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Sabine (disguised as a police officer): He was just speaking to me, a police officer, about his brother Nale's treatment in prison.

Nale (disguised as Elan): Right! Because I am Elan, and I am foolishly and inexplicably merciful to enemies who would gladly butcher me, against the better judgement of my allies.

Vaarsuvius: Hmmm. Well, that certainly is one of your more puzzling qualities. Very well.
We are looking for a particular robot. A... fellow robot. Because we are also robots.
Antimony Carver, disguised as a robot, Gunnerkrigg Court
Yes, I am your friend. I run a non-demon restaurant here in your space-time manifold, of which I am a native.
Demon-Jame, Terror Island

Guard-bot #2: Be you robot or human?

Leela: Robot... we be.

Fry: Uh, yup. Just two robots out robot-ing it up!

(Leela and Fry both begin dancing The Robot)
Futurama, "Fear of a Bot Planet"
...Okay, yes, [Seymour] dragged a Great Old One up in chains from hell itself to serve him, but that doesn't make him evil. (chuckles nervously) Whu-whu-why would you think that? The man's a hero! Uh, praise be to Yevon!
Spoony reviewing Final Fantasy X

Liandrin: Soon we will capture al'Thor's friends on Toman Head, and then he will be ours! Then the Great Lord will rule the known world!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Moiraine: Did you say something?

Liandrin: No. Go Light.

He´s a very very nice man, and he said he would never ever Double-Cross anyone, and to prove that, he sent me a nice basket of dog biscuits for me to eat. Yummy!
—Your officer, regarding Sergeant Kilmore, Heart of Evil
"Hello, friends. I am a perfectly normal human worm-baby. You have nothing, absolutely nothing, to fear from me, so just ignore everything I say and we'll get along just fine."
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