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  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Twilight's horn shooting out hearts.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Twilight Sparkle's Super OCD tendancies are upped to destructive levels in this episode, with her excessively badgering others (and later even trying to brainwash them) over an extremely trivial task. However given how much her neurotics have convinced her she will lose everything with just one screw up (to the point of having a nervous breakdown over it), you can't help but feel sorry for her, especially when it looks like it might actually come true.
  • Jossed: Prior to this episode's airing, there was a large volume of fanfiction written based on the general plot idea of Rainbow Dash having her wings broken. In this episode, Rainbow Dash effectively destroys a barn by throwing her whole body at it without worse for wear. Following the airing, Equestria Daily jokingly noted that "'Rainbow Dash breaks her wings' fic banned now".
    • Course corrected after "May The Best Pet Win!", in which Rainbow Dash's wing gets trapped under a boulder, and after rescue, is wearing a bandage around it, and "Read It And Weep", where her wing does break and she ends up in the hospital for a few days.
      • Double Subverted; in "Best Pet" she took it in stride, and both times she was flying again within a week, whereas the fanfics typically had her either grounded for life or severely traumatized (or both).
  • Nightmare Fuel: One of the larger entries for the series so far. Even had its own page for a while.
  • Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist: Twilight can dip into this if you think her overreacting goes a bit too far.
  • What Do You Mean It's for Kids?: Between Twilight's major breakdown and Fluttershy's bear beatdown (which includes a neck snap), one sort of wonders why this episode didn't jump up to at least TV-Y7, if not TV-Y7 FV.
    • It's a good demonstration of what they can get away with without the E/I restrictions.

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