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Not everyone in a regal situation is an airheaded whiny stuck-up bimbo. No, some of us are intelligent. Some of us pose an actual THREAT to you. Get me?
Mulberry Sharona

Peter Paltridge, the host of Platypus Comix, created Mulberry in 2004. The title character, who has also become Platypus Comix's mascot, had previously appeared in the final strips of another comic, Marin Meadow. Mulberry features Mulberry Sharona, a 16-year old heiress from Seven Springs, California, who has managed to avoid becoming an Upperclass Twit thanks to Parental Abandonment. Accompanied by her friends Jack The One Guy and Tiff the Dumb Blonde housekeeper, this Non-Idle Rich girl makes adventures out of any scheme she comes up with.

Tropes used in Mulberry include:

 Mulberry: Through the magic of editing, 4Kids Productions has turned a ninja cartoon into a depiction of daily American school life! Naruto is now known here as Larry and His Socially Conscious Adventures, and it's being hailed by critics as "Doug for the 21st Century! Here's a peek!"

(Three page preview plays)

Mulberry: Some complain that things like this destroy the original artist's vision. I say, who cares? The man's all the way back in Japan; how's he gonna find out?

Jack: And he probably doesn't have internet...


 Mulberry: What's the problem, boys?

Boy: Our ball just went over that fence! And it's our only ball!

Mulberry: Then I hope you've learned your lesson! This is what you get when you choose to play outside instead of sitting indoors playing video games!

Boys: We're sorry. It won't happen again!

  • Start My Own: "Death By Captain and Tenille" (sic) has Mulberry try to skip over the tedious process of airport security by buying her own airplane.
  • Sympathetic Criminals: Mulberry learns that Mary's kidnappers in "Prison Broke" only want better treatment while they work at the Roach Hotel. She decides to help them fulfill this desire.
  • Title Drop:
    • "Year Six" is explained as referring to the sixth year of George W. Bush's presidency, the time Mulberry has predicted will mark the Democrats' largest effort to get him impeached.
    • In "Death By Captain and Tenille," Mulberry exclaims the issue's title after an airport security guard explains that he cannot allow vinyl records on the plane because someone could behead others with them.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: Mary refuses to thank Mulberry for saving her at the end of "Prison Broke", because Mulberry decided to fulfill the kidnappers' desires first.
  • Very Special Episode: "Murphy's Lawn" was promoted as one.
  • We Could Have Avoided All This: Eventually during "Jack the Ripper," Mulberry informs Jack that he could have avoided getting pursued by the government if instead of downloading an illegal patch for Planet of Warcraft, he just asked her for $64.95 to buy an upgraded version.
  • Wolverine Publicity: Peter Paltridge has announced that once his books reach the point where he created Mulberry Sharona, each volume will contain her name in the title.


  1. Mulberry controlled the silver and purple 'bot, while Panettiere used the gray and green one.
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