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  • Shinn Asuka's own moment comes right at the end of the very first episode of Gundam Seed Destiny.
  • For those who don't like Kira, it was when he stabbed Freedom with Impulse's BFS. At the Super Robot Wars Z promo, this got one of the biggest cheers of the preview.
    • Pretty much that entire episode is a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Shinn. Mini-CMoAs include throwing his Gundam's shield in order to bounce a beam off it and hit the Freedom from an unexpected angle, splitting his mobile suit in half to avoid a saber strike by Kira, and when Kira does his signature move of chopping off the enemy's head and gun/sword arm, Shinn simply detaches the chest flyer, has it ram the Freedom, and then blows it up. Finally, there's the simple fact that Shinn pretty much called out the show's resident God Mode Sue.

 Shinn: "I'm the one who's going to defeat you! Here! Today!"

      • Bandai themselves acknowledged this CMoA in Gundam Vs Gundam, where all the Impulse's attacks come from this episode - the shield bank-shot, the Open Get evasion move, the Chest Flyer bomb, all reproduced faithfully.
  • Those of us who did like Kira on the other hand and didn't think he was a God Mode Sue (and thought that Shinn needed to grow up a bit) have to look elsewhere for the latter's Crowning Moment of Awesome. I will always believe that Shinn (and the rest of the ZAFT team) got their CMoA during the Battle at Heaven's Base. It's one of the few times in series where Shinn is one hundred percent, no questions asked in the right (face it: it's tough not to be in the right when you're fighting Blue Cosmos, a group that's somewhere between the Nazis and the KKK). And what happens? He, Rey and Luna go after five Destroys. Luna takes one out on her first flight in the Impulse. Shinn and Rey take down two apiece, and Shinn in the process, finally settles the score with Sting, probably the least sympathetic and most genuinely evil member of the Extended. And on top of it, we get to see Djibril's face as he realises that it's all over. Beautiful, just beautiful.
  • This troper firmly believes that Shinn's true CMoA comes in episode 12. A massive mobile armor has apparently disabled Shinn's mobile suit, has blocked everything the Minerva can throw at it, and is now moving in for the kill, backed by an entire fleet. It looks like the Minerva is pretty much boned...until Shinn wakes up. Flying into an Unstoppable Rage, Shinn rejoins the battle, destroys the mobile armor and proceeds to sink six of the enemy ships, using only swords.
  • Right after Kira acquires the Strike Freedom and launches from the Eternal, he faces a few ships and numerous mobile suits. He proceeds to defeat and disarm 25 of them without taking any damage. In two minutes.
    • Another Strike Freedom CMOA was Kira's move during his fight with Shin in the Destiny at ORB. Shin readies his BFS, and goes to bisect Kira's MS Vertically, and Kira CATCHES it, with his HANDS. Badass Indeed.
      • This troper feels obligated to point out that the Astray Manga's Rondo Gina Sahaku one-ups Kira[1] by pulling that move twice: The first time while piloting A GRUNT. The second time is even more awesome, as he catches the Red Frame's blade IN BETWEEN TWO FINGERS, then uses the bottom edge of his shield to break the blade clean in two.
        • The real difference isn't that it's a plasma blade, but that it is also meant for slicing through large ships like they were nothing. Meaning had Kira not caught it like he had, it would have easily sliced through the Strike Freedom.
  • After Murrue gives Neo Roanoke the Skygrasper to leave, Neo shows up in the battle and gives Mu's old catch phrase of making the Impossible Possible
    • In fact you can pretty much just say everything Neo does after his Heel Face Turn; his first meeting with Murrue ends with him giving her a pimp pickup line.
      • In particular using the Akatsuki to block the Minerva's Positron Blaster cannon, in a repeat of Mu's Heroic Sacrifice... Minus the sacrifice part this time.
        • And even before his Heel Face Turn Neo gets some amazing moments. Taking on Shinn and Rey at once? In just a Mobile Armour? And not only surviving, but fighting them to a draw? The Neo persona may be pure evil, but there's no denying how Badass he is!
  • Lacus gets one in episode 43 when she interupts Meer, who is pretending to be Lacus and making a broadcast that had interupted Cagalli's broadcast about the war with Logos. The look on Durandal's face when he sees the real Lacus is priceless.
  • Stellar is mainly known for being childlike, but it's worth remembering that when she isn't acting adorable, she's a Tyke Bomb Super Soldier. The best example of this has to be the first episode, where she leaps into a group of six ZAFT soldiers, holding a knife in one hand and a submachine gun in the other. She's killed five of her opponents by the time the first one's body hits the ground.
    • In episode 31, Stellar gains her full pedigree as Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds when she's given the Destroy Gundam. A massive ZAFT force, including dozens of mobile suits and a land battleship, sortie and lob everything they have at her. Stellar brings up the Deflector Shields and all their railgun slugs, missiles and particle beams splatter against the barrier like snowballs. Stellar's turn: she fires one shot with the Destroy's big guns, atomizing the battleship, the ZAFT mobile suits and a large chunk of the city behind them.
  • Meyrin Hawke has a more subtle but effective one when she indy ploys Athrun's escapade, resorting even to a Modesty Towel to make sure her idol and friend wouldn't be caught in her house.
    • An explanation is needed for this one. The aforementioned Meyrin Hawke is a Bridge Bunny Naive Everygirl, who is suddenly caught in a situation way over her head when Athrun comes up to her room and asks her for help since he's being targetted by assassins. She doesn't hesitate to hide him in her bathroom, wraps self in a towel and go face the soldiers seeking for Athrun, who could perfectly throw her around and go check on her living space. And yet she manages to convince them to not do so, fooling them into thinking she's alone and just fresh outta the shower. For a teenager who's more often than not in the sidelines, that's pretty badass.
  • During the battle to prevent Junius 7 from being dropped on Earth, Yzak, Dearka, and Athrun manage to severely tear up Chaos, Abyss, and Gaia with their ZAKUs, putting the other characters who were fighting them to shame.
  • How did Cagalli prove that her Chickification days were a thing of the past? By going to Yuna, the main culprit, and socking him on the face. WELCOME BACK!
    • And to get there, she goes on a rampage through the ZAFT lines, survives Shinn (well, she stays alive long enough for Kira to get there) and essentially turns the battle around by herself. Goodbye to The Load, hello Action Girl. Did we mention that she's a Badass Normal to boot?
  • Athrun launching in the Infinite Justice for the first time. He helps Kira and Cagalli protect Orb from ZAFT, including the crew of the Minerva. The kicker? He had a bigass chest wound at the time. Hell, he even passed out when he landed!
  • Pretty much anything Gilbert Durandel does in the series is awesome, but his personal CMOA would probably be calling out LOGOS on international television. After spending episode after episode getting angrier and angrier at Djibril its just awesome to see how Durandel's speech nearly gives him epilepsy
  • Lord Djibril's demise. Especially when he spotted Legend Gundam upon his escape. Even moreso when Chairman Durandal commented about it.

 Chairman Durandal: Thank you, Djibril. Goodbye and good riddance.

  • Any of the few scenes with Yzak and Dearka back on the battlefields. Between their epic tag-team moves, and destroying Gundams and Mobile Armors in epic Mook Suit, some custom, the viewers can't help but to grin as they are reminded why these two guys have always been awesome. Even Shinn comments in agreement during the Battle of Junius 7.


  1. Though, in fairness, Ghina catches a metal blade, while Kira catches a plasma blade.
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