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Mr. Bogus

 Voiced by: Cam Clarke

The main character of the show, Mr. Bogus (or just simply known as Bogus) will very often find adventure, where he least expects it. He is the main source of the show's comic relief as he often gets himself into all kinds of comedic situations, much like he did in the original Claymation shorts. Despite the fact that he is rather clumsy in nearly every kind of situation, Bogus will nonetheless be there to fix the problem that he caused. He also has a younger cousin named Brattus, who often gets on his nerves. Bogus also loves to eat, as he is very often shown chowing down on any kind of food that he can get his hands on.


 Voiced by: Russi Taylor

Bogus's bratty younger cousin. As indicated by his namesake, Brattus can be very bratty and unruly, much to Bogus's annoyance. The relationship between Bogus and Brattus is near similar to that of Garfield and Nermal, except the only difference is that while Garfield simply cannot stand Nermal just because he is so cute, Bogus appears to be slightly more tolerant of Brattus, even when he often tries Bogus's patience. Despite his mischievious tendencies, Brattus has often proven himself to be slightly more level-headed and competent than Bogus, when he gets into any kind of scrape.

Tommy Anybody

 Voiced by: Jeannie Elias

The young boy who Bogus lives with. Tommy is one of Bogus's good friends and often serves as the voice of reason to try and keep Bogus out of trouble.


  Voiced by: ???

Bogus's biggest enemy, a big and bad gray rat who will go out of his way to best Bogus or try to steal any kind of valuable treasures that he can get his dirty paws on (In a manner near similar to that of Daffy Duck). Aided by his mole sidekick, aptly named Mole, there is no doubt that Ratty gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "lowdown sneaky rat".


 Voiced by: Pat Fraley

Ratty's partner-in-crime, a dim-witted brown mole who is happy to do anything that Ratty tells him. It is noted that while Mole is just as villainous as Ratty is, he's not nearly as ruthless as Ratty.

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