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Yes, Muse had a long enough list of Awesome Music to warrant an entire page. They have been victorious


  • "Muscle Museum", one of their first anthemic songs.
  • "Showbiz" beats below claim of "Citizen Erased".
  • Early B Side "Host" starts off subtly, then gets to the most awesome headbanging section for 45 seconds till the end of the song. It's the unsung predecessor of "Cydonia" for this reason.
  • "Unintended". The live version on HAARP is its own standalone Moment of Awesome.

Origin of Symmetry

  • This rendition of "New Born" is valid competition for both "Showbiz" and "Citizen Erased".
  • "Citizen Erased" trumps all comers, either before or after.
  • "Megalomania".
  • "PLUG. IN. BABY." Epic Riff, anyone?
  • Okay, how is "Space Dementia" NOT on here? It's frickin' epic.
  • "Bliss". The arpeggios are epic, and the music video is definitely a trip. Maybe not as good as "Citizen Erased" but still worth a mention.
  • "Hyper Music". YOU KNOW THAT I DON'T LOVE YOU, AND I NEVER DIIIIID...along with kickass riffs early on, and bass that is like an earthquake delivered direct to the eardrums.
  • "Micro Cuts" has an almost classical feel to it (due to having a similar chord progression to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata). Matt's vocals are inhuman in addition to the eerie feel of the chorus.
    • Probably the most atmospheric piece of music that Muse have ever recorded, with the ethereal guitars and the ghostly vocals. That would have been enough, but then, 30 seconds from the end, the guitar speeds up with a heavy riff and the song explodes. Quite possibly the single best thing Muse will ever do.

Hullaballoo Soundtrack

  • The entire EP Needs More Love. Just listen to that opening!
  • "Dead Star" should have earned its own Awesome moment: the slurps, the hardcore electronic instrumental, the epic riffs, the drum structure. It's basically what anger sounds like.


 Change everything you are

And everything you were

Your number has been called

Fights and battles have begun

Revenge will surely come

Yeah, hard times are ahead

    • They play this on the Sci Fi Channel in Taiwan for one of the commercials and it is epic. It does, however, after you hear it for the third time in one day begin to sound like they are summoning some kinda Eldritch Abomination. Mumbling, singing and yelling at the same time? Awesome.
  • Even non-Muse fans can't get over "Sing For Absolution" and "Butterflies & Hurricanes".
  • "Eternally Missed" is the little-known B-side to "Hysteria". It is also quite possibly the finest piece of music Muse has ever recorded.
  • "The Groove" (b-side for the "Time is Running Out" single). It starts out with one of the weirdest guitar solo's Matt's ever done then at 0:19 the bass kicks in and you realize that the song is more than aptly titled.

Black Holes and Revelations

The Resistance

  • Looks like they've done it again with "United States of Eurasia".
    • It'll give you chills every time you listen to it. Eura-SIA. -SIA. -SIA. -SIA.
  • "Exogenesis freakin' Symphony". This troper nearly creamed her pants in joy upon hearing this work of GENIUS.
  • "Uprising". Mix two parts Doctor Who theme to three parts badass protest song. Add a dash of Toccata and Fugue. Mix well. Serve scorching hot with a side of giant teddy bear revolution.
  • "Resistance", from the same album, is an epic political protest love song.
  • "Undisclosed Desires".
  • Listen to this. That noise you're hearing? Yeah, that's your brain exploding. Well, that or "MK Ultra".
  • "Unnatural Selection". Badass organ intro into a thumping guitar riff... slows down a bit in the middle... then back to the guitars. Capital stuff.
  • "Undisclosed Desires". Been in love with this song for going on two years now...


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