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No affiliation to any Frog-chasing pig.

Moi Animation is a rather recent, Emmy Award-winning South Korean Animation studio. First established in 1998, the company is a regular with Japanese studios Madhouse and T Ms (and Telecom through that end). As well as American studio Warner Brothers.

Their style is mainly noticeable through Shaky-Cam action scenes and gratuitous amounts of CG animation.

See also DR Movie, another studio that has worked with Madhouse (Has since been absorbed, but still works as an independent studio). Compare and contrast AKOM, Rough Draft Studios, Saerom, Sunwoo Entertainment, Dong Woo Animation, Koko Enterprises, Yearim Productions, Digital E Mation, JM Animation, Yeson Entertainment, Hanho Heung Up and Plus One Animation, Other major South Korean Animation Studios.

Shows & Movies animated by or involved Moi

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