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An indie game type rising in popularity lately. Very similar to Rhythm Games in that every level is a music track, it is nonetheless different. A Rhythm Game is a specific genre, with tracks already charted beforehand. A Music Player Game can be of any genre, but the levels are generated procedurally from the music you feed it, typically the more intensive and loud the music, the more action you are going to see.

As a general rule, games that try to capture the mood of the music fare better than ones that try to follow the rhythm of the music. Currently, even the best software just doesn't work as intended for capturing the beat and melody a lot of songs, particularly those with subtly changing tempo and\or complicated layering. What it can do much more effectively is spot the "highs" and "lows" of a given song. Audiosurf is a prime example of a game that tries both and fares more consistently on the mood side (fortunately, the gameplay style suits the occasional rhythm-related shortcoming just fine).

A very common thing in these games is an online scoreboard, with every song having its own -- the most popular tracks, obviously, offering the strongest competition.

Examples of Music Player Game include:
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