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Speculating the nature and "supposed to be's" of Octochrome programming error

  • There are 5 special breeds that have double locked code in the game coding on it which is where main idea comes from. Since the case of having multiple locked codes otherwise happen only to 3 of those random purebreeds which was Mocchi, Garu, and Doodle 2 of which is a common monster and arguably a mascot. The codes for Mocchi and Garu are Tecmo(the name of the company), MR, MRA(anagram of Monster Rancher and Monster Rancher Advance respectively) for Mocchi and GARU(the name of the resulting species) and MRA 2(Monster Rancher Advance 2, the name of the game) for Garu it seems to imply that it is purposefully made that way, however while Doodle is notable the last monster unlocked it comes with a fitting locked code(Sketch), its other code dont make sense whatsoever(JAILROCK). To make matters worse, one of the misplaced code is CTHULHU. Since a lot of the code is made as a Homage, It makes PERFECT sense if said code is made to be the code for getting an Octopee named Deep One, as a Shout-Out to Cthulhu mythos. Guess #1 : The programmer didnt forgot to put the code, the put it in the wrong adress.
    • From Guess #1, comes Guess #2 : The code for Octopee is misplaced on Ducken adress during the programming. This is proven by the fact that all three of Ducken special breeds has double locked codes. In return, all three of Octopee's secret breed has no locked code. Incidentaly, the CTHULHU code above is actualy the code of Torridon, which is another special ducken that also comes from a Wild monster, and the code for Octachrome is placed on Brinjalon, another ducken species.
    • For the guess on the rest of the misplaced code, one of the missing code is for a Special Doodle breed. Doodle has the JAILROCK password which dont make sense. The other one comes from a special monol breed. The last owner of double locked code is a special momo breed. Yeah, as you can see, all the monster that dont have locked code has some coincidental pattern.

None of Monster Rancher happened

Genki was walking home when he passed out in an alley. Monster Rancher was a dream of his while he was knocked out.

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