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That's how it is with me, folks. Slightly grim, slightly rude, reassuringly clever.
Mitch Benn

Mitch Benn is a British satirical songwriter, best known for his topical comedy songs on The Now Show. His favourite topics include James Blunt, Coldplay and Twitter (where he had a feud with Stephen Fry, which was settled when Fry agreed to make him 'Viceroy of Facebook' in return for Benn giving up the quest to be 'King of Twitter'.) He is Liverpudlian-Scottish and looks a bit like a Viking. He has released several albums, some solo and some as 'Mitch Benn and the Distractions'.

He's done two other radio shows: Mitch Benn's Crimes Against Music started out with him discussing various aspects of music and musicians with Robin Ince, before the third series became a sitcom about him and Ince going on tour. Either way, the plot was an excuse for him to play his songs and Ince to be rude about them. The Mitch Benn Music Show is simply him showcasing his favourite comedy records by others.

Tropes used in Mitch Benn's songs include:

  • Anti-Love Song: Plenty, including "Now He's Gone" and "Imagine You Were Mine". The latter is a Stalker with a Crush song.
  • Author Existence Failure: "Please Don't Release This Song"
  • Black Comedy: A lot of his comedy songs seem to be about death. Often real deaths. "Rock'N'Roll Hall of Death" is about a museum dedicated to how rock stars died ("We got Mama Cass's sandwich box and Brian Jones's flippers"); "Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation" is about people who hanged themselves, and whether they were attempting this ("Did they wanna die? There's no way of knowing/They couldn't tell if they were coming or going").
  • Boy Band: a song called "Boy Band"
  • Crapsack World: His song Hello Aliens is a plea to be taken away because Earth is so horrible

 The World's full of Nutters all ready to Snap.

The Air's full of Poison, the Sea's full of Crap.

People are Stupid and Life Isn't Fair.

Doctor Who's finished and Boris is Mayor!

 Home taping isn't killing music

Music's dying of natural causes

 And you may say I have no dreams,

Well perhaps that's how it seems,

But in a world this tough,

Dreaming's not enough.

 "...and you dooooo a high bit in the middle eight

then yooooou have almost solved the riddle of just how...

to sound like Coldplay now."

 Why are the BNP all so overweight

I know that I'm on pretty thin ice asking this but wait

 This is a great big opening song

 Something's farting way out there in space

it's hitherto unknown to science

someone's letting off gas giants.

 It's my Port-a-Loo, it's got Nothing to do with You.

Except when the Smell comes a-blowing on the Wind !

 We've got Nowhere To Boldly Go

We're Lost in Space without a Lav

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