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Characters who have only appeared in the Expanded Universe, The Merch, or elsewhere. These characters, particularly the God-Created Canon Foreigners of the toy line, are sometimes Fan Nicknamed HasbrOCs.

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Toy line characters

God-Created Canon Foreigners from the toys and collector cards of Hasbro's toy line.

Earth ponies

Berry Green

A mare who "has lots of friends!"

Bitta Luck

A mare who "is always busy."


A mare who "is very polite! She loves to talk to everypony and always has something nice to say." She and Lily Blossom "go on a picnic outside!" May be Honeybuzz with an Adaptation Name Change, as Bumblesweet has only been released as a molded toy while Honeybuzz has only been released as a brushable.

Coconut Cream

A mare who "makes delicious pies to share at parties and picnics. The only thing she won't share is the secret ingredient!"


A mare who "is as sweet as anypony could be! She loves to bake yummy treats and share them with her friends!" May be Sprinkle Stripe with an Adaptation Name Change, as Cupcake has only been released as a brushable while Sprinkle Stripe has only been released in the Blind Bags.

  • Dub Name Change: Toys released in some countries refer to her as Sugarcup.
  • Expy: Of G3 Cupcake, G2 Cupcake, and/or G1 Cupcake.
  • Multicolored Hair: Interestingly, it's pretty much the same colors as that of the later pony Princess Cadance, another pink mare.
  • Palette Swap: Of Fluttershy without wings.

Dainty Daisy

A mare. She has no known name; her Fan Nickname "Dainty Daisy" is based on her resemblance to the G3 pony of the same name.

Daisy Dreams

A mare who "is fresh as a daisy!" and with Glimmer Wings "loves flowers just as much as her butterfly friend does! With her magical wings, they look a lot alike too!" She and Rarity "have so much fun together riding around Ponyville on their scooters!"

Emerald Ray

A stallion.


A mare who "loves to blow bubbles as big as she can, but her favorite part is watching them pop!"


A mare who "is often so busy that she forgets to take a break, but she always stops to smell the flowers!" May be Bumblesweet with an Adaptation Name Change, as Honeybuzz has only been released as a brushable while Bumblesweet has only been released as a molded toy.


A mare who "loves to celebrate holidays with her friends! Her favorite season is winter."


A mare who "loves to race with her friends! She is always ready for a challenge." She and Lemon Hearts "play together in a band!"


A mare who "always has something nice to say! Her friends come to her whenever they need cheering up!"

Ribbon Heart

A mare who "is always ready to play!"


A mare. She has no known name; her Fan Nickname "Seascape" is based on her resemblance to the G3 pony of the same name.

Sprinkle Stripe

A mare who "loves sweets!" May be Cupcake with an Adaptation Name Change, as Sprinkle Stripe has only been released in the Blind Bags while Cupcake has only been released as a brushable.

Star Swirl

A mare who "always sparkles!"


A mare who "loves shooting stars!"

Sweetie Blue

A mare who "loves to decorate sweet treats with sprinkles and fun toppings!" She and Rainbow Flash "have fun at a birthday party!"


A mare who "loves cozy chats!"

Pegasus ponies


A mare who "loves windy days." May be the same pony as one of the Wonderbolts.

  • Expy: Of G3 Breezie and/or G1 Windy/Magical Breeze.
  • Palette Swap: Of Rainbow Dash.

Diamond Rose

A mare who "loves to get special gifts for each of her friends when she goes on vacation!" and "sparkles with fun!" She's a friend of Pinkie Pie's and with Glimmer Wings "has beautiful wings that sparkle too!"


A mare who "loves to fly wherever the wind blows! Which way will the wind take her today?" and "loves to tickle friends!"


A mare who "lets her dreams soar as high as she can fly! She flutters her wings whenever she's happy."

Lily Blossom

A mare who "is known for being graceful when she flies, but she is just as elegant on all four hooves!" She and Bumblesweet "go on a picnic outside!"

Lucky Dreams

A mare who "is so lucky."


A mare who "has pretty wings!" and with Glimmer Wings "has wings as pretty as her peacock friend's feathers! Together, they look like royalty!"


A mare who "has big dreams and never gives up. She loves wishing on stars, especially for her friends!"

Star Dasher

A mare. She has no known name; her Fan Nickname "Star Dasher" is based on her resemblance to the G3 pony of the same name.

Sugar Grape

A mare who "loves to read stories. Fairy tales are her favorite!" She and Lulu Luck "read stories at their sleepover!"


A mare who "has a beautiful voice! She loves singing songs for her friends, especially when they sing along." She's a friend of Fluttershy's and with Glimmer Wings "loves her sparkly wings!"

Unicorn ponies


A mare who "loves spending time at the beach! Soaking up sunshine and relaxing with her friends, she always has a great time!"


A mare who "loves berries!"

Cherry Pie

A mare who "travels to find the best ingredients for her pies. She loves to bake for her friends!"

Cherry Spices

A mare who "loves to bake treats! She makes up her own yummy recipes!"

Cinnamon Breeze

A mare who "has a warm heart."

Dewdrop Dazzle

A mare who "loves to splash and play in puddles with her duck friend when it rains!"

Electric Sky

A mare who "is super smart!"

  • Idea Bulb: She's a super smart pony with a cutie mark of three light bulbs.
  • Palette Swap: Of Twilight Sparkle.

Firecracker Burst

A mare who "loves watching fireworks and guessing how they'll look when they burst--it's always a surprise!" She and Sweetie Swirl "have a pizza party!"

Flippity Flop

A mare who "giggles all day!"


A mare who "loves spring flowers!"

Gardenia Glow

A mare who "knows how to make any garden grow! All it takes is a little love and care, and some help from her friends."


A mare who "loves to visit friends!"

Island Rainbow

A mare who "loves the beach!"

Kiwi Tart

A mare. She has no known name; her Fan Nickname "Kiwi Tart" is based on her resemblance to the G3 pony of the same name.


A mare who "loves sports."

Lucky Swirl

A mare who "loves playing games! No matter if she wins or loses, she always has fun!"

Lulu Luck

A mare who "is good at just about everything she does. It just takes a little practice, some hard work, and maybe a bit of luck!" She and Sugar Grape "read stories at their sleepover!"

Pudding Pie

A mare who "loves sharing with friends!"

Rainbow Flash

A mare who "loves bright colours!" She and Sweetie Blue "have fun at a birthday party!"

Rainbow Wishes

A mare who "chases rainbows!"

Ribbon Wishes

A mare who "loves making wishes!"


A mare who "has a talent for catching snowflakes on her tongue--they tickle as they melt!" and "loves to play outdoors!"

Star Dreams

A filly. She and Applejack "love having slumber parties together! There's plenty of fun and treats to last until bedtime!"

Starbeam Twinkle

A mare.

Sweetcream Scoops

A mare who "loves to sing more than anything! She can even reach the really high notes!"

Sweetie Swirl

A mare who "loves ice cream! Instead of choosing between two flavors, she swirls them together." She and Firecracker Burst "have a pizza party!" and she's a friend of Rarity's.


A mare. She has no known name; her Fan Nickname "Waterfire" is based on her resemblance to the G3 pony of the same name.

Wedding Flower Fillies

Three fillies. They have no known names; "Wedding Flower Fillies" is the title of a similar brushable toy set featuring the Cutie Mark Crusaders.


Magazine characters

Characters from magazines.

From the French magazine

Characters from Panini's French My Little Pony magazine.

From Les surprises de l'amitié

A pair of unicorn mares appear in the illustrated story Les surprises de l'amitié.


A four-year-old cousin of Princess Celestia's (and presumably Princess Luna's) who appears in an illustrated story.

From the German magazine

Characters from Panini's German My Little Pony magazine.

From No Way Too Far

A stallion appears in the comic Scanlated as No Way Too Far.

From Apple Bloom's Big Adventure

Four Pegasi appear in the comic Scanlated as Apple Bloom's Big Adventure.

Web characters

Characters from The Internet.

From games

Characters from Web Games.

From Adventures in Ponyville and related games

Ponies from The Hub's Adventures in Ponyville and/or Hasbro and others' Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash games.

  • The Call Put Me on Hold: Adventures in Ponyville's protagonists are still missing their cutie marks despite appearing to be the same age as the Mane Six. Somepony tell the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  • Heroic Mime: The protagonists.
  • No Name Given: Everypony but Adventures in Ponyville's protagonists (who are named by the player).
  • Palette Swap: The three ponies seen in problems from Adventures in Ponyville:
    • Twilight Sparkle's unicorn mare friend is a recolor of Rarity with no cutie mark.
    • The unicorn mare Rarity is shown giving a makeover to is a recolor of Rarity herself[1].
    • The earth mare Fluttershy is shown imagining is a recolor of Applejack with shorter hair and no cutie mark.
  • Rainbow Lite: One of the available cutie marks is a Type 2, its three colors being purple, orange, and yellow.

From the Ponymaker and/or the Bridal Boutique

Characters from The Hub's The Fabulous Ponymaker and/or Rarity's Bridal Boutique.

From pages

Characters from web pages.

From the Party Planner

Characters mentioned in Hasbro's Party Planner.

  • Alliterative Name: Cotton Candy and Triple Treat.
  • Dub Name Change: Cotton Candy is referred to as Cotton Sweets in the British version, due to it replacing mentions of "candy" with mentions of "Sweets" (except for an added mention of "candy floss").
  • Expy: Cotton Candy, Tropical Delight, and Triple Treat share their names with previous generations' ponies (all of whom were in G3). A previous version mentioned three more: Sweetberry, Sparkleworks, and Starbeam (possibly the later toy line exclusive pony Starbeam Twinkle).
  • Sweet Tooth: Cotton Candy "loves things sweet."

From other pages

Licensed merchandise characters

Characters from Mighty Fine's licensed apparel and other merchandise.

From designs by Hezaa


A unicorn stallion from WeLoveFine's Magnet Pony men's shirt (and formerly hoodie).

The alicorns

A pair of statue-like Pegasus unicorn mares from WeLoveFine's Doctor Whooves Line men's shirt and the Doctor Whooves shirt.

Doctor Whooves IX

An Earth pony stallion from WeLoveFine's 9 10 11 shirt.

From designs by Hinoraito

A Pegasus unicorn mare appears on WeLoveFine's formerly available Iconic Print shirt. She's the Original Character of the show's creator Lauren Faust, based on herself.

From designs by Jiayi

A pair of Pegasi appear on WeLoveFine's Daring Do men's shirt.

From designs by Sajira

Most of these characters appear on WeLoveFine's All Dem Ponies men's shirt.

From designs by Scotty A

A pair of demonic-looking mares from WeLoveFine's Two Nights Only shirt and art print design, which is described as In-Universe Merch of "The Great & Powerful Trixie's Equestria Tour. Since her mysterious disappearance from Ponyville, these souvenirs have become high-priced collector's items. Get yours while they last!" They're similar to a pair of devils from a Real Life Howard Thurston poster, as the design itself is loosely based on said poster.

From designs by unknown artists

The watchpony

A stallion from WeLoveFine's Watch Pony men's (and formerly women's) shirt.


One or two stallions from's Bronies MLP Shirt/Mens Bronies Shirt.

  • No Name Given
  • Palette Swap: The Earth pony is a wingless Soarin' decolor and the Pegasus is either a Soarin' decolor or Soarin' himself.


  1. it isn't as obvious as the other examples since we only see her with a Cucumber Facial and curlers, but she's directly based on an original sketch of Rarity drawn by the show's creator Lauren Faust
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