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Yes, I know, I've no idea why these random animals were carrying 148 gil and a magic fire ring. It will forever be a mystery.

1045. We will not gut every animal we kill to see if they have treasure inside like in video games.

You're a squirrel who somehow has money

And sometimes swords and shields
Brentalfloss, "Final Fantasy Victory Theme with Lyrics"
How fortuitous! Evil doom-chicken #3 (second from the left, but otherwise indistinguishable from doom-chickens #1, 2, and 4) had a Great Big Nasty Sword of Serious Hurtfulness +5. Funny, I didn't notice that sword anywhere on its feathery person while it was still alive. If it was so heavily armed, why didn't it use it in the fight? Come to think of it, where was it keeping all this gold, too? In its gizzard? Eeeeew!
"You must be rich if you're feeding your pets money!"
Knight, Tiny Castle
"Or find it on animals that have absolutely no business carrying money!"
Kirche von Zerbst, Unfamiliar
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