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  • Mike rolling up on Abraham Kane, and pointing a big ass laser gun at his face... which then sprouts about a dozen other laser guns, all aimed right at him. Shame "Kane" was just a hologram.
  • Mike and Chuck making the "Detroit Doom Jump". Doubly awesome because they make it going over 500 miles an hours. Triply awesome because they do it with a state destroying energy weapon juicing the car! Quadruply awesome because they eject the freaking engine mid jump!
  • Mike (noticing a pattern here?) jumping into Mutt. Oh, forgot to mention: he does it while the car and him are being flung around in a super tornado!
    • Man, all of the climax of "Ride the Lightning" is one huge Awesome moment, with the Burners driving out of said huge tornado and working together to take down the weather machine during a gigantic electrical storm/tornado mishmash.
    • Unless you know anything about meteorology, and then it's the MST3K Mantra brought to life in glorious Technicolor. But it did look hella cool.
  • Mike manipulates Tooley into punching out an entire Kane Co team, literally defeating them with his hands tied behind his back.
  • Let's twist it up a bit: Texas does get most of the climax of "Texas-ify It" to shine. First he gun-chucks a bunch of carnivorous plants to save Mike and Chuck, then he and Mike pull of the "Texas Twister" to escape the Terras, and then does the same move via car to save the day. In his own words, he "Texas-ifies the Texas-ification!"
  • The Burners collectively get one in episode 2 "Power Trip" for transforming their robot disguise in to a functioning cart-type thing in all of what? Five minutes, tops?
  • Chuck, in general, is awesome in kind of a stealthy way: Sure, he screams ALL the time and complains about the danger, but he never actually backs down from it. He's only refused to ride with Mike because he disagreed with the reasoning behind Mike's planned course of action, not because it would threaten his own safety.
  • The Duke of Detroit. He has a gigantic tank. With two giant cannons. Which shoot limos. That is all.
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