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  • Misato's bike, per Word of God, is "basically a 'Go Go Gadget/SpeedRacer' homage to Akira"
  • The random assortment of gadgets (including a grapple gun!) that Gendo pulls out of his cloak brings to mind images of a certain caped crusader.
  • In Episode 3, Gendo engages in a cathartic "ritual" following his meeting with the Instrumentality Committee. His behavior is a Shout-Out to Christopher Walken's character in The Country Bears.
  • In chapter 4, all the teachers at the school... well, the chapter's title is Meet The Team, if that tips you off.
  • The large, robotic body that we first see Randall (Ritusko's cat) in is basically Dog.
  • The anchorwoman for the local news in Tokyo-3 is named Trisha Takanawa.
  • The second 'NERV propaganda' video is a pastiche of the Valve video "Meet the Heavy".
  • Keel Lorenz (yes, THAT Keel Lorenz) wrote a book titled Second Impact: The Book.
  • A few cults centered around Angel worship are mentioned in Episode 5; one of them is The Light of the Divine, which is a recurring enemy in the Superwomen of Eva series by orionpax09 and Mike313.
  • A double reference to Half-Life: the gravity manipulation machines are called Freeman devices after their inventor. The Unobtanium needed to make them work is called Kleinium.
  • An Episode 7 flashback reveals that Ritsuko's cat Randall (playfully) attacked a GEHIRN scientist by the name of Dr. Molina with Dr. Octopus arms.
  • Rei reveals that, during the Mexican Campaign of 2010, she killed Roberta.
  • The Jet Alone's debut in Episode 8 is one gigantic Shout-Out to the Super Robot. The Jet Alone itself (well, part of it, at least) is a Shout-Out to G Gundam.
  • The crashing of the Jet Alone debut by Gendo was directly inspired by this scene from FLCL.
  • The third NERV propaganda video is a pastiche of a Cave Johnson commercial. Here's an example.
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