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  • Anime First: Averted for only the second time in Gundam since Chars Counterattack. It's an adaptation of a novel series.
  • Continuity Nod: There's quite a few:
    • Syam Vist, who was a young adult at the beginning of the Universal Century, is voiced by the narrator of the original Mobile Suit Gundam.
    • The Delta Plus and Ankusha are successors to the Hyaku Shiki and Asshimar respectively, in the case of the Delta Plus, it uses the transformation mode the Hyaku Shiki was supposed to have but was dropped, Anaheim Electronics was only able to implement it now due to acquiring movable frame technology. And the Sinanju, and Kshatriya are based heavily on the Sazabi, and Quin Mantha respectively but scaled down, and the Sinanju lacks the funnels, beamshot rifle and torso-mounted mega particle guns its predecessor had.
    • The Rozen follows the concept of Cyber-Newtype Hamma Hamma mobile suit.
    • The battleship Rewloola from Char's Counterattack is still kicking about, being the flagship for the Sleeves.
    • Towards the end of the story Banagher and Full Frontal fight each other outside of their mobile suits not unlike Amuro and Char, the difference being that they're beating the crap out of each other with lead pipes.
    • The obligatory background events that reference other Universal Century series:
      • During the history lecture you can see names and dates of notable past events, including 0080 and Operation Stardust.
      • At the beginning of episode two, when Micott asks what a "Gundam" is, Takuya explains that it's the first mobile suit built by the Federation, called the "White Devil" by Zeon. This is a reference to Amuro's famous battle where he destroyed nine Rick Doms within five minutes.
      • Once aboard the Nahel Argama, Takuya states that it must be destiny for them to be carrying the Unicorn Gundam, since the Nahel Argama was the mothership of the Gundam Team of the First Neo-Zeon War.
    • The Sleeves' arsenal of mobile suits wouldn't look out of place in a museum, with everything from Dra-C's to Gaza-D's, Gallus K's, EWAC-zack's (admittedly a Federation suit but doesn't look out of place considering the design), Dowadages, Dreissens, Geara Dogas, and almost everything in-between.
    • In episode 3 Angelo's Geara Zulu is using a beam shotrifle that looks almost exactly like the one used by the Sazabi.
    • In the beginning of OVA 4, Syam Vist is dreaming of the first Colony Drop on Sydney. And they even got the skyline right this time.
    • The Sinanju's model number (MSN-06S) is almost identical to the MS-06S Zaku II Commander Type that Char once piloted, which is a clear play on its pilot Full Frontal being "The Second Coming of Char". Another gag is that Sinanju is described as moving "at three times the
  • Early-Bird Cameo:
    • The Unicorn was shown in Gundam vs. Gundam Next, joined by the Kshatriya in the home version.
    • The Sinanju and Delta Plus join the party in Gundam Extreme Vs.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Purustitute" for Marida, although this nickname is not without reason. To elaborate, Marida was a child solder during the First Neo-Zeon war as one of the Ple clones. During Glemmy Toto's uprising she was Ple Twelve. Between then and the events of Unicorn (UC 0096), she survived by living as a prostitute under the assumed name Marida Cruz until she was approached by the Sleeves.
    • Some have called the Kshatriya "Palm Tree" due to the shape of its binders, it's color, and the fact that its a lot easier to pronounce then its actual name.
      • It's more of a bell pepper, really, especially when the binders are closed. Of course, there's already been fan art.
    • "Spiegel Cosplay" for the Geara Zulu due to its head looking similar to the Gundam Spiegel (ignoring the fact that both are based on WWII German soldier helmets...)
      • "Geara Leo" for the Geara Zulu that blew up when a shot from the Unicorn's beam magnum passed near it, a reference to how the Leos in Gundam Wing would explode by the dozen when a Gundam so much as appeared on the screen.
    • "Godspeed" for the nameless Stark Jegan pilot from the first Kshatriya fight.
    • Full Frontal is sometimes called "Mullet Char" because of his huge hair by Neo Lorrnoke of The Gundamn! podcast of MAHQ.
      • another nickname is "Fat Frontal" due to the uniform he's wearing in combination with his hair making it look like he's gained a few pounds, taking the mask off only makes it worse.
    • The Byalant in OVA 4 is sometimes called "Kobe Byalant" after it managed to beat down several Neo Zeon suits single-handedly, despite being essentially a Titans design.
    • "Bandai's Favorite Gundam" for the titular Mobile Suit, as Bandai tends to repeatedly milk the character for the collector's market for a decade.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Despite Audrey's original seiyuu being replaced by newcomer Ayumi Fujimura, there was much rejoicing when Shuichi Ikeda (aka Char Aznable) was announced as the voice of Full Frontal.
    • There was also rejoicing when Banagher's VA was revealed to be Kouki Uchiyama, aka Roxas from the Kingdom Hearts series.
    • Daisuke Namikawa stars again as another Gundam character {Riddhe}. Whether Riddhe will be a scrappy, considering Namikawa's history of voicing his slew of Gundam characters, is in speculation for now.
    • Ayato became a Genre Savvy otaku student in the form of Takuya Irei.
    • Angelo Sauper is Simon. Now, WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK HE IS?
    • The real coup is about Marida's VA. She's voiced by Yuko Kaida {aka Ryumou Shimei of Ikki Tousen}, Mechatalk had interesting posts.

 Kyuzo Aoi: Marida is the eyepatch girl in Ikki Tousen...good choice...

Dark Duel: Mou-chan? YAY!

Kyuzo Aoi: Yep. Any Gundam fan who is also an Ikki Tousen fan will like the Marida part. More fanservice! Give Marida an eyepatch!

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