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My Girlfriend is the President (Japanese title: Osananajimi wa Daitouryou, more accurately "My Childhood Friend is the President") is an Eroge by the company Alcot.

What happens when a loli-alien-maid crashes her ship into the earth, eliminating Japan's government? Hilarity Ensues, of course. The entire world is brainwashed into believing the first girl on the scene is the Japanese president, with only two people in the world who remember how it used to be.

Junichiro Hondo, teenage pervert, is the new vice president and one of those who remember the old ways. His childhood friend Yukino Ohama, who isn't named after the American President Obama AT ALL, is the new President of the United States of Nippon and quickly develops a fanbase. The rest of the cast includes a female not-Rahm Emanuel, a gender-flipped version of Vladimir Putin, a personified spaceship and the aforementioned loli-alien-maid.

It's Better Than It Sounds.

A trailer can be found here. JAST USA (link Not Safe for Work) localized the game, using most if not all of TLWiki's unfinished Fan Translation.

Also, a fandisk was released on August 13, 2010, featuring epilogues of Irina's and Ell's routes.

My Girlfriend is the President provides examples of:

  • AcCENT Upon the Wrong SylLABle - Souma.
  • A-Cup Angst - Kuon can be considered a severe case.
  • All There in the Manual - Qoo invokes this almost immediately. In fact, its her demanding Jun to read it that triggers the first choice of the game.
  • American Political System - Thanks to an unfortunate UFO crash, this gets transplanted to Japan. The game even has a few segments to explain the real world American Political System, and their use of it is surprisingly accurate for a game running heavily on the Rule of Funny, but not always.
  • And This Is For - Jun, while delivering one hell of a whoopass to Souma. Ell also does this to Remi when the latter interrupts a TV show the former was watching.
  • Audio Erotica - Jun's knees begin to tremble when he hears Saionji's voice.
  • Ax Crazy - Kuon, who frequently gets scolded by Putina for her violent acts in public.
  • Badass Adorable - Putina takes detours from routine strolls to beat up terrorists with her judo and uses her days off to be a Big Damn Hero.
    • Ell is made for this trope.
  • Berserk Button - Putina doesn't appreciate being called "Puchin".
    • At the end of Putina's route, she manages to get used to that nickname.
    • Do not utter the word "flat" when Kuon or Remi are nearby.
  • Betty and Veronica - Yukino and Putina.
  • Blatant Lies - Ran: "Onee-san didn't raise you to be that way!" You raised Jun to be this way and you know it!
  • Brainwashed and Crazy - Putina in the climax of her route, complete with Mind Control Eyes.
  • Buxom Is Better - A lot of Junichiro's attention is devoted to Putina and Ran's breasts. And on the opposite side of things he denies being a lolicon. He will point out though that he appreciated the existence of breasts themselves rather than any one size.
  • Cain and Abel - Remi is very jealous of Ell because Remi accidentally disappeared during a test flight and was found by Souma while Ell was raised properly by Qoo (as properly as Qoo is capable of, anyway). This tends to result in spaceships capable of destroying the planet canceling each others powers out and pulling each others cheeks.
  • Captain Obvious/Captain Obvious Aesop - Launching nukes at us is bad! We don't like that!
  • Childhood Friend Romance - Ran and Yukino, though it's only Yukino who really plays it up. She comes to Junichiro's house to wake him up in the morning, voluntarily does his household chores, cooks for him (albeit badly), and is otherwise totally devoted to him. Even though she's the president of Japan. Though on Junichiro's side of things, at the beginning of the game it's revealed that he actually confessed to Ran once and got turned down.
  • Charm Person - The brainwashing effect of Qoo's device makes Yukino much more persuasive than she would be otherwise. When she sings, it gets upgraded to full-on Compelling Voice.
  • Chekhov's Gunman - Anybody given a sprite will be important for one reason or another throughout the story.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl - The only thing that can make Yukino really angry is somebody taking Junichiro away from her. At one point she bans exports of Junichiro to prevent Putina from taking him to Russia. To her credit she doesn't interrupt any truly intimate moments between Junichiro and Putina even when she's right there, and still maintains a friendship with her love rival.
    • On the other hand, she does everything in her power to try to keep Ran off of him starting from the very first scene of Ran's route.

  Jun: (Thinking) If this was a video site with scrolling comments, the video would be covered with a barrage of "FFFFFFFF."


 Jun: Just so you know, I'm not trying to trigger your flag or anything.

Qoo: Kukuku. You make me want to trigger it myself by saying that.

Jun: Give it up. I'm going through Ran-neechan's route right now. There's no room for you to butt in.

  • Leitmotif - All the main heroines have one, though Ran and Ell's are probably the most noticeable. Here is Yukino's and Irina's for comparison sake.
  • Lethal Chef - Yukino's food has to be censored by mosaic and is accompanied by X Files music.
  • Locked Out of the Loop - Yukino.
  • Lolicon - Junichiro denies being one. Though obviously Ell has a route.
  • Lonely Rich Kid - While being a world leader isn't exactly equivalent to being wealthy, being the president of Russia at such a young age hasn't given Putina a chance to make many friends or have much fun.
  • Loveable Sex Maniac - Junichiro is first introduced fondling an assistant. That's just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Love Triangle - Though there are four heroines, the story largely focuses on the Putina/Yukino/Junichiro triangle and both girls recognize the other as their rival. Before the story started, there was also Yukino -> Junichiro -> Ran, but it goes largely unmentioned.
  • The Messiah - Yukino. She even gets a Crucified Hero Shot at one point to drive it home.
  • Moe - In-Universe: Yukino has an 80% approval rating because she's so moe. The other girls are too, but Yukino actually harnesses her moe-ness to help her lead Japan.
  • Naked Apron: Ran, much to Jun's utter delight. Then they realize Ell is in the room watching.
  • Ninja Maid - Kuon doesn't utilize martial arts, but she is more often shown performing acts of violence than she is shown doing anything, y'know, maids usually do.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed - As applied to countries. Rusia, Ameriga, Nippon and Chaiwan. There's also the obvious genderflipped tsundere Vladimir Putin stuff.
  • Not Brainwashed - A more lighthearted example since this story doesn't do dark. Turns out that Ran and Kuon faked being brainwashed so as to continue spying.
  • Oblivious to Love - Averted. Junichiro acknowledges pretty early on that he knows how Yukino feels but simply doesn't feel like a relationship upgrade. On the other hand, the girls seem to think he doesn't know.
  • Obviously Evil - Odds are pretty strongly against a guy named Josef Souma Mengele being a good guy. Junichiro and his classmates even agree that he looks like a demon king.
  • Occidental Otaku - Russia's "western-ness" might be debatable, but Putina clearly has shades of this.
  • Only Sane Man - Junichiro is literally the only sane man in that he's the only man on Earth to remember what things were like before the aliens brainwashed everybody. Putina on the other hand is the only sane woman by this standard.
  • Otaku Surrogate - Even though Junichiro and especially Morita usually would be enough otaku for one game, Yukino watches anime, and reads manga and doujinshi (including the Hentai sort, amusingly). She ends up as one of these in-universe too when she becomes a hero to otakus for opposing a bill to ban doujinshi.
  • Our Presidents Are Different - In this case Our Presidents Are Moe Moe Highschool Girls. Putina's a President Action while Yukino's a President Personable.
  • Overprotective Dad - Saionji.
  • Paper Fan of Doom - Putina likes to use this.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise - Terminachan, Feather Moon, Morider.
  • Perky Female Minion - Remi.
  • Plot Armor - In Putina's route, Junichiro briefly wonders if his status as the protagonist will save him if he goes out to deal with Remi on his own. Moments later he also resists tempting fate by refusing to note no one has been melted yet.
  • Power Glows - "What's wrong Jun-kun!? You're emanating a pointless golden aura!"
  • Proper Tights with a Skirt - Putina and Ran. The latter is a subversion.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni - Well, Pink Oni and Teal Oni, with Remi and Ell respectively.
  • Redshirt Army - The Hot Springs Task Force.
  • Rescue Romance - How Putina falls for Junichiro right after their first meeting.
  • Rule of Funny - The game runs on this in the way Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann or Warhammer 40000 run on Rule of Cool.
  • Shock and Awe - Putina's body can release a huge amount of static electricity. In the epilogue of her route, she becomes an full-blown Expy of Misaka Mikoto.
  • Shout-Out - All over the place. To Heart 2, Iron Man, James Bond, Metal Gear Solid, Detective Conan, Code Geass, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Shenmue, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, Superman, Sister Princess, Zone of the Enders, Mega Man, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fate/stay night... look, there are a plenty of them okay?
    • Fist of the North Star:
      • Qoo - "It's the new "You Wa Shock!" stun gun!"
      • Junichiro - "That's quite the end-of-the-century weapon you've got there!"
      • Many attack names are also mentioned.
    • G Gundam:
      • "Gluttony fight... Reeeeeaaaadyyyy.... GO!"
      • "Remi's right arms shines and cries out to defeat me."
      • Junichiro - "This hand of mine glows with an awesome power! It's bright grip tells me to make you squirt!"
    • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
      • "You've activated my trap card!
    • Gurren Lagann:
      • "Believe in us, who believes in you!"
    • GaoGaiGar:
      • Yukino - "Final transformation, approved!"
      • Ell/Jun - "Roger! Final transformation, OVERDRIVE!"
      • Complete with the comic picture having two seperate "GGG"s.
    • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
      • Qoo - "Singing is great. Singing enriches the soul. It's the crowning achievement of the culture that the Lilim created. Don't you think so, Junichiro?"
    • Code Geass:
      • Morita - "However, don't forget. The power of kings will surely lead you to solitude."
      • Hot Springs Task Force - "YES, YOUR HIGHNESS!!"
      • Jun - "All of you, look into my eyes."
      • Even more hilarious as he's confronting armed soldiers when he says it.
  • Shrinking Violet - Ell when she's introduced.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang - Ell and Remi.
  • Spaceship Girl - Ell and Remi.
  • Stalker with a Crush - Remi towards Yukino in the latter's and Ell's route.
  • Starfish Alien - Aliens like Saionji. They don't actually have corporeal bodies as such, though they still somehow manage to reproduce and tend to hitchhike off of local organisms when working. That said, they think in exactly the same manner as a human.
  • The Starscream - Remi in Ell's route.
  • Supreme Chef - Ran. Justified since she actually works at a restaurant.
  • Talk to the Fist - "Wait, Jun-kun. Suddenly resorting to violence is bad!" "Sorry, his speech was long, so I just slugged him."
  • The Tease - Ran, oh so much. It's pretty clear that she wishes he would make a move. She's probably stop teasing and make a move herself if it wasn't for the fact that she's not supposed to have a relationship with an earthling as a member of the Guardians.
    • Jun as well. Sometimes when Ran teases him he'll tease right back. However, she's good at keeping a straight face. There is at least one occasion though where she starts blushing furiously when Jun can no longer see her face.
  • Third Person Person - Remi
  • Too Kinky to Torture - Kuon enjoys being hit with Putina's fan entirely too much.
  • Trademark Favorite Food - Ell loves everything with yakisoba, and Remi likes fried rice.
  • Translation Convention - Putina and Kuon, both native speakers of Russian, seem to like speaking Japanese even if they are alone together.
  • Tranquil Fury - Ell. Remi learns about this in the hard way:

 Remi: W-W-Wait a minute! Did you just shoot Remi's head? Did you just fire a laser from your finger?

Ell: I did, so?

  • Tsundere - Putina. Though she doesn't know what the word means when it's lampshaded. Oddly enough she DOES know what it is when playing Yukino's route.
    • Jun claims to be one in Ran's route, saying that when he goes dere everyone will just drop dead from the moe.
  • Tsurime Eyes - Putina
  • Tyke Bomb - Putina was restructured and trained by Guardian to serve their own purpose.
  • Unfazed Everyman/Token Human - Yukino is the only one among the main cast who is not related to aliens in some way. Even Ran and Morita turn out to be aliens. Whether her ability to naturally accept everything going on is due to brainwashing or not is ambiguous.
  • Unusual Euphemism - Back and forth between Ran and Jun.
  • Verbal Tic - Remi's "Mokyuu~", Souma's "Jesus".
  • Virgin Power/You Need to Get Laid - Souma taps into the resentment of bitter singles[1] to try to topple the government by promising a governmental match-making service, and he tries to get Christmas abolished as a romantic holiday. Remi wonders just why he uses this angle...
  • Wave Motion Gun - Vector Cannon, a Shout-Out to Zone of the Enders.
  • Well Done Daughter Girl - Remi.
  • Wife Husbandry - Souma claims to have done this to Putina.
  • What Do You Mean It's Not Awesome? - Peeping on girls changing or in the hot springs involves epic confrontations with a Ninja Maid, units of special forces soldiers, rousing speeches, and death traps. Kind of justified given that Junichiro is peeping on world leaders who'd need special security 24/7.
    • Also, any time anybody eats anything.
  • What Is This Thing You Call Love? - Ell's reaction once she starts falling for Junichiro.
  • White-Haired Pretty Girl - Irina Vladimirovna Putina.
  • Why Did It Have to Be - Putina has a crippling fear of darkness, and Ell suffers from acrophobia.
  • Widget Series - Genderflipped President Obama and Vladimir Putin. You date them. Need I say more?
    • Could stand to mention the loli alien and her tentacle lie detector machine or the kung fu panda enemy.
  • Wouldn't Hit a Girl - Jun. Instead, he gropes Kuon into submission! ...That sounded worse than intended. Let's try that again: He groped her into fleeing the battlefield and also gaining something of a crush on him.
  • Zettai Ryouiki - Yukino is Grade A, and Ell is Grade B.


  1. Referred to as dateless virgin losers occasionally
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