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There are museums that contain some pretty interesting things. There are museums that contain things that are downright weird. This, however, is a museum where the subject is extremely boring. It could be the location of a disappointing Class Trip, although if Played for Laughs at least one member of the visiting party will be fascinated. It might actually be made even more boring by an especially tedious tour guide.

No Real Life Examples, Please, since there's always going to be someone interested in a subject, no matter how dull it might seem to the rest of us. Having said that, there is a German Occupational Health and Safety Exhibition in Dortmund, Germany.

Examples of Museum of Boredom include:


  • Bunny and the Bull: The scene where the characters visit the Polish National Shoe Museum, complete with interminable tour guide.


  • Discworld has museums of things like dwarf bread or minerals, which generally bore any non-dwarf besides Captain Carrot.
  • Frank Stockton's short story The Queen's Museum (1887). The title museum is full of buttonholes, which the country's queen finds fascinating but everyone else finds completely uninteresting.
  • The childrens' book Thanks for the Sardine features the heroine Aggie persuading her boring aunts to come to a day course about how to be a good auntie by telling them it's an iron filings museum, which they find fascinating.

Live Action Television

  • The Coogan's Run episode The Curator is set in a dull local museum. The museum might actually be mildly interesting if the curator himself wasn't so desperately dull. The curator blames his museum's failure on the bigger museum down the road that keeps getting all the best exhibits.
  • Flight of the Conchords: Not a museum, but it has this feel. Murray goes on a walking tour of historic band rotundas. He'd planed for Brett and Jemaine to come with him, but they don't share Murray's enthusiasm.
  • The town of Pawnee Parks and Recreation has a snowglobe museum. Leslie really likes it, but it's suggested that no one else finds it that interesting, including the museum's staff.


  • The Museum of Everything largely averts this, since it contains... well, everything. But some of the exhibits count, such as the history of stairs exhibit which is located between floors one and two.
  • The first episode of the BBC radio series St. Berks involves a visit to the Museum of Concrete.

Web Comics

Western Animation

  • The Simpsons: Several:
    • Although not technically a museum, the Springfield Elementary trip to the box factory has this feel, causing Bart to wander off from the group. Principal Skinner and Martin, however, are fascinated.
    • The Springfield Natural History Museum includes a sign claiming: "Egyptian artifacts now less boring".
    • Homer apparently feels this way about all museums: "Good things don't end in 'eum,' they end in 'mania'...or 'teria'!"
    • The Springfield Stamp Museum.
  • The Weekenders: A world food museum.
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