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This is a subtrope of Easily Forgiven in which a character claims a right to one punch before forgiving the one who wronged him. Sometimes accompanied by the phrase, "Now we're even."

If done at the receiving party's urging, may involve Hit Me Dammit. Occasionally overlaps with Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! or Dope Slap. Often a form of Restrained Revenge.

Examples of My Fist Forgives You include:

Anime and Manga

  • Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Kurogane threatens to clock clone Syaoran for one his actions. The original gets a half-hearted knuckle-tap in his clones' stead, though the Distant Finale suggests that there may be a way to bring the Clone back after all, so Kurogane uses the "he still owes me a punch" as an excuse to travel with original!Syaoran.
    • Fai also does this to Kurogane after he cut off his own arm to save Fai's life. Yes, Fai is the one punching Kurogane for doing that. It Makes Sense in Context (kind of).
  • In Love Hina Naru does this to Keitaro after he peeks at her diary. And when he stumbles on her bathing. And when he's sitting quietly minding his own business. And when there's a weekday with the letter "y" in it...
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion -- Toji demands that Shinji do this to him after realizing he's unjustly treated Shinji like crap. Shinji complies after some hesitation.
    • In the manga adaptation, Shinji decides it's better to have Toji owe him one.
  • In Soul Eater, Black Star does this with Maka (at her own request) after she punches him in an argument. He doesn't hold back.
  • After Polnareff apologizes to Kakyoin for being a hasty, angry prick and apparently getting Avdol killed in Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure, Kakyoin's response is to smash an elbow into Polnareff's face, compounding Polnareff's already bloody injuries.

 Kakyoin: That takes the place of my handshake, Polnareff. OK?

Polnareff: Agh!!! T...Thank you...Kakyoin. Oo.

  • In Durarara, Celty does this to Shinra after she discovers that he knew Yagiri Pharmaceuticals had her head in the past.
  • Subverted in an episode of Digimon Adventure, where Tai offers a chance for Izzy to hit him to atone for having taken out his anger on him, but Izzy passes it up, understanding that Tai was just venting and didn't mean to antagonise him. Their Digimon seemed willing to take Tai up on it, however.
  • Gundam Wing Endless Waltz has a variation on this. The boys are cornered by the enemy army and Heero, out of the blue, asks Duo to punch him. After some initial hesitation, Duo complies with a right hook...and Heero counters with a gut punch that knocks Duo out. "One for one, now we're even." Heero pretends to be unconscious and gets away when the guards aren't looking, and Duo later escapes their prison (having realized Heero's plan but wishing he'd come up with a better one).

Comic Books

  • In one Batman / Punisher crossover, The Punisher punches Batman. Batman then says, "I let you take that punch, because I'm sure you think I deserved it. I won't let you take another."
    • Batman actually does this a lot. If he knows he's been a jerkass to his allies, he tends to let them have one punch "free". Examples I can think of are during Kevin Smith's Green Arrow run, and again during "Bruce Wayne: Fugitive".
    • And Superman sucks Batman's punches at least once an year. It seems to be a Batman privilege of sorts.
      • Shortly after Jason Todd was killed, Batman punched Superman, who was trying to talk him out of pursuing revenge. In a hilarious subversion, Batman hurt his hand, and rather than apologize, Superman mentioned that if he hadn't rolled with the punch, Batman could've crippled himself.
      • Another time Superman offers to do this again. Since Batman is standing on the Batwing, and is really pissed off this time, he opts to take his free shot with missiles instead.
  • Grace Choi of The Outsiders tried this on Supergirl as revenge for freezing during a battle and failing to watch her back, but broke her hand despite her formidable strength.
  • Gold Digger has a hilarious and tear-jerking example. Brittney is fighting the Dynasty, who are very much an expy of The Borg in this area. One of her allies sends her off, promising to get away. Said ally a Dynasty warrior. Brittney promises to get her back to normal, and then punch her for lying. After the brainwashing and such is reversed? She follows through, then commences with the tearful reunion.
  • FBI Agent King Faraday tries to arrest The Flash in Justice League: The New Frontier. Later, when they have to work together to save the earth, Flash has no hard feelings. After he punches Faraday in the face, that is.


  • In Winter War, Ikkaku does this to {{[spoiler| Yumichika}}- not for his apparent betrayal of Soul Society earlier, but for not telling Ikkaku a rather critical piece of information (which would have allowed Ikkaku to figure out what was going on, among other things) beforehand.


  • The Last Boy Scout: "Head or gut?"
  • Chicken Run: "That's for leaving. This is for coming back."
  • In the film Zombieland, Tallahassee hits Columbus at "45%" strength after getting sprayed with perfume.
  • In Major League, Ricky Vaughn accidentally has an affair with Roger Dorn's wife (she set him up). After the Indians win the pennant, Dorn slugs Vaughn, before helping to his feet and giving him a big hug.
  • In Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow, Joe is preparing to stop Totenkopf's rocket from destroying the world. Unable to find another way to stop love interest Polly from following him, Joe punches Polly. Apparantly not hard enough, as Polly shows up in time to save him from Totenkopf's android enforcer. After punching him in the jaw, they go off to save the world.
  • In Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Earl calms down the crowd that's going after Flint (for accidentally creating a devastating spaghetti tornado) but adds, "Look, I'm as mad at Flint as you are. In fact, when he gets out of that car, I'm gonna slap him in the face!"
  • Something like this happens in How to Train Your Dragon thanks to junior Tsundere Astrid. She slaps Hiccup, says "That was for kidnapping me," then kisses Hiccup and says "That was for everything else."
  • In McLintock!, McLintock tells Jones:

 "I haven't lost my temper in 40 years; but, Pilgrim, you caused a lot of trouble this morning; might have got somebody killed; and somebody oughta belt you in the mouth. But I won't. I won't. The hell I won't!" (He belts him in the mouth).

 James: (punches Sanborn in the gut) That's what you get for fuckin' hitting your team lead, motherfucker.


Sanborn: I think you hit me a little harder than I hit you, so I owe you a punch.


  • In Unwind, Connor does this to Lev. The injured party tells him that he let him get away with that punch because it was deserved - but never again.

Live Action TV

  • Angel: When both Angel and Gunn are undercover to foil a robbery, Angel hits Gunn when he disagrees (partially to maintain their cover, and partially because he wanted Gunn out of there). Later, when they're alone and keeping a watchful eye for the bad guys, Angel apologises. Gunn says "That's okay." and WHAM decks him without looking. "Don't do it again."
    • When Justine disobeys an order from her mentor Holtz, he impales her palm with an awl and then walks away. When Justine hasn't removed the awl by the time he's returned, he knows she has the commitment needed for his cause, gives her the task of recruiting more soldiers like her, then yanks out the awl himself. Justine punches him -- with her injured hand.
  • Firefly: Zoe punches Saffron in "Trash" before agreeing to work with her.
  • Magnum, P.I.: In one episode Magnum gets a little bit more friendly with a man's wife then he should. The husband sees him and slugs him. Then he raises his fist again, and Magnum grabs his arm and says, "I deserved ONE".
  • In How I Met Your Mother, Barney offers Ted a free punch anywhere but in the face. Ted accepts, punches him in the groin, and says that while he forgives him he's still ending their friendship.
    • There's also the Running Gag of the Slap Bet - Marshall is allowed to slap Barney five times, at any moment, with no warning. This is based on a ruling by the Slap Bet Commissioner, Lily, as punishment when Barney prematurely slapped Marshall.
  • Done in Party of Five, when Will realizes that his girlfriend Sarah is still in love with his best friend Bailey, and vice versa. He breaks up with Sarah, gives Bailey his blessing to pursue the relationship - and then punches him in the stomach.
  • Was a Crowning Moment of Funny in an episode of Friends. Joey, to apologize for fake proposing to Rachel, offers Ross one of these. Joey then goads Ross into doing so, who throws the punch and hits the metal pole behind Joey, who had ducked. Joey explains it was instinctual ("when a fist comes at your face, you duck") and shows Ross by punching him...who doesn't duck. Then, as they leave to go to the hospital, Joey accidentally hits Ross again with the door. Seen here

  Joey (using air quotes): Oops.

  • Played for laughs unexpected laughs in Kamen Rider Double. In an episode about halfway through the series, Ryu Terui gets his Berserk Button pressed by the Weather Dopant and starts treating the other protagonists harshly, which has the indirect effect of getting The Hero badly injured in a fight. Later on The Watson Phillip confronts Ryu and punches him out, then offers his hand and says "According to Shotaro, that makes us friends again", referring to a similar incident from the first episodes.
  • Happens quite frequently in House, usually but not always between House and Wilson. Among others, there is the time Wilson spends the entire episode not responding to House's pranks, instead getting more and more emotionally distant, and it almost looks like they're going to properly fall out - until House's cane snaps in half, landing him on the floor. Wilson comments that it's almost as if someone carefully sawed halfway through the cane. And they're friends again. There is a much more direct example in Series 7 - Wilson has decided that House has finally crossed the Moral Event Horizon and informs House that they are no longer friends, eventually leading to House pleading with him to 'Just punch me in the face, do whatever you have to do to get over this.' Right at the end of the episode, Wilson enters his office, punches him in the face, then calmly suggests, 'Dinner later?'
  • Star Trek: Enterprise. Commander Shran beats up Captain Archer on their first encounter, but when Archer proves his allegations against the Vulcans, Shran says that he owes him one. Later Shran double-crosses Archer on the orders of his government and tries to apologise, reminding him that he still owes Archer and will deliver at a future date. Archer responds by decking Shran. "I've owed you that one for a long time!"


  • Gangryong Ma certainly likes to give Honse Gu copious forgiveness for his antics in Veritas.


  • In one version of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the Green Knight in question dares Gawain to take a swing at him with an axe, with the caveat that should said Knight survive, he'll return the blow one year later. (Un)naturally, he lives, but when the time comes, he discovers that his wife tried to seduce Gawain, who kissed her but ultimately refused her. As a reward for honor, he spares Gawain's life--but gives him a scar because of that kiss.

Video Games

  • Happens in Tales of Vesperia to The Mole. Instead of killing him for very nearly getting the party killed themselves, The Mole is told that his life belongs to Brave Vesperia now, and then every single party member minus Repede take their turn to administer his punishment. Including the one character who isn't a member.
  • In Wing Commander 3, when Blair discovers that his good friend and comrade James "Paladin" Taggart has known about Angel's death for a while, and been lying to him, the player has the option to punch Paladin in the face. If you do, he accepts it as deserved; if not, he begs you to.

Web Comics

  • Apparently, this is SOP for the ferrets of DMFA. When Wildy-San publishes a slash-fic novel starring Jyrras as the main character, Jyrras is royally pissed off. Wildy, faced with an angry friend, offers him a free shot at her to make it up, but being a gentleman, Jyrras of course refuses. Later, the episode is mentioned when she visits her brother, Biggs... he's amazed that ANYONE would pass up a chance to get a free shot at Wildy. ('tis true, too. He could probably have made a fortune if he'd auctioned out that free shot... not that he needs the money.)
  • In PvP, when Brent is willing to reconcile with Cole over a matter, he says "man code demands I punch you with a significant force." Both men admit, however, that Brent can't punch anything with significant force, so he arranges for a proxy to do it - his wife, Jade.

 Jade: ...Head or stomach?

Cole: I don't want to do this anymore.

Brent: Yeah, I'm having second thoughts myself.

Web Original

  • In Red vs. Blue: Revelation, Tex asks Epsilon-Church for the right to punch Tucker for his smart-ass comments in exchange for calming down. Epsilon agrees, and Tucker remains clueless about what is going on until he's been punched.

Western Animation

  • There's a Family Guy episode in which Stewie grants Brian a fair shot at him to make up for the episode-long beating that Brian took from him. Brian agrees, but on the condition that he's not going to tell Stewie when it's coming. Stewie spends the rest of the episode in terrified anticipation, even going so far as to brutalize himself in order to get off the hook. At the very end of the episode, Brian pushes him in front of a bus.
  • In an episode of The Simpsons, Homer's brother (Herb) visits Homer at home. Angry that Homer had ruined his business, Herb punches him, states "Sorry but I'm still mad at you, just every word you say makes me want to punch you in the face." to Homer, so Homer's probably not quite Easily Forgiven. He does this again in the same episode. However, Herb's second time was when Homer made a crack about him not being a good businessman after losing at a game in Monopoly.
    • At the end of the episode, Herb has reclaimed his fortune thanks to Maggie, and gives each family member a present. When Homer's turn comes up, he asks "Is it another punch in the face? Because I don't want that." Instead, Herb's gift is that he no longer hates Homer, then hugs him - and that he bought Homer the vibrating recliner he'd been lusting after at the time.
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