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Let's face it, some characters are pretty damn hot. Other characters may have raging hot passion. But in this trope's case, we find fictional creatures that are literally Hot-Blooded (or anything that's close enough to blood).

This type of being usually has an implication (or at least a possibility) of a temperature difference that's caused by metabolism-based weirdness. This makes some sense, as there are several organisms in Real Life that have an average body temperature that's higher than the human average.

Characters that can play with fire tend to exhibit this trope.

They may be Wreathed in Flames, or have Flaming Hair as well. Contrast Chill of Undeath.

Examples of My Blood Runs Hot include:


  • Many fire-related monsters like dragons, salamanders, and fire-related familiars. Lava Beasts, fire elementals, and other creatures that actually made of some heat related substance are another trope altogether.

Anime and Manga

  • Shishio, the season 1 big bad of Rurouni Kenshin. He was shot in the head and lit on fire before being left for dead. The fire left him disfigured, and all of his sweat glands were destroyed. As such, he has incredibly high body temperature, which (apparently) grants him almost superhuman speed and strength. The downside is that he can only fight for a few minutes before the heat buildup kills him.
  • The Pillar Men from Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure have each mastered something that probably equates to a martial art in human terms. ACDC happens to use one that allows him to make his blood run at a temperature of 500 degrees celsius he then fights by poping out blood vessels and trying to spray and squirt his blood into his vitims. The results are just as horrifying as they should be.


  • The Assblasters from Tremors The Series. As their name indicate, they fart fire to fly in a rocket-like manner.


Live Action TV

 Alcide: We run hot.

  • In Star Trek, the standard body temperature of a Vulcan is several degrees higher than that of a human, because they come from a desert planet.
  • In Farscape, Scarrans are extremely hot, and can project this heat as a weapon. Compare with Sebacceans, who are colder than humans and vulnerable to hot temperatures. Scorpius, being a hybrid of both races, needs cooling rods implanted in his head to survive.
    • Technically Scorpius can survive without coolant, but will always be weak.

Tabletop Games

Video Games

  • Many fire typed Pokémon are described as having a flame producing sac or other such organs in their bodies. Some Pokémon like Magcargo and Heatran literally have magma for blood.

Web Comics

  • In PS238, Suzi has an internal body temperature which can melt lead, which appears to stem from her radioactive nature. Incidents where she loses her temper are explained as "gas leaks".
  • Roza: The heroine's blood combusts when spilled.

Real Life

  • The whiptail lizard has an average body temperature at 106 Fahrenheit.
  • The hotheaded naked ice borer, a cryptozoological animal invented for an April Fool's hoax.
  • Canines in real life have normal body temperatures that are slightly higher than a human's, which may or may not have anything to do with werewolves usually having high body temperatures too.
    • This is mostly true for most small warm-blooded animals. Mostly due to the Square-Cube Law.
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