut):

 Bow down to a true pimp, bitch.

 Pimp Cane Padrino: Juggernaut, why you always gotta scream everytime you walk into the room?

Juggernaut: I'm the goddamn Juggernaut, don't you see how tight my outfit is?! I have to, that's the only way I can breathe!

  • Noodle Implements: The "Portuguese Breakfast" as explained by Dee Jay to Guile in Kill Vega: Volume 1.
  • N-Word Privileges: Naturally, Randy Hayes has them as he is black, but Xavier, Sonny, and Eddie aren't shy about using them, which may be because none of them are white.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Eddie only has one line in the Kill Vega: Volume 1 video but it is by far one of the funniest things to happen in the entire parody.

 Eddie: OH SHIT! Fuckin' monkeys and milkin' cows!

 Xavier!Rita: Ah~! After ten thousand years, I'M FREE! It's time to FUCK UP EARTH! LET'S GO, BITCHES!

Sonny!Zordon: Alpha! That bitch escaped! Bring me five motherfuckin' teenagers with five motherfuckin' attitudes!

  • Refuge in Vulgarity: The basis of almost all of the jokes, but not to a bad effect. Just don't try to watch any of their videos at work or with family members around.
  • Running Gag: Each parody has its own set, such as the one in My Way Ghostbusters where they randomly interject "JAM!" "OH, JAM!" and "JAM, NIGGA!" into different parts of the video.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: Shredder in the TMNT parody:

 "Man, fuck this shit, you're gonna kick me in the nuts! I'm off this motherfucker! Sheeeeit...fuck you!"

 "...what the fuck's a 'Portuguese Breakfast'?"

 Soundwave: So what happened to you, sir?

Megatron: After I took a trip to little San Salvador, I got caught ass-rapin' a bearded lady with a double barrel shotgun.

Soundwave: Damn, that's fucked up, G.

Megatron: That ain't shit compared to the time me and Galactus got caught having a nekkid knife fight by the National Inquirer.

  • This Cannot Be!: Juggernaut, upon being thrown from the roof of the castle by Goliath.

 Juggernaut: But I'm the Juggernaut biiiiiiiiitch...

  • Throw It In: Both the background laughter and the guys breaking down into laughter during their own lines. Most of the time, though, you can hear the sniggering only if you turn it up.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Invoked and mocked in their Power Rangers parody by Randy:

  Black Ranger: *After having received a gun as a weapon* "Why the fuck I get a gun, just 'cause I'm black?!"

  • Unnecessarily Large Interior - According to Blue Ranger, there's a Starbucks in Dennis Frogman, which the Rangers peruse (and clog the toilet of) while in his stomach.
  • Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist: The Juggernaut is a raping, dimwitted, murderous thug, as are his co-thugs, Pimp Cane Padrino and Ketchup.
  • Verbal Tic: From the second Power Rangers episode, "Dennis Frogman, nigga gangsta!"
    • Storm speaks faux-African gibberish and spaces her dialog with clicking sounds. This is a humorous reference to Xhosa, Zulu, and other Nguni languages spoken in southeast Africa that uses clicking consonant sounds.
    • In the first Power Rangers parody, the Gangsta Crizzab also has a few, namely the fact that he constantly announces that he is a "Crab, muthafucka!" before demanding that you toss his salad. Similarly, the Red Ranger is unable to go three sentences without yelling "JOSE CANSECO!"
    • Most famously, the Juggernaut and shouting his name. According to him, though, it's the only way he can breathe.
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