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Believe it or not, Moetan started as a way to teach the Otaku of Japan the English language. The phrases they learn aren't of use to anyone but an Otaku, but that's beside the point. With its cute mascot, Nijihara Ink, and her Magical Girl alter-ego Pastel Ink, it caught on. So much that they decided to make a series out of it.

Nijihara Ink is a high-school student, [[Older Than They Look|but you wouldn't believe that by looking at her]]. She looks like she's elementary school age, and refuses to be called that. Then there's Arks Elbyas, a strong magician turned into a duck who comes to turn Ink into a Magical Girl so he can be freed from his duck sentence. Ink uses this as a chance to teach her crush, Nao, the aforementioned otaku-centric English. Later includes two more magical girls and some self-referential humor.

The series aired in the summer of 2007.

See the quotes page for all of the anime's Gratuitous English lines.

=== This show provides examples of:



  • Censor Steam: Interestingly, the studio had to do this because the show

had too much nudity.

post-transformation. Also lampshaded in the first episode: Pastel Ink, who her crush doesn't recognize, teaches him how to say "don't you think magical girls look the same after they transform?")

  • Cosplay: Ink and Sumi resort to this when they're unable to use

magic to transform into their alter-egos. Further subverts Clark Kenting (see above) as all but the

to see that Shizuku has already changed. The response? "Due to the budget, we couldn't afford my transformation scene."

segment, Ink tries to teach you impractical English phrases. (No attacking during transformation scene!)

  • Heavy Sleeper: Sumi. Ruriko needs to resort to kicking her bed to get

her awake. Also, she sleeps in kitty pajamas. Male kitty pajamas, no less.

Probably you.

used to activate spells. This also makes them Functional Magic.

are both references to painting styles.

DVD-only for various reasons ranging from perversion to [[Rated "M" for Money hyping up the DVD]].

[[ HIKARI NI NARE!]] is here!

drools during Ink's change.

they're five.

stupid, usually when the mood shifts from serious to "Let's drool over panty shots" mode.

hug them a lot.

various manga and anime.

and Blue Comet SPT Layzner in episode 8.

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