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Holy crap, did you
see that scene where that one guy
does something awesome?

I am not impressed,
but maybe you don't like mine.
It's all subjective.


Replay that scene twice
You could watch it endlessly
It's just that awesome

The universe could
Power itself for years on
All that awesomeness.


The bad guy got owned
Or the laws of physics broke
And now, our jaws drop.


Magneto busts out
Dumbledore fights Voldemort
Sam carries Frodo

Did you see that guy?
Before he died he did it.
The most awesome thing.

That was amazing!
Adding it to TV Tropes...!
Oh. Already there.

Not all great deeds count.
It must be extra special.
Or meaning is lost.


Be they from anguish
Or be they from happiness
Tears are mighty, too.


That was pure awesomeness!
Did you see that guy fighting?
I want an encore!

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