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 "You don't meet a girl like that every dynasty."

  • Non-Singing Voice: B.D. Wong does the speaking voice of Shang but the singing voice -- that is, for "I'll Make a Man Out of You" -- would be none other than Donny Osmond. (This in spite of Wong being a Broadway performer with a good singing voice. The Word of God on this is that Donny Osmond's singing voice sounds more like B.D. Wong's speaking voice than his own.)
  • The Other Darrin/Poor Man's Substitute: Mulan II saw the return of most of the original cast except for Miriam Margoyles as the Matchmaker (replaced by April Winchell), Chris Sanders as Little Brother (replaced by Frank Welker) and Eddie Murphy as Mushu (replaced by Mark Moseley).
  • What Could Have Been: An alternate version of the "Reflection" sequence changes the tone of the piece from a quiet, somber, well, reflection to a triumphant action scene.
    • A pretty dark deleted scene featured Shan Yu originally having a spiritual connection to his falcon with the ability to see through it's eyes. The scene featured the Huns burning a village shortly after getting over the Great wall, bringing a cargo cart back to their camp where they proceed to raid and destroy it's goods. One of the soldiers finds a little bird inside a cage and tries to hide it from the others inside his shirt implying that not all the Huns are bad. Unfortunately for him the falcon was watching him so Shan Yu catches him in the act, the big Hun comes out of his tent and asks his men if they've left anything alive, he then approaches the soldier and pulls out the bird, he lets the bird go only to send his falcon after it where the falcon presumingly eats it while saying "All creatures should be given a chance to live freely, but freedom has its price and the weak will pay!". He then on screen in full detail stabs the soldier with his sword killing him complete with the soldier's pained expression as he's stabbed and his body slumping to the ground dead. They even show what is clearly blood on Shan Yu's sword. Shan Yu then says that the soldier's fate will also be the fate of the emperor. The final part is Shan Yu telling the falcon to show him(complete with them both having bright scary glowing yellow eyes)what stands between him and the imperial city and the falcon takes off into the night. It is rather shocking that they even considered making this a scene. However accordingly this wasn't cut because it was too dark but because it was too much focus on Shan Yu's character and not focusing on Mulan's character.
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