Kimmy Wallace would you come over at tuille street greystone road Warwick road CA 1 2 b a Cumbria Carlisle I want to know if you sent here with me this weekend can you pack your bags I want to know I am your cousin Lizzie Kerr down staright but I try to tell you myself thinking about you yes I do want to know I take you shopping in town I will take you to get your new clothes are you yes I am pay my money am taking my purse with me I am having girls night out yes who is coming is Olga Fitzgerald and steph haydock and rose Kelly and Davina Shackleton and sonyan donnegan and Maggie budgen and carol Barry and Melissa Ryan and Nikki Boston and sue lowsley and Lorraine donnegan and Kim Campbell and Sian diamond and Francesca Montoya and Christine mulgrew and Lorna Hutchinson and jasmine koreshi and Eleanor Karen fisher we will go to cinema to see romeo and juilte we will get cinema tickets take sit down enjoy the movie have good time and next settled in night in hotel at Las vages yes we will have fun fantaic time seddnely Kimmy Wallace your cousin Lizzie Kerr down staright xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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