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Mushroom Go is a drawn comic based loosely on the Super Mario Bros. series.

A Toad named Go wakes up in the desert alone. He’s suffering from sunstroke and exhaustion, he can’t remember a thing, and he’s lost his hat. Just when he thinks this is the end (and on the first page, no less), he is picked up by the crew of the Chainless, the world’s only (working) sand ship.

The Badass Crew consists of

This Web Comic provides examples of:

  McCoy: (to Guy) But if you need like, a cool big brother type... I guess I don't mind you following me.

  McCoy: What we do encompasses a great deal, really. Looting desert-side cities, treasure hunting and old fashioned grave robbery…

Boarding the Chainless contains examples of:

Piranha Plant Laboratory contains examples of:

  Mc Coy: "Help me search these bodies for cigarettes."

At Twisters Borough contains examples of:

 The Sheriff: I'm placing you under arrest for robbery, fraud, kidnapping, arson, attacking officers, indecent exposure... Anything I'm missing?

Martello: I am surprised you did not mention murder.

 Go: And that's why I don't eat the mega mushrooms any more.

McCoy: Indecent exposure? When did that happen? . . . Wait, yeah. Nevermind. I'd arrest me for that, too.

  • One-Man Army: Mario. He's considered the Mushroom Kingdom's Army. Its REAL army. Look down to Shrouded in Myth and you'll start to see why. The fact that he can fly, throw fireballs, and perform feats of strength and agility no other mortal being can match may explain it.
  • Shout-Out: Those crates look awfully familiar.
  • Shrouded in Myth: Mario himself. "Any crazy stories you've heard about him are probably true. He breaks bricks with his bare hands. He can leap 30 feet in the air when he chooses not to fly. Some even claim that he's not a Toad at all--that he's somethin' else, somethin' from beyond." The fact that these stories are true only makes Mario (viewed from the Koopa standpoint) all the more terrifying.
  • Wretched Hive

Bob-omb Battlefield contains examples of:

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