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G Gundam character sheet READY, GO!

Shuffle Alliance

Domon Kasshu

File:Chara domon a 9289.gif



 Domon: You piece of filth! My dad! My mom! My brother! Schwarz! My master! You've taken them all from me! And now Rain! Ulube... You'll pay for this. There's no way I'll ever forgive you!

Chibodee Crocket

File:Chara chibodee a 77.gif

George deSand

File:Chara george a 7051.gif

Sai Saici

File:Chara sai a 6536.gif
  • Accidental Pervert: When he comes across a skinnydipping Nastasha. Quite deliberate with Rain, though.
  • Alliterative Name
  • Badass: seriously, if it hasn't been made clear just how important it was - this punk forced DOMON to take a draw on their first bout...and with the exception of a very convenient save as well as Plot Armor - almost did him in a second time. Watch the series from beginning to end and you'll see just how much of a big deal this really is.
  • Dating Catwoman: His one-time girlfriend Cécile is the sister of one of his rivals. It's less of a problem than it sounds.
  • Cute Bruiser: Small, youthful, strong, fast... and can kick your ass.
  • Determinator: Well, everyone is, but he deserves special mention for the final match with Domon. You don't get more Determinator than continuing to fight after your Gundam's arms have been ripped off, especially when you take into account how the Mobile Trace System works.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Notably, he's voiced by a woman in the English version (The male Kappei Yamaguchi voices him in the Japanese version).
  • Facial Markings: Has a mole on his forehead, which might be a bindi.
  • Fun Personified
  • Guile Hero: His first episode is one big Batman Gambit. With Dragon Gundam stolen, Sai Saici poses as a harmless chef and tricks Domon, tricks the bandits who stole it, tricks Domon again, and repeats until he has the Gundam back. And when he's infected by DG Cells in Shinjuku, he opts to man the subway controls in order to run the cars over Domon, rather than engage him directly like the others.
  • Idiot Hero: When he isn't fighting or doing fight-related things, he's a pretty goofy, immature kid. Sometimes overestimates his own abilities, too.
  • Let's Get Dangerous: He's the only member of the Shuffle Alliance who forced Domon to acknowledge a draw, rather than being beaten outright.
    • This is especially true during his final match with Domon, where he becomes so serious about preparing that his guardians are actually worried about him.
  • Kappei Yamaguchi
  • Keet
  • Kid Appeal Character: Youngest of the main characters. (Was actually very popular among younger fans during the original run.)
  • Older Than They Look: He's 16. Looks about 12.
  • The Prankster: Especially in the Guyana Highlands.
  • Religious Bruiser: He's raised by Buddhist monks and is seen praying before a statue of Buddha late in the series.
  • Sins of Our Fathers: His grandfather Sai Feilong was Neo-China's Gundam Fighter in the 4th Gundam Fight, where he accidentally killed Neo-Egypt's Dahal Muhammed[3]; when Muhammed is revived by DG Cells, he tries to kill Sai Saici in revenge.
  • The Smart Guy: Mostly because he thinks fast in the battlefield.
  • Team Chef: He's an amazing cook.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: HATES mummies and anything related to the supernatural. Naturally, Neo Egypt's previous Gundam Fighter has a grudge against his father and, by proxy, him.
    • He's also terrified of rats.

Argo Gulskii

File:Chara argo a 1005.gif
  • Badass
  • Big Brother Mentor: The oldest and more mature of the Alliance.
  • The Big Guy: Just over seven feet here, folks.
  • Big Ol' Eyebrows: HUGE ones, indeed.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: A calmer, more serious version.
  • Boxed Crook: Argo fights on the agreement that his pirate crew is released from prison should he win the Gundam fight. He has a bomb wired to his chest should he try to go rogue and go back on it.
  • Car Fu: In Shinjuku, with a particular kind of car. A subway car.
  • Genius Bruiser
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: With Nastasha, though in a sort-of subversion she's not exactly waifish.
  • Husky Russkie: Plays it straight and subverts it. He's big, strong and relies on brute force, but remains very calm and cool-headed. The Guyana Highlands arc is proof: Argo was the only member of the Shuffle Alliance who wasn't utterly traumatised after being Brainwashed and Crazy due to the DG Cells in the Shinjuku arc.
  • Gentleman Thief: To a degree. He was a space pirate before being caught and forced to work for the Neo-Russian government, but even in his worse times he utterly refused to harm or kill the people he and his crew robbed. In fact, his arch-rival Andrew Graham thought he killed his wife and partner Norma... when Argo had actually tried to save her from being Thrown Out the Airlock, but couldn't reach her in time.
  • Perpetual Frowner: The great majority of the time, anyway.
  • Wrestler in All of Us: More subtle than the average example, but he throws out some rassilin' techniques every once in a while.
  • Younger Than He Looks: He's 26.


Devil Gundam

Master Asia (a.k.a. the Undefeated of the East) Real Name Shuuji Kurosu

File:Chara masterasia a 2747.gif

Kyouji Kasshu

Wong Yunfat

Gentle Chapman

  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Chapman's return from death is a minor detail to the protagonists... what really grinds their gears is that he's back in the Fight after being disqualified.

  George de Sand: Tell me something, Chapman. How can someone return from the grave and then participate in the finals?!

  • Came Back Wrong: Revived through DG Cells.
  • Fallen Hero: Won three Gundam Fights in a row for Britain and was renowned for his British sense of chivalry. By the beginning of the series, he relies on steroids(?) and trickery[4], which gets him called out by George and Domon. His reason being that he has to keep being a hero, both for himself and for his country.
  • Flat Character: Only after his return via the DG Cells... he literally has no lines other than to growl menacingly. This is intentional, however: he's meant to contrast with the obnoxious, motor-mouthed Michelo. Also, he's, y'know, kinda dead.
  • Happily Married: To Manon.
  • The Mean Brit: After his revival - a common side effect of being infected with DG Cells, apparently.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Where the heck did his devoted wife Manon get to?
    • Apparently she had to be dropped, as having her around as a character meant that they'd have to explain his sudden, complete change in character. Not that they ever provide any explanation for where she goes in the actual show.

Michelo Chariot

Ulube Ishikawa

  "Good thing I've continued to work on my body!"

Other characters

Rain Mikamura

File:Chara rain a 3665.gif

Allenby Beardsley

File:Chara allenby a 8536.gif

 Domon: [flips a giant bar bouncer onto a table, complete with still shot of horrified diners]

Allenby: All RIGHT!

Schwarz Bruder

File:Chara schwarz a 7291.gif
  • Artificial Human
  • Badass
  • Badass Longcoat: Or Badass German Uniform.
  • Big Brother Mentor: To Domon, and slightly to Rain.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Pulls these once in a while.
  • Char Clone: Masked and secretly the hero's brother... kinda, although he doesn't bear nearly as much physical resemblance as others in the series.
  • Cloning Blues
  • Dead Person Impersonation: He is a clone of Kyouji Kasshu (made with DG Cells) who merges with the body of the original Schwarz and becomes the Schwarz we know and love
  • Dual-Wielding: The arm-blades on his Gundam.
  • Hideyuki Hori: And he's a ninja.
  • Mask Power
    • Also a case of Shown Their Work, since his voice actually is slightly muffled from wearing the mask over his mouth. (Hori apparently did this by putting a sheet of paper over the mic.)
  • Master of Disguise
  • McNinja: The poster boy for this trope (and yet, not quite a true example -- unless the Kasshu's are secretly German). Or rather, Schwarz should have been called von Ninja.
    • The original, deceased Schwartz Bruder was, however, a straight example.
  • Meaningful Name: His name means Black Brother in German. Guess who he turns out to be?
    • Subverted with the original, for whom the name was a coincidence with no meaning whatsoever. Kyoji was just incredibly lucky with names, clone-wise.
  • Ninja Pirate Robot Zombie: He's a German Ninja. Technically, a robot zombie Japanese clone of a German Ninja and a Japanese Badass Bookworm.
  • Pro-Human Transhuman
  • Shipper on Deck: For Domon/Rain.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: When Rain asks the German crew about Schwarz's true nature, they said that the committee had confirmation he was human. Although some of Schwarz's stunts are insane even for G Gundam, so this might not be unjustified.
  • Technicolor Ninjas: You would think that dressing himself as the German flag would make him less stealthy. It doesn't.
  • Wearing a Flag on Your Head: He's German, did you know? Sort of.

Nastasha Zabikov

Princess Maria Louise of France


  • Catch Phrase: Gundam Fight! Ready? GO!
  • Eyepatch of Power
  • Rule of Cool: Seems to wear an eyepatch for no other reason than this, as he takes it off when particularly worked up.
  • Shout-Out: One of his introductory speeches starts with "I would like, ah, if I may..."
  • Talking to Himself: Averted; though he shares a voice with Master Asia, Stalker never really interacts with the actual cast.
  • Woolseyism: In the second episode, he starts off speaking in English before stopping, apologizing, and starting over in Japanese. In the dub, he starts off in French before switching to English.

Dr. Raizou Kasshu

Dr. Mikamura

  • The Atoner
  • Driven by Envy: His jealousy over Dr. Kasshu's accomplishments made him betray his old friend.
  • Heel Realization: He's pretty unrepentant about what he did until Rain rejects him.
  • Papa Wolf: His other main motivation for his Heel Face Turn is protecting Rain. When he fails and is shot to death, he begs Domon to save her.
  • The Professor: Designed both the Shining and God Gundams.
  • Redemption Equals Death
  • What Could Have Been: Was supposed to have become a Big Bad alongside Ulube towards the end, but Imakawa (the director) just couldn't imagine him as a bad guy with that voice of his. Thus, he got some small measure of redemption instead.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: When Domon complains about Rain leaving the Neo-Japanese team, Dr. Mikamura imediately and accurately tells him that he's full of shit and that it's his own fault.

Chairman Karato

  • Beleaguered Bureaucrat: Anyone who has a job managing Domon Kasshu is beleaguered by default.
  • Characterization Marches On: In Episode 6, he's the jerk Chairman of Japan's Gundam Fight committee who tries to rig a simulation to defeat Domon and replace him with another Gundam Fighter. Later in the series he's pretty ineffectual and hopeless when it comes to trying to keep Domon (and sometimes his friends) in line.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Becomes this later, which Domon comments on.
    • There's a hint of this in episode 12, where he sends Domon and Rain to Shinjuku - which is under siege by the Death Army - without any hesitation. And some Foreshadowing about Ulube's true face, since he's dismissive of an Earth-based crisis.

Saette Gyuzelle

Hans Holgar

Cécile Holgar

Raymond Bishop

  • Battle Butler: To a degree, since he's not a frontline fighter but he does help George train. And that "Butler Bensonmum" didn't stay in one piece for that long without mad Mobile Suit skills.
  • Butt Monkey: Despite being a Battle Butler, his mobile suit looks like junk and gets tossed around like a ragdoll, falls down cliffs, etcetera.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: Since Raymond is a refined gentleman's gentleman, he chooses to do this with coffee rather than booze. (Which may explain the erratic way he pilots when he hears George is in danger...)
  • Old Retainer
  • Parental Substitute: For George, having been the family butler ever since George was born.

Chibodee's Angels (Cath Lonary, Bunny Higgins, Shirley Lane and Janet Smith)

Kyral Mekirel


  1. in the anime, Domon gets a single cheap shot before they're pulled apart
  2. mostly due to Domon fighting while still recovering from said boxing match, meaning he passes out before he can finish the Shining Finger
  3. the Pharaoh Gundam IV's severed head exploded, destroying the cockpit
  4. His wife Manon pumped in sensor-jamming fog and launched several unmanned Mobile Suits to fight his side
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