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Fridge Brilliance

  • Tara wasn't insane or a Troll; she was Genre Savvy and knew the TV Tropes page for My Immortal would eventually be made, and not only would it be made, it would be a non-stop Crowning Moment of Funny, and a temporary cure for depression. Bless you, Tara, you Magnificent Bastard, you.
  • In multiple early chapters, Tara mentions she won't update until she gets a certain amount of good reviews. In her next update she mentions she got them. How did she get them? Trolls!
  • In both instances in which she insists Ebony is not a Mary Sue, she misspells Ebony's name (As Enoby and Evony, respectively.) and in the instance where she seems to have a vague understanding of what a Mary Sue is , she spells it as Mary Su. So, she wasn't technically lying, as Evony (a game) is not a Mary Su (a term she just made up.
  • At the original ending of My Immortal, before the (supposed) hacking and the author's hiatus, Enoby wakes up in the nurse's office after getting shot. Voldemort then appears and is said to look "less mean than usual", and cries at the sight of Enoby. This could easily be seen as just another example of Villain Decay, until you consider the reason Enoby went back in time in the first place was to redeem Voldemort! It looks like she did manage to soften him up a bit, after all.
    • As the fic progresses, the author's spelling and, well, everything get steadily worse. The author notes also become increasingly incoherent. This could either be explained by a falling-out with her friend Raven, who apparently proofread the earlier chapters (and was either only slightly better than Tara or didn't really try and was laughing behind her hand), or, assuming she followed through on her threats to slit her wrists every time someone spammed the comments, the effects of blood loss. Or she could have been a troll doing it on purpose.
      • Another bit of Fridge Brilliance: "Goff" is apparently the way chavs in northern England pronounce "goth". So either Tara's a chav, or a brilliant troll who knows some chavs.
    • Voldemort is often called Satan; at first it seems odd since they are satanists, but in his youth he used the nickname Satan, and it could be taken as a lampshading for this.
    • When I was going through My Immortal, trying to find all the errors I could (I found over six thousand), I noticed something. After Ebony has her vision, she leaves with Vampire and Draco to tell Dumbledore about it. In the process, they leave Draco's flying Mercedes-Benz parked in the forest. When it shows up again, Snape suddenly has it, which you'd write off as Tara forgetting where she left the car--then it hit me. They left the car in the forest twenty chapters ago, where Snape could have easily stolen it.
  • After TaEbory and Draco are caught having sex in the forest, Dublywhore calls Snap and McGoggle to the office to, well, I don't know what he expected them to do, but apperently it was to insult them and then let them run off after a declaration of love. Well. Regardless, there was no reason for Mcgogle to be there. Enoby and Darco are both in Slytherin, why would Dublydore call the Gryffandor Head of House to deal with them?
    • Actually, it is mentioned later that Snap is in Gryffindor now, since he has converted to Christianity. So, then, Snake must be head of Gryffindor, since a teacher cannot be "in" a house unless they are head of house. (Not counting Hagrid, of course. He is a HOGWARTS STUDENT! AND ALSO A SATANTIST!) Therefore it is possible that McGonagle is the Slytherin head of house now.
      • But then we get the opposite problem, where there is no reason for Snap to be there since he's the Gryffindor head.
  • In the main story there is an ongoing war between the preps and the goffs; this really doesn't need to be in the story (among other things, namely the story itself) until you consider the houses. In Harry Potter, the Gryffindors and the Slytherins have an immediate hatred of each other upon meeting one another. Since most of the main characters have magically defected to Slytherin, and all of them are now hard-core goffs, take a wild guess as to what house the preps are in.
  • Why did Satan know that Hot Ishoo and Hogsment would be renamed Hot Topic and Hogsmede in the future? Because he was actually future Voldemort disguised at the time.

Fridge Horror

  • I was listening to the Hellfire Comms dramatic reading of My Immortal when something occured to me. It came off of a single thought of the reason that some of the characters were turned into vampires was because of Ebony turning them into vampires. And then I thought of something. Why stop with just some students? Why not put the entirety of Hogwarts under her thrall? Make the entire area into her little fantasy and force everyone to play along to her every little whim. The reason for all the drastic changes to the characters? Her deciding 'I don't like those aspects of you. I like these better' and then proceeding to break them to the point where they're forced to comply to her whims.
    • Something even worse came to mind as I put this in too... What if this ended up being Voldermort's plan? If this was the case, Ebony would have to have a great affinity with spells that deal with illusions and mind control. Basically get her to help out with imprisoning everyone inside of Hogwarts. Ebony is basically their prison warden, doing whatever the hell she likes and being free to live out her fantasies. THAT'S why the entire fanfic makes no sense. She's constantly trying to find new ways to entertain herself. And when things go wrong? That's Hogwarts fighting back. No, not the people there, The very enchantments and spells placed upon Hogwarts in order to protect it from evil. It's possible that everyone in Hogwarts will escape with mental scars all around... but only to see everything they love and cherish destroyed. Just like die-hard Harry Potter fans when they read this fanfic, really.
    • Hmmm ... Enoby does engage in time travel in this fanfic. You know all those characters in the Tara-verse who have vampires for parents? Well ... what if Ebony herself went back in time and turned them into vampires by biting them? She could turn all of Hogwarts into vampires! Hell, go far enough back and she could turn everyone on Earth into a vampire! Where's Deep Space Nine's Office of Temporal Investigations when you need it?!

Fridge Logic

  • If Ebony's name is derived from her "long ebony black hair," and most babies have little, if any hair, how in the hell was she named?
    • Actually, it makes sense to me because I was born with A LOT of hair and it was black until I was about 8 months when it started to go blonde. It's entirely possible, is what I'm trying to get at. I guess out of all the things this thing got wrong, we don't have to add this bit onto the list.
      • Or she just pulled it out of her ass.
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