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The arch-Nature Spirit of Earth... or whatever planet is the story's setting. May or may not have a humanoid form (substitute "humanoid" with whatever species equivalent in non-terrestrial settings), but if it is, it's Always Female due to Mother Nature, Father Science.

Of course, if you actually look at old cultures Mother Nature tends to occur mainly in fertile places, and infertile parts of the world often had male Earth deities. Egypt had Geb, for instance, and the Norse had Ymir and Frey.

Often a bona fide Physical God, if not outright one of the Powers That Be. Actually pissing her off is likely to result in Gaia's Vengeance, while making her sad can result in Gaia's Lament.



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Religion and Mythology

  • The "mother (earth) goddess" figures in many Real Life religions and mythologies.
  • Gaia, the mother of the Titans and greek gods. Note that she's usually cast as a villain, though.
  • The Poetic Edda has Gerðr, a giantess courted by Frey with the aid of Skirnir. The story is part of a fertility ritual in which Gerðr represents Earth, Frey fertility, and Skirnir sunlight.

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