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Episode One

  • Several minutes into the first episode, an awesome dogfight happens with between Kshatriya and a trio of Londo Bell Jegans pursuing the Grancieres. Marida launches and easily dispatches the two Jegan-Ds with her funnels, and then the Stark Jegan pilot gets his turn to shine, dodging Marida's funnels, and firing at her with his bazooka and missiles; when Marida evades all his shots he dumps the bazooka and missile launchers and charges in with beam saber drawn, and comes within literally inches of killing Marida. All set to Crowning Music of Awesome.
  • When Loto pilot Daguza Mackle gets out of the cockpit of his mecha and fires a handheld bazooka at the Kshatriya, temporarily blinding its pilot.
    • In the book said sequence is even more awesome where said handheld bazooka fires a net that traps two of the Kshatriya's funnels.
    • He might've been showing some sort of precognitive or Genre Savvy skills by jumping away from his mobile suit after that shot since the funnels' blind shots destroyed his Loto.
  • Also, the first battles involving the Kshatriya and Unicorn.
  • Banagher gets a few while protecting Audrey. He reprograms Haro, fooling a couple of Neo Zeon Mooks into thinking it's a bomb, throws it into the air and then kicks their asses while they're distracted, catching Haro when he's finished with them. He then takes on Marida and manages to kick her to the ground, drag her by her coat and throw her off a maintenance lift. Kamille, eat your heart out.
    • Arguably, Banagher's first Crowning Moment of Awesome, which says a lot about his character, is when he first rescues Audrey while she's in freefall in the Lapalce colony by piloting a worker unit meant for space flight as opposed to atmospheric. After grabbing Audrey midair, his worker unit begins to run out of fuel, sending his unit plummeting to the surface. Does Banagher panic or freak out? No; he simply calmly tells Audrey, "I'll think of something." Damn, that takes a lot of confident guts.

Episode 2

  • Full Frontal effectively soloing the Nahael Argama and its entire mobile suit complement in the Sinanju's first outing.
  • The entirety of Banagher taking on Full Frontal is nothing but this, and the episode tells you as much by making this fight the climatic center point. The Crowning Music of Awesome roars as Banagher takes off. The Unicorn unveils the raw power of the Beam Magnum that leaves the audience and Banagher stunned as a single shot pierces and destroys the massive rock debris Full was hiding behind. The sheer heroism and raw determination as Banagher, a novice pilot, tries to keep up with a highly experienced veteran, while his Dragon snipes at every opportunity. In spite of the insurmountable odds, Banagher fights with everything he's got.
  • Mineva's handling of her own hostage situation is worthy of mention too. She calmly made Daguza lose confidence in his plan when a gun pointed to her head then asked him to show the Federation's worth and shoot her. That girl is no Distressed Damsel.

Episode 3

  • Banagher ending the Unicorn's Curb Stomp Battle against the Kshatriya by overriding the NT-D system through sheer force of will, letting him capture Marida rather than killing her.
  • Marida saving Alberto's life despite the fact that he was carting her off to be a Vist Foundation guinea pig at the time, setting a new gold standard for anti-villainy in the process.
  • Daguza ambushing and trapping the hitherto near-unstoppable Sinanju whilst on foot, before pounding the living crap out of it with a shoulder-fired rocket launcher. Admittedly, it ended up getting him killed, but that in no way diminishes the magnitude of his accomplishment.
    • The fact that Daguza was able to get a salute in to Banagher before getting beam sabered was a Dying Moment of Awesome
  • A somewhat more minor one, but a Loto taking out a bunch of Sleeves at the beginning of the Palau battle. It doesn't seem like much, but you have to remember that the Loto is a ground-based unit, and it's fighting against opponents that can fly.

Episode 4

  • Banagher politely explaining to Zimmerman why killing civilians is wrong whilst the rest of the Garencieres bridge crew cheerfully watches.
    • At the Gundam Unicorn Episode 4 viewing at AFA 2011 (located in Singapore), this was met with lots of laughter and some applause from the viewing audience.
  • The unknown Byalant Kai pilot has Crowning Scenes of Awesome. He simply wiped the floor with the enemy Zeon Mobile Suits, from his first appearance and any scene focusing on him thereafter.
    • Mention must also go for the brave Gaera pilot at 00:34 for sacrificing himself to save another pilot.
  • The sheer APPEARANCE OF THE BANSHEE, dropping in from the air and transforming from Unicorn Mode to Destroy Mode.
    • At the Gundam Unicorn Episode 4 viewing at AFA 2011 (located in Singapore), this scene was met with INSTANTANEOUS APPLAUSE FROM THE ENTIRE HALL OF VIEWING AUDIENCE!!

Episode 5

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