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  • Am I the only one who thinks that these kinds of people are a Vocal Minority? I went to a Christian school as a child and I can't count the number of times when I heard other children talking about a PG-13 (sometimes R) rated movie. Granted the one that was talked about the most was a Disney movie and most of the others were based off of comicbooks.
    • Not the only one. Seriously, most organizations that decry the [insert offensive thing] in media usually simply recommend that you ought not to see it.
    • Well, considering everybody gets swept up in the bullshit, it can be very annoying to people with common sense.
    • They're not a Vocal Minority. It's just that the media portrays them as such. Yes, there are many people who let their kids see things that aren't tailored to their age group. However, like you said, the film talked about the most at your old school was a Disney film, which, when people hear that word, they think "made for kids" and "family friendly", regardless of the rating. Also, how many of your classmates went to see the movie without their parents? You have to take that into account, as well. Not to mention that the Culture Police and the Politically Correct, both forms of moral guardians, are everywhere, as well.
    • Depends on the media being spoken out against. Moral Guardians for any particular issue are a Vocal Minority. However, there are a lot of people out there with different tastes and personal definitions of what is suitable. Coalitions of them may agree in a general sense, but rarely agree on the particulars.
  • Perhaps one of the reason Moral Guardians are so annoying is merely because they are more organized than their opposite numbers(which you probably couldn't call the immoral guardians). People don't march outside movie theaters with signs saying 'Death Killers 3 will not lead to criminal behaviour!' or go on news programs where they express their opinion that the newest video game will likely not encourage underage drinking. The Vocal Minority is simply louder and have the ears of more people that those who don't care or don't think the new media is evil.
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