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Moonstuck everypony together by egophiliac-d563cnc

Still trying to name every pony?[1]

This is a humor blog about a pony on the moon. Don't take it too seriously.

Moonstuck is a very silly Ask a Pony Tumblr run by Egophiliac. In the style of Problem Sleuth, it chronicles young Woona and her random adventures in and out of the moon. It finished November 4, 2012.

The incomplete current now complete stat read out is:

An (unofficial) audio version can be found here and here.

This tumblr contains examples of:

  "happy 100th post by the way"

  "You suddenly become aware of a strange sensation, almost like you’re being…watched. As though all of your movements thus far have been silently recorded and judged, all for the entertainment of thousands of anonymous strangers."

  "Fortunately, your adorasynthesis is fully capable of converting lunar water to oxygen. When you’re this adorable, anything is possible!"

 "Through a process known as adorasynthesis, [Woona's] body exudes a constant aura of Cuteness Overload (CO), which combines with naturally-occuring elements of D’aww (D) and Hnngh (H) to be absorbed back into [Woona's] body as oxygen."

"Here is a sciency formula [7] to make it look plausible!"


  1. Clockwise, from the top: Dark Woona, Batpony Bon Bon, Batpony Lyra, Sparkleheart, Honeybun, Cupcake Crumbles, Echo, Stardust, Ziggy, Hazmat Suit Woona, Science Woona, Jeffery, The Moon Rocks (Rocky, Roxanne, and Bob), Meadowlark, Pebbl, Pierre the Pebble, Woona, Sunshine, Imogen, Sharp Shooter, Octotavia, Queen Serenitatis (Serenity), Jake Bullet, Bubbles, Danger McSteele, Tim, Average Woona, Sir Awesome (lunoctopus), Seapony Bon Bon, Seapony Lyra, Brass Knuckles, Fins MacCool, Tony Shark, Crackers, Exuvia, Tumbler, and Pharate.
  2. "sorry i had to"
  3. look at the Russian on the wall
  4. "the graffiti tried to warn you woona"
  5. A Freudian Couch, to be exact
  6. in Average Woona Adventures
  7. 2nCO2+2nDH2
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