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Lust is hot, isn't she?

Ms. Fanservice is, simply put, a female character who provides a lot of Fan Service, sometimes fanservice incarnate. This fanservice can range from simple revealing of cleavage, midriff and short skirts or shorts all the way through to wearing only Censor Steam. There might or might not be in-story handwaving of this fact -- see Innocent Fanservice Girl. It seems to be part and parcel of being The Chick in any given Five-Man Band, but they don't have to be (for instance, the above named example of Servalan was actually the main baddie of that series). Either way, the camera seems to have the hots for this character, and the viewing audience is expected to feel the same way. The real trick is to make it so that being eye candy doesn't make her a Flat Character. Besides, being "flat" usually doesn't fit this type of character. Usually, mind you.

Sometimes a female character provides fanservice, but has never appeared in the series until almost the exact moment of fanservice, and then never appears again. She would then fall under the Fanservice Extra trope rather than this one.

Please note that there is no requirement to actually be single to fit into this trope. Many of these characters are married.

For the Spear Counterpart, see Mr. Fanservice. Related to Innocent Fanservice Girl. If she also sleeps with most of the crew, she either Really Gets Around or is a Good Bad Girl. Subjected to multiple Double Standard tropes, specially if she actually gets a nice dose of Character Development or Hidden Depths aside of her hot looks... and yet the fandom refuses to see them.

Compare Hello, Nurse!, and contrast the Token Wholesome. See also Memetic Sex God.

Examples of Ms. Fanservice include:

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