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"Tin-eared, graph-paper brained accountants, instead of music fans, call all the shots at giant record companies now. The lowest common denominator rules. Forget honesty. Forget creativity. The dumbest buy the mostest, that's the name of the game!"

"Without marketing plans, the greatest music in the whole world don't mean shit."
Christopher Knab, Four Front Media and Marketing
"You've gotta be business savvy really, or else you get the piss taken out of you."
Melanie B, Spice Girls
"That's not easy to find in a corporate world, somebody who cares about music."
Michael Penn, musician
"I didn’t become a seiyuu out of a desire to show off my face… thinking these thoughts, I seriously considered quitting many times."
—Voice actress Emiri Katou, responding to harsh comments on her crooked teeth
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