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One of the most common things for home video companies to do in the 1970s and 1980s was to add a series of movie trailers, intros, or just a compilation preview promoting their VHS tapes, at the end of a VHS tape of theirs, mainly after a movie (or in some cases, television episode) is over. This was because a VHS tape in SP mode had room for two hours' of material; most movies clock in at around 90 minutes, while four half-hour or two one-hour TV episodes, minus commercials, last about the same amount of time.

Related to The Stinger.

Examples of Montage Ends the VHS include:
  • "Walt Disney and You", a compilation trailer seen at the end of Disney's videocassettes from 1982 onward, contains clips from various 1950s-1980s Disney films, mostly the live-action ones. (In '82 only a few Disney Animated Canon titles were available for home viewing.) It comes complete with a 1980s-style Ear Worm title song at the beginning and end. Earlier videos just contain trailers for other Disney movies after the end of the actual movie.
  • A lot of MGM/UA's 1980s videos end with a compilation trailer that is similar to the "Walt Disney and You" trailer, except it is set to various songs and promotes MGM and United Artists films on video.
    • Earlier, when MGM/UA was called MGM/CBS (a joint venture between MGM and CBS), its tapes just contained movie trailers at the end.
  • Family Home Entertainment also did this in its early 1980s tapes, where they just added a bunch of intros for anime dubbed by ZIV International. If the "feature" had less than a half-hour running time, F.H.E. would often fill out the tape with previews, public domain Golden Age of Animation shorts and/or, in the case of some of the Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears specials, storybook segments derived from their tie-in book lines. Similar companies such as Children's Video Library and Wonderland Video often used previews and/or shorts to fill out their tapes as well.
    • This is also done by U.S.A. Home Video, a non-family-friendly subsidiary of FHE, by adding movie trailers in its early tapes.
  • A common feature on UK and Australian rental tapes.
  • CBS/FOX's Faerie Tale Theatre tapes included a compilation trailer for the whole series after each episode. Its Playhouse Video subsidiary did the same thing with the Jim Henson's Muppet Home Video series of clip shows drawn from The Muppet Show.
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