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Motherly Side Plait, also infamously known as Dead Anime Mom Hairstyle refers to Trope about female characters who depicted with her hair tied in a loose plait or ponytail and put on her shoulder to emphasize her gentle and motherly personality. This may or may not come with an apron to further emphasize their motherhood. Since the hair is only tied up loosely, it creates a soft, relaxed, gentle appearance, enough to give impression, "Hey, this mom has to be nice and gentle!". Putting the hair over the shoulder allows the audience to see her hairstyle from the front, while also providing a slight element of Fashionable Asymmetry. Braiding the hair that way is also faster and easier than braiding it behind one's head, contributing to the low maintenance angle.

This not only apply for actual mothers however, as this includes girls or child-less adult women who have shown motherly sides towards her friends and family.

The reason why this trope infamously known as Dead Anime Mom Hairstyle is because adult female characters with this hairstyle often among those who either deceased and act as posthumous character or worse, among death counts in stories they featured in as part of recurring scenario of Dark and Troubled Past. At times, in stories which involves a lot of character deaths, it seems motherly women with this hairstyle will inevitably among the firsts to go like like black characters or Red Shirts albeit played in tragic manner. Fortunately, it's not always the case as some examples are fortunate enough to survive until the end of the story she featured in. Plus it looks like, for the Japanese themselves, this is just coincidence.

Examples of Motherly Side Plait include:

Anime and Manga

Fan Works

  • Some Sheith fan comics and art in the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom feature Keith with this hairstyle, particularly ones where he and Shiro have their own children. Subverted in that he's usually alive, but one AU plays it straight: in it Sven from "Hole in the Sky" is written as Keith and Shiro's son, and they were both killed by the Altean Empire.

Video Games

Visual Novels

  • Akiko Minase, Nayuki's mom and Yuuichi's aunt/caretaker, from Kanon. She almost dies when she's hit by a car, but Ayu's miracle saves her.
  • Haru from Shall We Date?: Ninja Shadow is not a mom, but she still uses the style and often acts mom-like towards the cast.

Webcomics and Internet

Western Animation

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