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A list of characters of the light novel and OVA series Gundam Unicorn.


Banagher Links

Voice Actors: Kouki Uchiyama (Japanese), Steve Staley (English)

File:Banagher 2576.jpg

"I don't have that resolve. No, all I know is I need her to need me."


A sixteen-year-old student attending Anaheim Electronics Industrial College alongside his friends, Banagher seems to have a happy enough life despite essentially living on the school's suffrage thanks to having no contact with his father and his mother dying when he was young. His life drastically changes when he encounters Audrey, a young woman who seeks to prevent a war. His instant devotion to her results in him Falling Into the Cockpit of the Unicorn Gundam, becoming embroiled in a resurgent conflict between the Earth Federation Forces and The Remnant of Char's Neo-Zeon movement, now known as the Sleeves.


Cardeas: You've come this far, but are you confident that your conviction will not waver? The weight of the burden she has to bear is immense. You'll need the resolve to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders if you go with her. Do you have it?


Banagher: I don't care who you are! Just say that you need me, and I'll... Just tell me...
Audrey: I don't need you. Now, go. The best thing you can do is forget about me.
[Banagher has Heroic BSOD]

  • Say My Name: "Audrey!"
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill: Goes out of his way to avoid killing enemy pilots. Doesn't always succeed.
  • Troubled but Cute
  • Tyke Bomb: He started manifesting Newtype powers when he was very young, and was consequently being groomed as the Unicorn's pilot until his mother pulled him out of the Vist Foundation's clutches.
  • Unicorn: His Gundam.
  • Unstoppable Rage: After Daguza's death in Episode 3. He ends up getting Gilboa killed in the process.
  • Wetware CPU: The Unicorn's Gundam form turns him into one whenever it activates. He's locked into his pilot seat, unable to move while the MS's combat AI takes over and hijacks his brain's Psychic Powers for itself.
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Banagher delivers this several times, towards Cardeas Vist when Industrial 7 is attacked, towards Audrey when she attempts to get Banagher to escape with her from the Nahael Argama and when she persuades Daguza to shoot her when her identity as Mineva Lao Zabi is revealed, to Daguza (see below) for involving Audrey in the conflict, and finally to Full Frontal.

Banagher: Well, if we're just children, then why is she your hostage? Is this how adults are supposed to behave? Does being older make this right?!

    • In fact, Marida speculates that this is precisely why he is the most worthy pilot of the Unicorn--the best person to shape the destiny of the Universal Century is one capable of finding their own answers beyond the ideologies and propaganda of the two warring factions.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist
  • Wish Fulfillment: Banagher really, really wants to be needed by the girl he met five minutes ago.

Banagher: I don't care who you are! Just say that you need me, and I'll... Just tell me...
Banagher: I don't have that resolve. No, all I know is I need her to need me.


Audrey Burne / Mineva Lao Zabi

Voice Actors: Ayumi Fujimura (Japanese), Stephanie Sheh (English)

Audrey 7960

"I don't have much time! Help me! There's someone I must speak with, but if I don't get there in time, I'm afraid something terrible will happen! We must act immediately! So, please!"


A mysterious young woman involved with the Sleeves, who encounters Banagher while trying to prevent them from starting a war. Accepting his help, the two dodge the Sleeves while trying to contact the mysterious Vist Foundation. Eventually revealed to be Minerva Lao Zabi, the last survivor of the Zeon "royal family." Despite this, her goal is no more or less than preventing a war from breaking out, by whatever means necessary.

Takuya Irei

Voice Actors: Hiro Shimono (Japanese), Robby Sharpe (English)


"Hey, look up there! It's a Zaku! Damn it, Bancroft! Why didn't you tell us there was something so cool here?"


Banagher's friend and roommate at Anaheim Electronics Industrial College. He is a big fan of mobile suits.

  • Foil: To Banagher.
  • Genre Savvy: With Mobile Suits.
    • Wrong Genre Savvy: Despite being an Otaku Takuya gets a number of key facts wrong: he wrongly identifies the RX-78-2 Gundam as the Federation's first mobile suit and later calls the Delta-Plus the Hyaku-Shiki. Granted it's presented as more tongue-in-cheek, but these mistakes may belie a bit of propaganda on the part of his sources
  • Green Eyes
  • Keet
  • Otaku: A huge Mobile Suit fanboy. Based on his knowledge in the first two episodes, he could probably give most Gundam fans a run for their money.

Micott Bartsch

Voice Actors: Haruka Tomatsu (Japanese), Rachael Lillis (English)

File:Micott 4734.jpg

"Don't go! You can't leave me here! Please don't leave me! Banagher!"


Another friend of Banagher's, Micott has a not-so-secret crush on him. In the light novels, Micott attends a school adjacent of Anaheim Electronics Industrial College, while in the OVAs she attends Anaheim instead.


Voice Actors: Ryo Hirohashi (Japanese), Stephanie Sheh (English)

A spherical green robotic toy that belongs to Banagher.

Vist Foundation

Cardeas Vist

Voice Actors: Takayuki Sugo (Japanese), Steve Mann (English)

File:Cardeas resize 1162.jpg

"Death should be treated with dignity. We're supposed to respect one another's lives, but once we grow out of childhood, though we know better, we still cause meaningless bloodshed."


The Chairman of Anaheim Electronics Industrial College, and the head of the Vist Foundation. He is the man who spearheaded the development of the Unicorn Gundam, as well as being Banagher's father. Dies in the first episode, after being shot by Alberto.

Syam Vist

Voice Actors: Ichiro Nagai (Japanese), Troy Baker (English)


"Those who can correct the flaws of the Universal Century are beginning to emerge."


The grandfather of Cardeas and great-grandfather of Banagher. First seen briefly in the beginning of the first episode. He is seen as the person who discovered Laplace's Box at the beginning of the Universal Century.

  • The Atoner: His wish to have Laplace's Box passed on seems to stem from guilt over causing the whole mess that is the current Universal Century when he blew up the laplace station back in U.C.0001, and is trying to set things right.
  • Eyes of Gold
  • Grandpa God: He looks the Part being a Bearded Old Man in White Robes.
  • Light Is Good

Earth Federation

Riddhe Marcenas

Voice Actors: Daisuke Namikawa (Japanese), Yuri Lowenthal (English)

File:Riddhe 145.jpg

"You are still a member of Zeon. Even if there have been background dealings, you're an enemy here. Your people killed Commander Norm and the others, and that is something I won't be able to forgive."


An MS pilot for the EFSF who rescues Audrey, Takuya, and Micott from the attack on Industrial 7. He wears a pendant around his wrist and considers it his "good luck charm." Riddhe joined the Federation to get away from his family's political life.

  • Animal Motif: Following Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn's central theme of the The Lady and the Unicorn, Riddhe's role is that of the "Lion" (Riddhe acquired the Unicorn Gundam "Banshee" unit, which was designed with a "Lion" motif), with Mineva being the "Lady" and the "Unicorn" being Banagher.
  • Birds of a Feather: With Audrey when they both discuss their mutual political families and the responsibilities that stemmed from it.
  • Bishonen
  • Blue Eyes
  • Dark Is Evil: After some hefty Sanity Slippage, decides to pilot the monstrous black Unicorn Banshee for the Vist Foundation.
  • The Fatalist: Doesn't believe the problems with the Earth Federation can be fixed, so he just wants to keep things as they are rather than let them get any worse.
  • Hair of Gold/Blond Guys Are Evil
  • Heir to the Dojo: Of the political kind, given how influential the Marcenas family is, which leads to...
  • Irony: He hates Gundams as agents of uncontrolled and often destructive change, but eventually decides to pilot one himself because of its inarguable power.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Inverted. He joined the E.F.S.F. to escape the constraints of his political family.
  • The Lancer
  • Memento MacGuffin: His "good luck charm." It may have something to do with his family because Audrey seemed to recognize it.
  • Psychic Powers
  • Sanity Slippage: Courtesy of his jealousy towards Banagher, his rejection by Audrey, and the stress caused by being The Fatalist whilst stuck with the regular Newtype Dulcinea Effect.
  • The Rival: To Banagher.

Otto Mitas

File:Ottomitas 3261.jpg

"That's the last time you'll speak to me like that!"


Voice Actors: Naoya Uchida (Japanese), Michael Sorich (English)

The captain of the Nahel Argama, he has a short temper and tends toward indecision. Implied to be a rather inexperienced in an actual shipborne command, having been assigned there from an administrative post. Is often offered "suggestions" by his executive officer, Liam Borrinea.

Daguza Mackle

Voice Actors: Hiroki Tochi (Japanese), Richard Epcar (English)

File:Daguza 8260.jpg

"Even a cog in a machine has its pride. Now, you go and play your own part, it's the one place where you can decide for yourself who you are, don't ever lose it."


A Commander in the ECOAS 920 special operations group. Is highly experienced in fighting against Zeon and does not hesitate to use underhanded tactics in order to accomplish his mission, which at this point in time is preventing the opening of Laplaces Box.

Conroy Haagensen

Voice Actors: Kenta Miyake (Japanese), Marc Thompson (English)

Second in command of the ECOAS 920 special forces team; Daguza's right-hand man.

Mihiro Oiwakken

Voice Actors: Megumi Toyoguchi (Japanese), Michelle Ruff (English)

File:Mihiro 1975.jpg

The communications officer on the Nahael Argama, she seems to have a thing for Riddhe, but he's pretty oblivious about it.

Liam Borrinea

Voice Actors: Misa Watanabe (Japanese), Cindy Robinson (English)

A rather experienced middle aged woman and the Nahael Argama's executive officer, frequently offers "suggestions" to acting captain Otto Mitas, often with some well hidden snark attached.


A veteran doctor who served aboard the original Argama during the Gryps War, and he has been with the Nahael Argama since the First Neo-Zeon War.

Ronan Marcenas

Riddhe's father, and a member of the Earth Federation's Central Assembly. He serves as chairman of the Settlement Issues Council, which is jokingly referred to as the shadow cabinet.

Ricardo Marcenas

Voice Actors: Kinryu Arimoto (Japanese), Robert Gorman (English)

The first prime minister of the Earth Federation government, who was killed in the act of terrorism known as the Laplace Incident. He is an ancestor of Riddhe Marcenas.

Bright Noa

Voice Actors: Ken Narita (Japanese), Christopher Corey Smith (English)

The commander of the Earth Federation Forces' Londo Bell auxiliary unit. He holds the rank of Captain. Ever since the One Year War, he has been known throughout the world as a commander of Newtype corps, but the Federation Forces leadership regards his career history as dangerous, and he has been removed from the military mainstream. As the captain of the Londo Bell flagship Ra Cailum, he becomes involved in the events surrounding Laplace's Box.


The second in command of the Londo Bell flagship Ra Cailum. He holds the rank of Commander. Since the second Neo Zeon War, he has continued to calmly support Bright as his right-hand man

Robin Diez

A pilot stationed at Torrington Base, he uses the RX-160S Byarlant Custom.

Amuro Ray

The original Gundam pilot. Hero of the One Year War and Second Neo Zeon Conflict. Sacrificed his own life to save the Earth from the Asteroid Axis three years before the story begins, but that doesn't stop him from coming back to lend Banagher a helping hand at a critical moment.

Neo Zeon Remnant / "The Sleeves"

Full Frontal

Voice Actors: Shuichi Ikeda (Japanese), Keith Silverstein (English)

File:Fullfrontal 1678.jpg

"You mustn't let mistakes weigh you down. Acknowledge them and take what you've learned to move on. That is the privilege of being a man."


The mysterious leader of the Neo Zeon remnant forces who is described as the "second coming of Char". Like Char Aznable, he is a blonde man whose face is hidden behind a mask, wears a red uniform and pilots a red mobile suit. Similar to Char, he holds the Neo Zeon remnants together with his high charisma. Whether the name is an alias is unspecified.

  • Affably Evil: Sure, he's the Big Bad, but that in no way makes him any less polite, friendly, or courteous.
  • Alliterative Name
  • Bad Boss: Quite happy to sacrifice Marida in order to better assess the Unicorn's combat capabilities.
  • Big Bad
  • Bishonen/Long-Haired Pretty Boy
  • Bling of War
  • Blond Guys Are Evil: It's possible that his hair is dyed to look like Char so his blond hair may or may not be natural.
  • Blue Eyes
  • Cool Mask: He is a CHAR.
  • Cultured Badass: While holding Banagher captive, he offers him tea, has no qualms with answering Banagher's questions, and treats him with the utmost of courtesy. Whether or not you think that he truly is Char, you can't deny the fact that he is classy as hell.
  • Dangerously Genre Savvy
  • Expy/Char Clone: In-universe example: he uses a similar style of mobile suit, outfit, and tactics of Char Aznable. In reality, he's a genetically altered close-copy of Char, a Cyber NewType with the near exact distinctions of Char. Frontal's memories were implanted from the psycoframe of one of the mobile suits previously piloted by Char.
  • Fan Nickname: "Zenra" (Naked) among some Japanese fans, on account of his name; the Nicopedia entry for "naked" (link omitted as NSFW) begins with "Did you mean: Full Frontal?". See also Meaningful Name below.
  • Lightning Bruiser:
    • His Sinanju is a scaled down version of Char's Sazabi with most of its thick armor and fancy gimmicks cut out for better mobility and endurance. It may not seem like much with the Attack Drone set and Wave Motion Gun gone, reducing it to a fairly basic set of armaments, but the truth is that something that moves like that doesn't really need them.
    • This makes it one of the most enjoyable MS to play as in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam. Nothing says fun like running circles around the enemy and laying a supersonic smackdown.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • It's supposed to be a reference to "full frontal assault" rather than "full frontal nudity." It probably sounds better to the Japanese ear.
    • On the other hand, it may be meant to tie in with Char's alias in Zeta Gundam.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: His mask has red eyes and his sinanju also shows a red eye when its face is half destroyed
  • Slasher Smile: Cracks a small one before firing on the General Revil.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Claims to be this although his underhanded tatics and willingness to sacrifices his troops rises suspicions on that.

Angelo Sauper

Voice Actors: Tetsuya Kakihara (Japanese), Michael Sinterniklaas (English)

File:Angelo 8179.jpg

"If it's never right to take another life, then you're as guilty as anyone for using the Gundam! You killed one of our best men out there! What do you have to say for that?!"


A young member of the Sleeves who serves as the devoted commander of Full Frontal's royal guard. He holds the rank of Lieutenant. Angelo's Geara Zulu is a customized machine with a purple color scheme.

Suberoa Zinnerman

Voice Actors: Hideaki Tezuka (Japanese), Michael Alston Baley (English)

A Sleeves member who serves as the captain of the camouflaged freighter Garencieres, and commands its combat forces.

  • A Father to His Men: Particularly and especially Marida, who he was willing to launch a near-suicidal assault on the Nahael Argama whilst it was in Earth orbit for after she was captured by the EFSF.
  • Anti-Villain: As much as he might protest otherwise, he does have a functional soul. It's the reason he eventually approved sending out Banagher against the Shamblo, the Sleeves' own superweapon, after it went berserk and started massacring civilians.
  • Badass Beard
  • Badass Normal: No Newtype powers, and can't pilot a mobile suit worth a damn. Still gets the job done.
  • The Captain: Of the Garencieres.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: The atrocities he's seen during the long Federation-versus-Zeon war have done some bad, bad things to him.
  • Parental Substitute: To Marida and Banagher.
  • Papa Wolf: Seriously, do not fuck with his crew. That goes double for Marida and Mineva.
  • Pet the Dog: Several instances, mostly involving Marida.
  • Stout Strength: He's a lot more dangerous in a fight than his bulk might suggest.
  • Large and In Charge

Marida Cruz/Ple Tweleve

Voice Actors: Yuko Kaida (Japanese), Tara Platt (English)

File:Marida 4064.jpg

"Nothing can live without light. But the people abandoned in space eventually found a new light to replace God. And the new light they found to guide them is Zeon."


A Newtype woman who pilots the monstrous Kshatriya for the Sleeves with the rank Lieutenant Junior Grade. Rather stoic in most situations, she really doesn't like Gundams, which sees her repeatedly pitting herself against the Unicorn. In reality, she is actually Ple Twelve, one of Glemmy Toto's cyber newtype clones from the First Neo-Zeon War.

Flaste Schole

Voice Actors: Rikiya Koyama (Japanese), Sean Schemmel (English)

The helmsman of the camouflaged freighter Garencieres. At first glance Flaste has an air of unapproachability, but his personality is actually more like that of a big brother, and he has the full trust of the crew. He is also an old acquaintance of Captain Zinnerman, and supports him well as the second in command of the Garencieres crew.

  • Anti-Villain
  • Eighties Hair: Hey Flaste, nice sideburns!
  • Even Evil Has Standards: He doesn't like civilian casualties one bit. Especially underlined by his reaction to the Shamblo's rampage in Episode 4.
  • Gentle Giant: A laid-back, friendly guy once you get to know him, as Banagher found out when he joined the crew.

Gilboa Sant

Voice Actors: Cho (Japanese), Kirk Thornton (English)

A member of the Garencieres crew. Gilboa has a friendly demeanor, and is the father of three children.

Hill Dawson

Voice Actors: Hideyuki Umezu (Japanese), Liam O'Brien (English)

The captain of the Sleeves flagship Rewloola. He holds the rank of Captain.


A mechanic of the Garencieres team. Despite his youth, his mobile suit maintenance skills are superb, and he has no trouble setting up the Unicorn Gundam with a double set of the Kshatriya's beam gatling guns. He is an optimist with a cheerful personality .

Zeon Remnants

Loni Garvey

Voice Actors: Mariya Ise (Japanese), Karen Strassman (English)

A mobile suit pilot in the Zeon remnant group led by Kirks. She is the daughter of the wealthy Mahdi Garvey, a former Zeon soldier who brought the remnants together. Filled with hatred for the Earth Federation Forces who killed her father, she seeks revenge as the pilot of the huge mobile armor Shamblo.

Yomen Kirks

Voice Actors: Unsho Ishizuka (Japanese), Kyle Hebert (English)

The current leader of a group of Zeon remnants based in New Guinea. After Mahdi's death, he looked after Loni like a substitute father.

  • Ambiguously Brown
  • Anti-Villain
  • Morality Chain: To Loni. Malfunctioning Psycommu aside, It's only a combination of his concern for her and his being her superior officer that keeps the bitter and angry pilot of a massive Mobile Armor from going Axe Crazy every time she sorties. Even his dying thoughts still manages to make Loni snap out of her psychotic episode.
  • Taking You with Me: In Episode 4, he attempts to self-destruct his mobile suit by destroying its reactor with his rifle to destroy the Federation suits attacking him. One of them kills him before he succeeds.

Anaheim Electronics

Martha Vist Carbine

Voice Actors: Tomoko Shiota (Japanese), Ellyn Stern (English)

Cardias' younger sister and Banagher's aunt. A woman with a somewhat elegant appearance, shoulder length blond hair, tight cheeks and deep eyes that give off a cold magnetism. She is married to the chairman of Anaheim Electronics, Melanie Hue Carbine (Marth Vist is often referred to as "The Empress Of The Moon") of the Carbine family which established Anaheim Electronics. Through the Carbine family she has connections with the higher ups of the Earth Federation. She has a sharper mouth than her husband, which makes her a shrewd businesswoman. To the Vist family, it was a rarity to bear a woman of such character. She sends Alberto Vist to Industrial 7 in order to murder Cardeas. She’s an ambitious woman who takes part in the delivery obstruction of “Laplace’s Box” and aims at seizing the Vist Foundation as well as taking back the box.

Alberto Vist

Voice Actors: Wataru Takagi (Japanese), J. B. Blanc (English)

An Anaheim Electronics executive. He comes to Industrial 7 in order to block the transaction between the Vist Foundation and the Sleeves.

Aaron Terzieff

An Anaheim Electronics engineer who participated in the RX-0 development project as part of the armor materials division. He was detained by ECOAS when he escaped from Magallanica.

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