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A Stock Phrase that sometimes appears on T-shirts or bumper stickers. This started around 1980 with stickers and license-plate frames reading, "My Other Car Is a Porsche". The others are takeoffs, directly or indirectly, on that cliche of the times.

Examples of My Other Car Is an X include:

 "My other car is also a Porsche"

  • Several variants in Real Life:
    • My Other Car is Also a Piece of Junk
    • My Other Car is a Mercedes
    • My Other Car is a Tank
    • My Other Car is a Starfury
    • My Other Car is in the shop
    • My Other Car is an X-Wing
    • My Other Car is Also Stolen
    • My Other Car is a Stealth Bomber
    • My Other Vehicle is in Orbit
    • My Other Car is a Broom
    • My Other Car was won in the divorce *teardrop*
    • My Other Car is a TARDIS
    • My Other Car is a Bicycle
    • My Other Car is a Chocobo
    • My Other Bumper Sticker is Funny
    • My Other Ride Is Your Mom
    • My Other Ride is a 67 Impala
    • And so on, and so on...
  • Parodied in the Family Guy episode "I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar":
    • My Other Penis Is A Vagina
  • My Other Car is a 12 foot transforming robot.
    • There's also "My other car is an [Autobot symbol here]" and there's a Decepticon variant. And sometimes the word is written out.
  • Xkcd: This is my other car.
  • The amusement park on the Moon in Futurama sold bumper stickers reading "My other car is a Porsche On The Moon!"
  • "My other ride is a striped frostsaber."
  • "My Other Car Is a Pinto".
  • In Team Fortress 2's game assets available to players, a bumper sticker can be seen on the front of the Sniper's camper van stating "My other camper is a SWORD VAN!", a reference to one of KC Green's comics.
  • My other CAR is a CDR. [1]
  • Top Gear has had...
    • "My other car is a Porsche. (But unfortunately it's a 924 with flames up the side.)"
    • "This car isn't mine! (I just bought it for a challenge on a popular Sunday night television programme.)"
    • "Honk if you're also involved in an inexplicable race against some canoeists or something."
  • There's a Subaru commercial with a car sporting the bumper sticker "My Other Car is a Bike".
  • Not actually a sticker, but in Batman Begins;

 Some Guy: Nice car.

Bruce Wayne/Batman: You should see my other one.

  • One issue of Nintendo Power magazine came with cards featuring the characters from Mario Kart 64, each with a message on their license plate. Mario's said "My other car is a dinosaur".
  • Dave Lavery, who makes rovers for NASA, has you all beat:
    • "My Other Car Is Still On Mars."
    • John Grunsfeld can compete on this, too. He called Car Talk for advice about a cargo van he sometimes drives. He was in the van at the time. It is the Space Shuttle.
    • Not as spectacular, but still space-related: Some of the people that worked on the New Horizons mission got bumper stickers reading, "My other vehicle is on its way to Pluto."
  • My other car has alerted the horde.
    • It probably disturbed The Witch too, didn't it? DIDN'T IT?!?!?!?!?!
  • My other car is the EVA-01
  • Made for a tank-crazy Rangerphile: "My other car is a Sherman".
  • Parodied in Young Wizards Live Journal icons; specifically, "My other Mac is a Manual" (since many modern wizard's manuals are manifesting as computers similar to Macs).
  • Parodied, again, in Terry Pratchett's Johnny Maxwell Trilogy. The kids are in a graveyard, looking at someone's very showy grave, and Yo-Less comments, more or less, that the dead guy therein should have a sign up that says "My other grave is a porch." The dead guy in question, having died quite a while back, reveals in a conversation with Johnny that he doesn't understand this.
  • My other car runs on feet.
  • My other car is a Warthog.
  • A Dragonmirth cartoon has "My other steed..." version.
  • My other car is a Baneblade.
  • George Carlin suggested a sticker reading, "My other car is a piece of shit too.
  • Mummies Alive - "My Other Car is a Chariot"


  1. The joke is that in the Lisp programming language, CAR and CDR are two iconic list operations.
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